How Trump Handled The Last Global Health Crisis | All In | MSNBC

80 thoughts on “How Trump Handled The Last Global Health Crisis | All In | MSNBC

  1. Trump was right. Nobody trusted the government in 2016 during a crisis, because they were incompetent. Coronavirus is being handled properly in America, it isn't spreading or at risk of spreading in the USA, that's why there's no need for Americans to be concerned.

  2. He'll be denying AID to areas who didn't vote for him. The man is a petulent child who should be hung from the highest yardarm. And televised. Now there's a reality show I can get behind. And it isn't EVER I have thought of a child so harshly before.

  3. She opens the report by showing incompetent for not having experience dealing with ebola??? Seriously… he was elected in 2016

  4. MSNBCannibals created the Corona Virus and have politicized their bioweapon.. BUT the US Military is onto them! You idiots fkked up! #WeAreWatchingYou

  5. LOL!::
    45 does not no jack!::
    He only knows how to spend the tax payers MONEY and destroyed America!::

    Brainwashing: only 1 person… LOL

  6. Trump loves to instill fear in people anyway he can, Rather it's disease or immigrants, Or making up Dangerous false Wars rumors, He's nothing more than a Conman, and a Habitual liar mixed with narcissism ! 🙄

  7. We need a strong president will use nuclear weapons against the Chi-comms. Trump is too soft of the commies, unfortunately.

  8. If it is any indication how tRump handled the 3500 deaths he caused during the hurricane in Puerto Rico by tossing Bount quicker picker upper paper towels then he will fail dismally once again. Who here hope's tRump and his whole family is consumed by this virus?

  9. You chose the filth of man, why would you think any less… This is only the beginning of the end, watch what drumpf has in his very very large a-brain.

  10. Trump is proof that the Age of Democracy is dead. We no longer have a need for democracy. Democracy worked for what it is useful for, but it is not useful if Trump is the Result. America must finally end it's little "experiment" with democracy because look at what the results are when "the common man" is allowed to vote for himself.

  11. If TV Tele-tubby keeled over from a KFC induced heart attack, it wouldn't be a "health crisis", it would be a medical breakthrough.

  12. Liberians proudly consider themselves America's little brother. When will American's treat Liberia with the same dignity and respect you would give to your own family? I would imagine if you would ask the average man on the street, he would prefer a hand up over a hand out any day of the week. He ain't heavy, he's my brother.

  13. hard to believe i have a wall of pictures of family that died in war and now this crap they didn't believe i'm sure they died to promote corruption makes me sick and should make everyone that paid the price for freedom sick that the countrys soul has been sold out to a corrupt few

  14. I know more about this virus than the World Heath Organization. Which not many people know about was started by Doctor WHO from the BBC which stands for British Bacterial Care. See this is not a new virus, that's fake news, the Contras Virus first appeared and infected many of the socialist Bernie Sandersnista in Nicaragua back in the Eighties.

  15. So…… were calling this news ??
    This isnt journalism its biased commentary just like Hannity, Limbaugh and others. I actually like them better because they at least dont hide behind the cloak of fake neutrality.
    I wanted Bernie in 2016 but this type of stuff is what made me go to the other side.
    I can appreciate the authenticity , right or wrong at least they arent trying to completely hide their actual intentions.
    The dnc will cheat bernie again and when bloomberg loses they will blame bernie bros… 🤣
    What a joke!

  16. After numerous cases of a corrupt food inspection system in China, people have no choice but to buy live animals. Millions of live animals are shipped into major cities and slaughtered on site. Add to that a dramatic rise in pork prices due to culls to control a virus at pig farms so people turn to eating things like civit cats etc.
    Combine that with a secretive "shoot the messenger" leadership and you've got a worldwide pandemic and the twit in charge of the best response team on the planet just cut their funding.
    So as Trump doles out pardons like tictacs in an effort to convince the electorate to live in his delusional fantasy land of "Its ok to be corrupt!" free of consequences …keep in mind the results of public corruption in China.

  17. Unfortunately the 40% that like trump think like trump….scary. I made a comment on Hannity youtube about trump’s appalling character and all they could do is name call…. It’s like stirring a stick in a beehive they don’t like hearing the truth….quoted scripture and they mocked that too. they don’t think they follow

  18. Do not question the wisdom of Dear Leader. He knows more about comunicible diseases than everyone in the CDC put together! Long live His Excellency, First of His Name, King of The (Israeli) Jews, Anointed of GOD, The Ayatollah of Rock & Rolla…

    Just kidding. I wanted to know what it feels like to be a Trump supporter. It’s scary. I didn’t make (most of) this up. I didn’t have to. And yes, I know it’s spelled “communicable.” I was being method.

    These are the times we must all remember. The last gasps of The Great American Experiment. Can we still call ourselves a democracy? I’m not sure we can 🥺

  19. Our government was not incompetent until Trump entered the White House. Now this government and this nation has turned into a private crap shoot for this incompetent President.

  20. An asteroid can come crashing down about to wipe humanity off the face of the earth and 45 would just say "we're gonna be just fine"

  21. I work in Asia. I work directly with Chinese colleagues, workers and companies and I am closely following WHO data and advice from other health agencies. The covid-19 virus has a very low fatality rate and the two weeks quarantine is effective. Where I work we have not recorded any new cases in about 3 weeks and no fatalities. All of our Chinese colleagues are OK. The biggest issue we are facing is that our Chinese workers were delayed returning to work after Chinese New Year and it has also caused factory shut downs and supply chain delays in China. Basically, do not let the mainstream media scare you with their fake news.

  22. This is the person that said soldiers are only experiencing headaches so he'll probably recommend Chicken Soup for these colds🇺🇸🇺🇸🔵🔵🔵🇺🇸🇺🇸

  23. Sorry about the virus folks but Trump is too busy raping Lady Justice when he is not playing golf. Now pay your taxes and shut up.

  24. He does not care about the coronavirus, it doesn't effect him personally! He is a very sick man and I can't believe people support such a disgrace of a human being. At this point it is comparable to a religious/cult following and its terrifying! It's something new everyday and it's never Positive! The United States is a joke to other countries! How incredibly embarrassing!

  25. Maga hats are made in china….hand out more to Whitehouse!!! China is burning and cleaning money from germs of virus!!!

  26. Hey Joy, the US has 29 confirmed cases of the coronavirus, not just 15. Remember the 14 infected people we brought in from the plague ship in Japan.

  27. Trump and his mindless sheep were so worried about killer plagues coming up through Mexico by foreigners since there is no Wall, and instead US citizens are bringing this coronavirus back through our borders! ..Ironic… Poetic justice!……

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