I lost 4lbs on the Beyonce Coachella Diet!

stankables let's try coupons just getting myself hope to have again I in Scala and welcome back to my channel so as good tell from the title this week I'm gonna be challenging myself to try the bait Ella diets so let's get right into it I'm sure by now most of you have already watched Beyonce's homecoming documentary which basically documented her journey to Coachella and one thing everyone's been talking about is the diet that she mentioned that she was on I think it was 65 days prior to Coachella and I just thought why not try it so you guys didn't know I'm currently on a two-month challenge to just transform my whole entire life okay so let's get into what this diet actually entails so from the documentary what Beyonce said was that she basically for the 65 days in the lead-up to Coachella I'm only gonna be doing this for about I want to say five to six days I don't know how I'm gonna feel after this cuz I've done this before I just realized but you'll see once I explain the diet so anyway so she said she had no carbs no sugar no dairy no meat no fish and no alcohol it sounds like a vegan keto diet so yeah that's gonna be interesting to try out for the next few days I know the people when they first reacted to this diet they were like this is so dangerous this is terrible there's a lot of people who eat like this simply because they have no other choice they might have intolerances being vegan is something many people are at the moment so the whole no dairy no meat no fish thing is normal I didn't only thing that like raised bombs for people with this diet is the no carbs and with that even though she she said she was eating no carbs you saw a clip of her eating an apple so what's some investigation work Apple still contains some carbs because it contains sugars which all get broken down into glucose anyway which is like what we use for energy so right so I've just finished making my lunch breakfast whatever you want to call it and I've just put some spinach tomato sun-dried tomatoes as well or lives avocado and that was it right yeah yeah oh yeah no put some mustard in just add some extra flavoring but was really good because the sun-dried tomatoes and the olives already came like a dressing type thing so yeah this is on my salad I'm really confident it's gonna keep me filled up especially because there's avocado in there and some fats with the oils from the sun-dried tomatoes and leave all of this as well so yeah pretty much that's what we're having for lunch I'm drinking green tea with lemon because obviously I'm gonna mainly be drinking water for the next few days and that gets boring a real quick start finding that having teas and stuff is quite good but it's boiling hot so having a hot drink feels a bit weird yeah okay so I thought I'd give you guys a little update on how I'm doing I just was downstairs watching Game of Thrones anyone who's a Game of Thrones fan let me know in the comments down below I'm loving it I'm not going to talk too much about it not feeling hungry I'm not feeling weak I'm not feeling too shaky or anything but like I said I had quite a bit to eat yesterday very high carb so my body's probably still got a lot to work through with that so I feel like that's country contributing contributing to me feeling okay right now alright so this is what I'm looking at right now get let me try and do a quick bonus check well use that math about should do it so you can't see no bottoms but be smart listen to your body and don't go faster limitation the goal is to complete all what's finished my workout so I thought I'd give you an update on how I'm feeling obviously I'm about to go into a run which is just mental it's not gonna be a crazy run or anything like that if anything it's just going to be like jog ash walking do some sprints and stuff like that because I'm going with my mom so when I like walk and chat with her but also maybe like go off do some sprints and then come back sort of thing I think that's what I'm gonna do anyway I just thought I gave you guys an update on how I was feeling based on what I've eaten so far with this Bay Teller diet always have only had one meal so far and so actually I felt really good I felt strong throughout that workout I feel like I could push myself so we've just come to Tesco and done a really quick shop okay so we just did a look so I basically it's kind of dark in here now and I'm late so here's what I got from Tesco today like owlman's to go my chia pudding and to snack on cow cheese to snack on and also possibly make a fat bombs if I can be bothered to try that recipe coconut milk more chia seed corn konjac noodles because they don't have cardamom some vegetables an assortment of vegetables obviously I got hot sauce in my bag swag right so this is my dinner sassy so I put corn jack cognac or Jack needles in there add cabbage tomatoes I'm sorry tomatoes peanuts didn't put too many peanuts in there because peanuts are still quite high in carbohydrates so you don't want to put too many of those in so nutritional yeast in there as well quite random but I'd allowed maybe add some nice cheesy flavor to it it's all about deciding as much flavor as possible that's pretty much everything and I seasoned it be a very low carb not completely zero carb but I think that's kind of impossible but very low cost okay so this clip is gonna be super quick because I look super gross so I'm just gonna cover myself slightly with this little fake carefully son because I thought it is so this is from Audi it's called a Sun shot or whatever Sun shots orange juice drink so it has no artificial colors flavors or pizzette preservatives and no added sugar and I just like for jokes just looks at it to see if I could have it I didn't think I could but it's got 2.2 grams of carbs in it and it's sweetened using sweetener and that's how they kind of get away with it and it's tastes very good considering I had not anything sweet today I've only had savory foods so I was feeling a bit like what quite fancy something a little bit sweet on my tongue so I grabbed one of these obviously not like the healthiest of things I look gross and Thai and I just need to sleep oh gosh I look sweaty and gross because I've just been outside I've just been walking and it's quite hot and I wore this jumper because like I don't know it's kind of breezy I'm only sweating because like I sweat even if I just like breathe so here we are so I had to go to the post office and the doctors to run errands and boring stuff like that anyway whilst I was in town I decided to pop into Holland and Barrett which is like my favorite go-to place for any health food stuff I popped him to there just to get tofu because I forgot to get tofu yesterday I want to make like scrambled tofu or something like that so I just went in there to try and find something and at first I thought I wasn't because the fridges were pretty empty but I did anyway let me just show you what I got first of all I got vegenaise just to add some flavor and creaminess to some of my meals oh yeah I treated myself to this creamy cheese and a percent dairy free made with coconut oil so that's what it looks like and then this is the tofu I was telling you about this is what it looks like it's called dragon fly fab free from food I think this is the last thing that I got um so I just got this aspire healthy energy premium green tea I've been having this for years now I absolutely love aspire actually Hey okay so I just oh that's a bit of a shadow I just finished my first workout of the day so that's my insanity max 30 I didn't film it today because honestly sometimes documenting everything takes away from me actually being in the zone and doing what I'm doing so I won't be filming like every workout but trust me knowing that I am in pain and I definitely just did my workout and I'm about to go on a run now and my dribbling because I'm slightly doing this like intuitively as well just listening to my body and seeing how hungry I am worried I'm under eating because I don't know it just seems like I'm not having very big portions and it's literally just team meal so far let's go on this run hello so I just got back from my run and I feel amazing like I don't know what's going on but the last two days I have felt so good if that's to do with my diet there's not actually mad because it means there was something I was eating before that was really messing me up and I thought I'd really struggled on this diet and fell really lethargic and tired and I'm sure like this sugar crash will hit at some point cuz that's just like what happens and then like you get over and your body gets used to not having high carbs and sugar because I've experienced that before as I've mentioned many a time so I just got home from work and I'm super tired that I just whipped up this lunch really quick sorry I didn't show you me making it basically I was just extremely tired and I just wanted to get it over and done with as fast as possible but we've got some sweet hot cabbage in there spinach tomatoes mushrooms olives sun-dried tomatoes as well avocado scrambled tofu and some of that spreadable cheese I showed you from Holland and Barrett I got yesterday yes just a big old pile of vegetables basically and a lot of seasoning and I put myself a much bigger portion today because I'm starting to realize how much I really need I mean just listening to my body each day like I said yesterday I really didn't feel like I needed to eat that much but today oh you see it's catching up with me and I felt so hungry so I'm having all this okay guys so I just got home so this is what I've literally quickly whipped up I've got the same sort of thing I've been eating every day just a pile of vegetables pretty much and the usual avocado and cheese smacked on top just today it's a bit more watery because I didn't use oil to cook it I used water so that's what's going on with that so I might put a little bit of Tabasco sauce on top if I feel like it needs a bit more flavor but I did put a lot of flavor in there but I'll see how that goes and because today is such a crazy day because I'm literally I've been at work I'm just home for like I don't know two hours and within that two hours I need to work out and then head out to London because I'm doing at Crystal Maze so I'm gonna have half a can of this cuz I'm really not trying to have more coffee at this point so I'm gonna have some monster along with this I'm only gonna have half the can which should be about like 2 grams of carbs which isn't crazy bad yeah oh look whose face it is it's me you haven't seen me all day I don't even know if he saw me much yesterday anyway I'm sorry I haven't really been chatting today as you could have seen for breakfast hours at work so I had the usual chia pudding thing that I've been making I think I showed you how I made it last night so you would have seen that clearly clip if I put it in but anyways I had that at work had several coffees I think I had no I just had one coffee at work so we're only on two coffees today and a can of monster no idea I'm definitely not recommending to consume this much caffeine I'm not sure if Beyonce did that at all I would just like to stress at this point I'm starting to realize that my diet is probably not very accurate to what Beyonce was eating like but I'm trying to skip skip skip stick to the general thing she said in the homecoming documentary which was like you know basically vegan can't believe as she found the motivation to workout today the fact that I literally got home from work like 2:30 made a meal and eight that all and only have an hour to do that other than did my workout and I'm getting ready is crazy to me I did not have that willpower when I first had this challenge and the fact that I am a month in and I've literally done like five workouts every week that's mental amazing well done scholar I'm sorry I'm gonna hide myself up because I'm super proud of me for doing this longest I've stuck to anything in years okay years keep that in mind I've been to boot camp for two weeks and that was tough it was only two weeks so this is two weeks longer than I've done anything for a while now so anyway let's go I needs to hop in the shower because I need to shave as well because laser hair removal you need to shave before you do that ideally usually a day before but don't tell them that I've done this it's because I've been very busy and all over the place good morning guys so it is Friday this is day five of this diet I can't believe it's gone by so fast I feels like I haven't really like done much I don't know anyway that's what I'm having for breakfast it's a usual we've got a cup of coffee and then I've got some chia pudding which I've been making exactly the same all week I've got some blueberries and almonds and that's the tea that's pretty much it not very exciting but that's what we've got so I'm going to see Avengers end game and I've just packed some kale chips which I made yesterday they're not great I literally just chuck them in the oven it sprayed some monocle spray on them and put some seasoning on them I made them a bit too salty but at least it's just something that I can snack on in the cinema and yeah and then I've got a big bottle of water here there so yeah this is what I'm gonna be having whilst I'm watching end game very excited but I'm running a little bit late so I need to head up quickly I've just decided to take the cashew nuts with me as well just in case I need something a little bit extra because I'm not going to eat in town either so yeah that's what I'm having cool right guys I know I've been terrible at getting my camera and doing proper updates on one eating and I got back from what's it called watching endgame which was just emotional and then I went and did a bit of shopping so I'm super hungry because it's like almost 6:00 and I haven't had a full meal since breakfast so I got these noodles from Hahn and Barrett they're like zero carb they're made out of konjac so basically like the needles I had earlier this week got Tomatoes and they're got more of that tofu stuff from Holland and Barrett as well got that cheese on there and these creamy cheese that I've been having pretty much every day mushrooms parsley and yeah I tried really hard not to put sun-dried tomatoes and olives on there because I'd pretty much be eating the same thing every day but yeah oh yeah and I put onions in there too doesn't look the prettiest but this is what I'm eating my comfort food after watching and game and then I got one of these again because the other day I had so much energy and I was thinking did I get it from this so I'm gonna drink this and see how I feel after because I feel like it actually might have played a part and give me a lot of energy the other day but yeah I've got that ready to go pretty big portion because it's probably gonna be my only big meal of the day of the breakfast clip and I thought I might give a bit for updates I realized tomorrow's last day and I haven't really been shining much about this clearly I won't have to go off to sleep um it's day 5 of The Bachelor diet and it's going to catch up with me like I think I I'm hitting a sugar crash right now cuz I have a headache but it's really hard to know whether it's that diet or whether it's just it's been a really busy week for me and I've been so tired and it's the nonstop haven't had a day to rest at all yeah nowadays to rest which is unlike me making lunch and look actually remembered to bring you guys down anyway so this is the last day of my BAE teller diet thing I will have a proper chat with you guys let you know how I got on but today's is I think this is probably the last meal ish I might have some yogurt later yeah so no I made it six days yeah yeah this is my meal I'm gonna enjoy eating it so all in all I've got my phone here so I weighed myself at the beginning of the week and at the end of the week let's see how much weight I actually lost doing this so so I have a really cool scale that whenever I weigh myself like it Bluetooth straight onto my phone so I can just be what the haps are so all in all in the week that I was doing the BAE teller diet I lost about four point four pounds roughly and I would say that was really good if you guys have no I haven't condition called hyperthyroidism so as it is I lose weight very slowly so before that I was losing like minuscule amount of weight from the diet that was doing before which is just intuitive eating still very healthy but I have to do a little and go so extra to lose weight so clearly this diet is effective especially if you do have a condition like mine I will also say I felt like I had a lot of energy a lot of the days as well like I did never felt super weak and like I was like on a really strict diet I still felt fairly fine but honestly I'll just come to the conclusion because I think one of the biggest things people said about this I and how lead-up to Coachella was that it was I'm healthy it was not sustainable and all this kind of stuff I think it really just depends on the person whether it is sustainable because everyone's different and everyone eats in a different way so obviously there are some people who are vegan who might want to go on a low-carb diet for whatever reason whatever reason that's personal to them well I say it's sustainable for me personally I think I can definitely do it every now and again like I can have days where I try to do that because the energy I felt was amazing it felt like a huge switch from how I'd felt in the weeks prior I felt like I could actually get so much done I was doing the most and it's not amazing and I guess we can look at my body audio audio I'm not alive I was really happy for the results I got from doing this I didn't really there was a little clip where I showed how I looked at the beginning but I didn't really want to make it too much about the way that I look because I feel like this diet is also a lot of that like the lifestyle so I can't remember what the clip was like but um just to give you a little flash and hopefully if I play side by side maybe there is difference but who knows because I was wearing like a sports brightness and sort of like a brother but it was just four point four pounds it wasn't like a lot a lot that that's a lot to be affair like for a week so I'm quite happy with that but I would say a lot of that might been I just think water weight blue could you never know I know guys I'm actually really hungry right now as I'm filming this I'm gonna go and eat now but thank you so much for watching this video if you haven't already make sure you click that subscribe button and a bell but and so you're notified when I upload and all that good stuff and then guys thank you so much for watching stay happy stay luscious a diode told to get status bye

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  1. It ain't anything to do with dieting, but I was hoping if you would visit Capetown sometime, we would love and there'd be pretty of recognition to that.😊😊sml

  2. I have hashimoto's too (diagnosed at 19, now 23). and trust me, the more you think of it as a reason why you're not losing weight, the more it will be true. So don't think of it as an excuse. I'm telling you, you can lose weight and be as fit as you've ever been before. You just need to work a little harder than others, that's all. I lost 14 kgs with intermittent fasting along with gluten freeish diet(not strictly but reduced all grains) and I feel my hypothyroid symptoms like fatigue were also eliminated. Do try it. The main key is to stick with at least 3-4months straight.

  3. 17:20 I literally thought that was a bag of weed😂😂 congratulations on sticking to the diet Scola💪🏾💖

  4. You can make iced tea! Also, sweeteners produce an insulin response too, if that's a concern of yours.

  5. Consider a vegan, gluten free and corn free diet. Or consider trying the blood type diet by Dr. Peter D'Adamo.

  6. Hey people FIY Beyonce was also feeding 2 babies that in and of itself makes you need a ridiculous amount of calories. So even if she just cut down on her calorie intake she would have lost this weight. …then you add in the tour rehearsal bam

  7. How are you getting on with Hypothyroidism? Do you feel you’re on a therapeutic dose of your thyroid medicine and do you feel your metabolism is working again?

  8. I heard that Konjac noodles can cause your stomach to swell 5x it’s size. 1 person in Australia died from eating them.

  9. Ppl beyonce didn't do the diet long-term nor scola. Nothing wrong with a short term fix to lose some lbs and get yourself back on track.

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