Hypnosis for Weight Loss and Low Carbohydrate Diets

and so I would remind you that all hypnosis and the induction of an M notic trance is self hypnosis I cannot do it to you it is you who bring it into effect yourself by desiring it and by expecting that you will succeed as you undoubtedly will after all trance is an everyday experience and I am simply going to help you learn to enter that experience at will and rapidly and I wonder if you could imagine now the perfect hypnotist an image of the perfect hypnotist you could speak to you in the way that you wish to be spoken to you could look at you now in a way that makes you feel relaxed and comfortable and that hypnotists could in fact be yourself or it could be some imaginary figure a he or a she or even a thing an object that can so easily allow you to find that spaciousness of comfort and deeper understanding and that peacefulness now within you and this hypnotist may in fact ask you have you deliberately put yourself into a trance before right now or would you like to put yourself into a trance now or later or would you like to go into a trance standing or sitting or lying or would you like to n Deus an experience of a light or medium or deep trance do you want to have your eyes open or closed when you experience the hypnotic trance State because now most people relax more easily with their eyes closed down and as you sit there or lie there or even stand there with your eyes closed and begin to drift off into peaceful trance in your own way and at your own pace you can know that this time is time for you it is not time for friends or family this is time for you to make those changes within yourself that you have consciously chosen to make and you can be pleasantly surprised to know that there is no right way because your way is the right way for you to go deeper now and even deeper down down down into hypnotic trance into comfort because just as you have let your eyelid to close down so you can let the eyelids of your inner mind close down also and as you continue to allow yourself to go down even further into your deeper mind your unconscious mind because it is your deeper inner mind that we are concerned with and you can simply allow all routine sounds and thoughts to go about you or fade as you listen to the sound of my voice as it goes with you now even deeper down into this Pleasant and wonderful feeling of confident and relaxation and I don't know when the last time was that you spent relaxing quietly with your eyes closed drifting off to no place in particular because as you explore your inner world I do know that this can be a most rewarding experience when you can learn something of considerable value to you something which may help you to overcome any particular difficulties that you may be consciously experiencing something that can help you to see through the veil of illusion and to live authentically as you would truly wish to be and so as you allow yourself to take a few increasingly deeper breaths and orient yourself towards an inner experience for a while somewhere a little deeper than rationality somewhere beneath logic somewhere to the right of your left brain somewhere above everyday living and you know when you're above and below the right of all things that are left then every other direction provides a new opportunity or increasingly deeper sense of deep confidence and for a very long time now you have had the experience of being able to think rationally to relate at a deeper level perhaps to the logic of today's computers or perhaps to the sequencing of programs all exercises for your intellect but you know and I know that the true balance of things rests on continuous movement continuous minor adjustment in daily experience that moves us from one balance to another to imbalance and back again hoping and adjusting and all of that about imbalance is very heavy and balance is a light red light blue light light feelings or light beer or light air light thoughts and what makes something that's heavier than air float and which part of your body is lighter now is it your left side or your right side or your top half or bottom half is at the front of your back or the back of your front you really don't know and I don't know if you are aware but there was once a very famous hypnotherapist called Milton Erickson who was once telling a friend of his about the different way people eat as you know variety is the spice of life and some people choose to eat seven-course and dinners and really enjoy them but which is the right first course some people like their dessert first although I think that's a heavy decision to make some people enjoy soup followed by a salad and whilst others prefer everything round the other way and which side dish goes with which other dish with every person of course there are differences and so many different ways to eat healthily and satisfyingly and Milton Erickson finally led his friend to the conclusion that man cannot live by bread alone and when you are working too hard there is really more to life than snacks is there not and I wonder how the deeper unconscious mind understand deeper messages now and translates them into subtle changes that really feel good well you can't after all let your mind chew on that for a while and if you ever have the feeling of feeling crusty and taking yourself too seriously they will come an opportunity to remind yourself that when you don't understand why you do what you do then that's the time for a good translator or perhaps a trance now I don't know which but I do know that it could be the feeling of amusement guiding you it surely won't detract from the lessons you have learned at a deeper level of feeling really quite good about what you've done and whether you'll remember that consciously or unconsciously you really may not know until you choose to reorient again in a moment's time and simply find your eyes opening to discover what you know that's different from what you knew before and as you allow yourself now to simply come back to full conscious waking alertness you can feel good in each and every way as you bring this session to a comfortable clothes coming back to full alertness in your own time as every muscle and nerve in your body feels refreshed and replenished as if you've had the most wonderful nap and you can come back now opening your eyes in your own time as you choose feeling wonderfully good stretching and rejuvenated coming back to full conscious happy alertness

23 thoughts on “Hypnosis for Weight Loss and Low Carbohydrate Diets

  1. Yes! Just started on a LCHP diet… lost 30 kilos in the past… this will really help speed up the process!

  2. I have been looking for a hypnosis session for juicing. I have some kind of block that is keeping me from being as successful as I should be. It's not hunger induced but something gets in my way. Self worth maybe? The voices in my head keep tripping me up.

  3. hey I quit smoking cigarettes and I smoked since I was fifteen years old and I'm turning 26so thanks I watch your videos every night

  4. Hi I was wondering if by any chance you do personal hypnosis I have a addiction to sugar I can't stay away and I was going you can help me

  5. Oh my god this is so cool! Its like a fell asleep then at the end you woke me up and I was normal! I've never been hypnotized before! So awesome!!! Please do one for nail biting!? Pretty please!

  6. Thank you so much! I listen to several of your hypnosis tracks and love them all. You've helped me immensely!

  7. How about a session for not liking the taste of sugar, sugar would have a negative taste, to program your mind to not like sweet things.
    As an intermediate body building with a real problem for sugar cravings and binge eating ,i would love to have a hypnosis recording that would program my mind to not like sugar or the taste of anything sweet, and love eating clean and healthy.
    The problem with so many sessions are that they are mostly concentrated in weight loss and not to eat clean and not like the taste of sugar. If you are not looking for weight loss it becomes a challenge to find anything decent.

  8. hey buddy how can I get rid of negative thoughts,I get sacred immediately when my chest pain that's is just because of gas issues but my mind stated that I am been getting heart attack and then started losing control over me and also if hear anyone death news I again start losing my control this is happening daily I need your guidance so would be waiting for your response

  9. I have been enjoying your videos for several weeks now and sharing with friends! Do you have any sessions just for eliminating sugar cravings?

  10. I have just found you. I would enjoy one that would help me with art to not overthink, better relax and enjoy, remember skills, find my own style, let energy around me guide my paintings…etc. 🙂

  11. Perfect, way above your average hypnotist, been listening to them for years but you are fantastic!
    Many thanks for this awesome video x

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