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(soft music) – Hey guys, I’m Ella Dove,
and this is What the Wellness. The show where I try out
the latest and greatest weird wellness treatments
and experiences to find out what’s weird and what’s actually worth it. So I’m here at Vie Healing
in L.A. to get moxa. What’s moxa? I literally had never heard of it. So moxa’s kind of like acupuncture except there’s no needles. Where they kind of light
these little incense towers and then put them at certain
points along your meridians on your body to like activate
things and make you feel better. Sounds a little scarier than
I think it is, but I’m gonna let Mona tell us all about it. Where it came from. Why we do it. Let’s go give it a try. (upbeat music) – Hi Well and Good, I’m Mona
Dan, founder of Vie Healing. We are a holistic wellness spa. We offer services of
acupuncture, massage, cupping reiki, gua sha, jade
rolling, ear seeding which is what we’re known for. On the west coast but coming
to the east coast soon. – And what’s your background? – I was actually pre-med,
but there was always something missing. There was like a soul
missing within the medicine. And then I stumbled upon an
eastern philosophy course and I found out that within
Taoism there’s a whole world of medicine and it really
brings my world and passions of wellness and medicine together. – Awesome. – [Mona] So moxa is a heat therapy. A lot of times we hold a lot
of coldness in our body which constricts our blood vessels and that naturally creates inflammation. We introduce this very
gentle heat therapy. It’s smoking moxa. So the heat goes through the
muscle layer into the veins and capillaries and it
boosts the blood flow. – All right cool, well I’m
excited to give it a try. – [Mona] Let’s do it! (upbeat music) So let’s get started. What I’m gonna first do,
is I’m gonna actually put a heat lamp over your belly. This just helps create
more of that blood flow and relax your nervous system. – Perfect. – It feels really good.
– It does feel nice. I feel like if you ate a big
meal you could just like lay under this and it would
just help everything digest. – I’m gonna start lighting
the moxas and placing them on different points on the
body that help relax the nervous system and each organ. So from your brain, you
have your nervous system. From the nervous system you
have nerves that connect all the way from the back
of the body, to the front of the body, to each organ. Each organ has bundles
of nerves that connect- – Nervous wreck. – To the farthest points of the body. So what we’re doing is we’re
stimulating those nervous channels that connect
straight to the organs. – Cool. – Right? And that’s what we call meridians. – What do people typically
come in for moxa? Or what kind of issues drop after moxa? – Issues? So, a lot of pain, and
infertility, and cramping. – Cool. – Yeah, that’s what it’s best for. – Oh, I mean I’m always
down to help cramping. – Yeah, but moxa typically
is used daily in China- – Oh wow! – For boosting immunity. So what we’re gonna do first
is we’re gonna prep the body with the points. This is just a protective layer. – Cool. – To make sure you don’t get burned. But don’t worry, I’m here. (laughing) – Great. – Moxa’s an herb. A plant that is dried,
and lit, and it has a lot of healing benefits. It also helps generate skin. It helps heat the body and
bring warmth to the body. Especially when heated obviously. – Oh wow, fire. – Yeah, so we light the moxa
first, and then we place them on the points. – It’s like my own personal
little incense garden. – It is! – [Ella] You said generate
skin, what does that mean? – [Mona] So it helps bring the blood flow to help repair skin. We don’t typically do
it when it’s happened but if we need to bring more blood flow to an area of scar tissue, it’s incredible. – [Ella] So it’s cool
because like I can see these and I can see that they’re
burning, but it doesn’t feel super hot, they’re
just like a warm sensation. – [Mona] Yeah, but the
practitioner always has to stand with you. – [Ella] Then I’ll get spazzy
and like knock them off of me and start a fire. – [Mona] Yeah, or if they fall
or if these just feel that extra heat on the body. – It doesn’t really have
a very strong smell. Like it doesn’t smell like incense. – Yeah this is more of the
smokeless moxa, so it has a very light light light smell. – Oh yeah, like I just got a whiff. It’s like kind of an earthy foresty scent. – Yeah. – Now I just lay here and smoke. – [Mona] Yeah, so you
just lay here and smoke. – [Ella] So it’s very fast. – [Mona] Yeah, so they
burn fast and then we do a few rounds of it generally – Oh god L.A. – And then I always like to
add needles to this treatment. I don’t want to just
have the patient leave. Some people are sensitive,
so they just come in for moxa because they just feel
so much relief with it. – Yeah, but you typically do
it with acupuncture as well. – I like yeah. – That’s what I would probably do. – [Mona] Yeah. – And so how many rounds
would you typically do? – Two to three, depending on
what the patient’s there for. – Got it, cool. – But the session if
you’re just coming for moxa it doesn’t last more than 15, 20 minutes. – That’s awesome so you can
just squeeze it into like your busy day. – Exactly. – And get all these benefits. – Yeah. (laughing) – And I just get to lie on this nice bed. Moxa. Magic. So moxa was definitely one
of the What the Wellness experiences that I’ve tried
that I’d heard the least about so talking to Mona and learning
a little bit more about what moxa is was really cool. And I think what was
really awesome about it. If you’re someone who’s
really afraid of needles it’s actually a great alternative
to acupuncture because it’s using heat, which is energy. Just like we know acupuncture
needles use energy to draw blood and create
movement in your body that can help all kinds of ailments. Acupuncture’s been studied. I don’t know how much moxa’s
been studied, but that concept makes a lot of sense. You’re using your body’s
own energy to draw energy to different places to create change. So, sounds like a win. Sounds like it’s
definitely worth it for you needlephobes out there. It smelled great too. Like I almost wish it
smelled a little bit stronger so I walked out of there
smelling all earthy and scenty. I think it’s cool to explore
these new traditional modalities that aren’t as
popular in the wellness sphere and figure out what works for you. So, I say if moxa sounds
interesting to you, you should definitely go give it a try. I can’t say yet if it’s
completely rewired my system but it felt cool and it was
nice and cozy under that warm heat lamp with those
little fires all over me. Want more What the Wellness? Subscribe to Well and Good’s
YouTube channel right now. Or let me know what
you want me to try next in the comments below. (upbeat music)

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