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  1. Can you please do a morning and night routine? I love your videos. I love that you want to save the world me too I love these tips. Can you do a video on 10 things you should do every day please?

  2. Even tho I’m a guy, I think this is an interesting video. I’m gonna tell my mom about these tips. I grew up with my mom and sister only so i kinda now what happens during those days.

  3. I love that you made this video! It's easy for me to feel down and negative when I'm on my period and it was great to hear your positive ideas. Thanks for another great video 💜💜

  4. Such a great video and so on point! Will use the app thanks for the recommendation 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  5. I love my period cup! I like the ruby cup, when you buy one, they donate one to a girl in a developing country. https://rubycup.com/

  6. My period only lasts 4 days but that first day oh boy ! It is so painful 😣
    I took birth control for about 6 years and ever since i stopped 3 yrs ago i get the worse cramps 😞
    But i also understand that periods are extremely important and good for you so instead of focusing in the pain i take care of my self and give thanks for being able to have a healthy cycle.
    Tip: use a heating pad on your lower back instead of your pelvic area, it makes a huge difference!
    Also “Tapping therapy” theres a bunch on videos on YT on how to do it but it really helps 💜

  7. I have endometriosis and after my second child the pain was so bad I would have to hunch over wherever I was, grocery store, gym, wherever. Debilitating pain. I didn't want surgery yearly to remove the tissue so I did more research and found the endo diet. I tried the diet and was strict for one month. That was the first time in 7 years I didn't have any pain and we got pregnant that same month (had been trying for 5 months). Cramps should be uncomfortable but if they're so strong you have to take off work or miss activities definitely do some research on endometriosis. Luckily my doctor was great and diagnosed me when I brought it up. My problem is I thought it was normal having that much pain during my cycle. It was not. I watched videos by Tiffany Hessel on YouTube and she has some great info on Endo. Just wanted to pass on to any others experiencing extreme menstrual pain 💜

  8. Just a little advice, don't drink tea or having a bath during your periods, drink hot chocolate instead.

  9. I really love how real you are talking about topics like this. I have a really uncomfortable period and Im gonna try your habits to improve it. Thanks a lot. So much love from Peru😊🤗

  10. I don’t get bad cramps but I usually get intense nausea for at least a full day and migraines! Sometimes it’s so bad that I’ve had to leave work early.

  11. Many blessings for your enlightenment! Positive intentions, Yoga and stretching sure help me, as does staying hydrated! Lessens cramping. Craving chocolate means your magnesium is low. 😊
    I get Green & Blacks Organic 85% Chocolate Bar and only need a couple squares normally. I know when mine is low I will eat the whole bar… lol. I have learned to increase my magnesium, iron and zinc levels naturally or with homeopathic supplements as needed each month. Warm compresses, hot tea & cocoa sure help too! Peace, Love & Light to All. ☮💜🌌,🍁🧘‍♀️🌻

  12. I recommend listening to Dr.Mariza Snyders podcast called Essentially You. She talks all about hormonal health. It wasn't until I started dealing with hormonal imbalances that I realized how important hormonal health is and how it affects our day to day life!

  13. might be TMI but whatever lol is there any wash for down there that you recommend? I used to get on from the drugstore but after looking at the ingredients I was terrified!

  14. Red raspberry leaf tea has worked wonders for my period. Mostly known for aiding childbirth, but has calmed down my cramps 10 fold

  15. Thanks for this video, I normally have light periods but this month it took a toll on me, I will make sure to include some of your tips 😄

  16. I also suffer from really bad cramps to the point where I also feel like I can't do anything but lie on the couch. I've been taking turmeric supplements and drinking turmeric tea everyday and this is the first month where I didn't need to take ibuprofen or advil!

  17. Hi Nic,Dear, U told very good things and practically uses these all are very essensial things to do .Right we need cure our body in this specific time.

  18. Great video, Nicole. I love the fact that you brought up eating foods rich in iron and omega-3 is important. As someone who wants to be a dietician, I find this to be very important. Iron is an essential nutrient needed in the blood stream for the body to be able to perform many different tasks. Omega-3 (and omega-6) is essential for the brain. These fatty acids are the building blocks for development and function. So some foods I can also recommend for omega-3 are chia and hemp seeds. Some other foods I can recommend for iron are dark chocolate, pumpkin seeds, and legumes (beans, lentils, etc.). It has also been recommended to eat foods rich in vitamin C to help with iron absorption. Another essential nutrient worth mentioning is calcium. This nutrient is also important for the blood stream. When the blood supply is low in calcium, the body then takes it from the bones, which then can lead to the development of osteoporosis. Many health care professionals have also said that is it important to consume foods rich in vitamin D to help with calcium absorption. It also been said that taking a vitamin D supplement (from an authentic source) or going outside in the sun (uncovered) for 15-20 minutes can help to.

    Another thing: make sure you’re drinking enough water (or fluids) to replace the amount you are loosing during your period. An average women looses 50ml of blood during menstruation. So make sure you’re drinking enough. Water is essential for the body to be able to maintain a certain temp; the kidneys to balance electrolytes; and many other things.

    Another interesting fact I learned is that eating dairy products can make your cramps worse, too. This is because dairy products have ingredients in them that are inflammatory to the body. So eating foods that have anti-inflammatory properties can help counteract that. Some of these foods to include would be pretty much any kind of fruit or vegetable. Others are legumes and nuts.

    Sorry, Nicole, for taking up so much space in your comment section, but I find this topic to be interesting. And it’s because of this, I find it very hard to get off my soapbox for a minute sometimes. You brought up some great points and I thank you for that. I also thank you for just openly taking about this topic.

  19. All day with the cup? I’m guessing women with heavy flow can’t use that …it’s so weird to be working in an office and then no privacy to empty the cup lol

  20. Thank you for doing this video! I love my cup and it has helped so much with handling mother nature's curse lol. If I may just add alittle about cups though. Not all cups are created equal and a brand/style that works for your best friend or sister may not work for you and they are a bit of a investment so do your research (YouTuber itsjustkellie has alot of honest good period product reviews) before choosing one and if it doesn't work don't give up. Try a different brand and be patient as there's a learning curve to using cups. Also because they are reusable there is alittle extra care needed for a cup like cleaning and sanitizing it vs a disposable that just gets thrown away. It very important to sanitize between uses less you get an infection. Lastly beware of dangerous knock offs if you buy online especially anything that comes from China. Alot of cheap cups from China are not medical grade and can post a serious health risk especially since the vaginas skin is more sensitive than the rest of your body. A real cup should have no chemical smell and should feel smooth not sticky. Also check the measurement lines. If your cups brand is supposed to be in oz but the cup you received is in ml or visa versa it's a fake and you shouldn't use it. I personally brought a cheaper cup from walmart.com trying to save money and it was a fake.

  21. As personal just in-between ladies situation that im on period but mine is emotional and emotional eating discomfort, lots of bleeding and I don't know what to do any private advice

  22. Highly recommend a naturopathic doctor Jolene Brighten, she has a great book about fixing your hormones without the pill and also does great videos and blog posts! Her knowledge has helped me so much!

  23. Since i went vegan and especially after i cut dairy my period cramps nearly vanished and i had a really really bad period before…

  24. Hey Nikole!!! I watched you're video for a few weeks ago where you talked about your menstrual cup and it got me really really interested in trying one. I did a ton of research and purchased one. Just started using it the past couple of days, but so far I LOVE IT!!! Best advice yet!

  25. I'm not sure what type of cup you have, but it looks like a dive cup. Those are definitely pricy, however they now make cheaper alternatives that you can get on Amazon for less than $20. Also if someone is worried about changing in public, then companies make special sanitation wipes for these cups or you could probably use an alcohol wipe as long as it was completely dry before reinsertion.

  26. That silicone thing is quite interesting- I wanna try but I’m kinda scared to put it in. Eek! 😭

  27. Lol no makeup remover wipes for the privates.
    Love this video and essential oils have helped SO much! Pain relief and mood management!! Clary Sage is awesome for period/hormones!

  28. Ladies, if you strugle with serious cramps during your period, you definitely need to check out the AVIVA method, which consist of a serie of exercises that move the muscles around the abdoment and hugely helps release pain. Other method that was really useful for me, is rapsberry tea (Rubus idaeus). Not sure if it is available out of Europe, but this calms down the cramps soo effectively for me. 🙂

  29. I would love to try this but my period is so heavy the first 2 days, like ultra tampons and a pad just in case heavy. Does it really hold that much without accidents?

  30. SO great, thank you for these tips. I've been contemplating using a menstral cup for environmental purposes, so thank you for going into detail regarding the other benefits! Awesome video!

  31. I love these hacks! I have one question though and I'm not judging your belly button lol but did you have your belly button pierced at one point??

  32. It's weird, for me the heating pad actually makes my cramps a lot worse. Using an ice pack is what actually helps me but yeah mine are so bad that sometimes I end up in ER 😩, excruciating pain the first day.

  33. This video seems to be perfect timing… Gonna need to find me a beanbag heating pad. But great tip on the essential oils, so gonna try my sore muscle blend (🤯why didn't I think of that before)

  34. Please try raspberry leaf tea! I too have crazy cramp pains and if I don’t drink this tea I really notice a difference 🙂

  35. Thank you so much for this very informative and helpful video👌🏾 Btw, I couldn’t stop looking at your lips…..LOVE that color!!!! Can you mention was it a lip stain, matte, etc.?

  36. you convinced me and I bought myself a menstrual cup yesterday. can’t wait to get my period now to try it out. 😂

  37. I love this video, but just he aware some studies gave shown you can still get toxic shock syndrome from cups, so users should still be aware of this x

  38. I hated my period cup phase. The way my vagina is shaped made it difficult to properly void my bladder while wearing a cup and I would get a uti almost every time. I use washable pads now. I much prefer them.

  39. A thing that has personnaly drastically reduced my menstrual pain (almost eliminated it) is not eating dairy during the second half of my cycle (the 2 weeks before my period). I know there are different causes for the pain but maybe this will help someone ! 😉
    Also, an other healthy and environmental-friendly alterative to the cup are washable pads, if you prefer not to put anything into your body.

  40. I love my period cup! It is seriously so amazing. No waste and so much more comfortable than tampons and pads. I've been using mine for years and I would never go back.

  41. menstrual cups are theworlds most underrated product. it CHANGED my life. I talk about it to everyone to try to get them to convert hahaha

  42. So I already use the cup and a heating pad, track my cycle and drink tea, but the ginger capsules and essential oils are such amazing ideas!! I actually went out and bought both in the last day! 🙂

    One thing I would add to your list is maca powder. I've heard that it's great for balancing hormones, and a little goes a long way — you only need a teaspoon. Add to smoothies and / or oatmeal, and you won't even taste it!

  43. Painful periods are NOT normal. You may possibly have High Estrogen, or other hormone imbalances. Pain signifies that something is wrong. Yes, even for your period. Best wishes.

    I didn't notice you mention this. Red Raspberry Leaf tea before your cycle, and during, is wonderful. It helps tone the Uterus and reduce cramps. It's very helpful for pregnant women, when they're in their 2nd and 3rd trimester, before laboring. It's also very high in Vitamins, Minerals and Antioxidants. It's my go to for Women's Health.

  44. I started my period when I was 9 and I always had heavy painful periods–yuck! The happiest day of my life was menopause when my periods ceased, I had 3 children along the way and started back on my period when they started reducing the amount of breastfeeding I was doing. I have gone through mountains of pads and I wish I had known about the menstrual cup, my eldest daughter uses it and loves it. Thank you Nik for talking about this "period" in a women's life so openly and honestly!

  45. Hi there, since you are not taking birth control how do you not get pregnant? What do you do you do it? I want to do something more natural. I don’t want to go on birth control. I have a 5 month old and I don’t want to get pregnant again.

  46. Nicole, try Doterra clarycalm oil blend. It's a monthly blend for women. It's amazing stuff. Works less then in 5 min to take pain away. In my first day of period I had to laid down all day, but my life changed after I started using Doterra blend.

  47. I… feel like this could have been different. Not all women have periods, not have people who have periods are women. I'm afab and I don't have a period for a lot of reasons. I know some guys who I have to pass a tampon too on the rough occasion. It's been bugging me for a while since the video came out, and I hope I don't come off as assholish, but I do hope that I bring to light some… inclusiveness? I'm not sure

  48. Olá Nicole! Obrigada pelo vídeo. Depois de o ver resolvi experimentar o copo menstrual e só me arrependo de não o ter feito anos antes. Fico feliz por ter arranjado maneira de reduzir drasticamente a minha pegada ecológica. Bj. Rita

  49. Ooh, I'm loving that lip color on you. Gorgeous!! These are great tips and I can't wait to incorporate some into my monthly routine.

  50. I ordered one right away! I am headed to Jamaica in a few weeks and unfortunately I am going to have my period so this would be a great tool to have! I have been using the thinx underwear and I love it. But the diva cup will be great for water activities. I think I will feel more comfortable. Thank you for explaining how you use it and empty it and when you do it. I found it helpful!

  51. Omg… I love the cup… I was very skeptical as well, and went a while wanting to try but was not able to convince myself…I watched your video and went out and bought it…. I lOVE IT… thank you …you truly convinced me..

  52. Love the video! I think I’m going to try the silicone cup next go around. I hope I love it as much as a lot of people do

  53. I used to use a period cup for about 3 years and I absolutely loved it. I did have to switch back to tampons back in the fall because I was having recurrent UTIs around the time of my period. My family doc told me that it was probably cutting off my ureter and not allowing me to fully empty my bladder. I was heartbroken. I am a huge recommender of the period cup, namely the diva cup, even though I can no longer use it.

  54. I kinda wanna try the cup now lol and I wanna try the oils because my periods get so bad as well they make me sick

  55. Just want to point out that while period tracker apps may be somewhat helpful for giving you a rough estimate of when you will get your next period, they should NOT be relied on for contraceptive purposes. They essentially use the rhythm method which is not effective. The apps can't tell you when you're ovulating and there are so many factors that can delay ovulation or cause it to come earlier, that they shouldn't be recommended as birth control.

  56. Thank you so much for these tips! I also have painful period and I will definitely try the essential oil blend! You said you stopped taking the pill 6 years ago… Did you happen to get any acne? Because I stopped the pill 3 years and are now struggling with acne for the 1st time in my life… 🙁 it seems to be better now so I guess the hormones are getting balanced again but would like to know of you have experienced this problem and if yes, how long did ir take to get a clear skin again. Thanks a lot! 🙂

  57. Yay a diva cup! I love mine so much! Been using it for like 3 years now! Not only does it make my period WAAAAY easier but it also helps with waste so much! I’m on my period now and I’m a mess, so painful and sleepy 😴

  58. Nice video! But I’m 12 and I had my period since 2017 and it’s still irregular..is there something wrong with me? I need an answer 😞

  59. I personally only use pads however I am looking into machine washable. re-usable pads. I wonder if there is a similar help for the environment.

  60. So I’m m gonna tell you about my first period (having my first period right now) soooo…… I had a sleepover with one of my friends the night before we slept at her house and I couldn’t sleep because I’m was having REALLY BAD back pains. Then the next night she slept over at my house I went for a shower and I saw brownish discharge (wasn’t discharge it was my period) and I just brushed it off like nothing happened. The next day we went to a trampoline park and as you would do I was jumping and then I went to the bathroom like 6 times in 1 hour (we were there for 2 hours so went to the bathroom like 12 times) she asked me 4 times are you ok and I said yeah but I should of said no it’s think I’ve started my period. Then we went to drop her off and yeah of course we had to get every red light!! I was wearing a panty liner so yeah I thought I leaked on my mums car but I didn’t (thank god) then the next day I told her over text and she’s ok with it😃 also it’s holidays to so that’s good😂 so that’s my first period story

  61. I started my period today I’m thirteen and I’m honestly so scared. I’ve been learning about getting a period since I was in 5th grade and I got it yesterday and still feel so unprepared!! Also I need to take a shower but I’m scared to and I will probably never take a bath on my period! But anyways any tips for showering

  62. Drinking tea whilst on your period isn’t a good idea as tea has caffeine in it and that makes bloating more heavy no hate btw

  63. There are also washable pads. more healthy and environment friendly. also you dont have to insert anything in there. 😂

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