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– Yeah, I’m not gonna look like Michael Phelps’ back, on my face. – [Elizabeth] You will. No, I’m just kidding. Hey guys, I’m Ella Dove and
this is What the Wellness? Today, I’m trying out a truly
original wellness experience. I’m here with Dr. Elizabeth
Trattner in New York City for a Gemstone Acupuncture facial. So, she’s literally going to cover my body in beautiful crystals and
stick some needles in my face. And while that’s super Instagrammable, the experience is actually
a lot deeper than that. Judging by this stack of intake forms, and the, I don’t know,
four pages of questions that I have to answer, I think what we’re gonna work through, is how to find a little bit
more beauty from the inside out. – [Ella] Hi! – Hey Ella, how are you? – [Ella] I’m good how are you doing? – Good, you’ve got that big ol’ package of forms for me.
– All for you. – Thank you so much. – We’re going to give you acupuncture, we’re gonna put you in a crystal grid. Gemstones, acupuncture, gua
sha, cupping, the works. – Sounds great. Okay, I’m ready. – Okay, so the first things
that we need to do is check your pulses. It’s really just a way of
checking in to see what’s going on in the body. Seems like somebody had some coffee today. – Just a little bit. – Okay. Okay so, based on a
tongue and pulse diagnosis and from the intake, we’re gonna do some work that builds up your digestion today. We’re going to ground
your energy a little bit. I know you have a high-stress job, and we’re gonna get you nice and calm. – Doesn’t it look very
stressful right now? – Exactly. This is hard. There is a bit of art that
goes through this, obviously. Gemstones are beautiful, but it’s sort of, how does everything work in order for you. We talked about grounding your energy, so these are Herkimer diamonds. They’re not real diamonds. They’re quartzes, but they
amplify the other stones. So, I’m actually going
to put these down here to help ground you a little bit. If you’re really sensitive to energy, they do feel kind of buzzy. – I feel a little buzzy. – I feel buzzy too, but
maybe that’s the coffee. – Yeah, maybe. – [Elizabeth] This is
how we open the ceremony. – I’m starting to feel very quiet. – [Elizabeth] Okay good. Okay, so we’re gonna with cupping. So, this is not cupping that you see, like on the Olympian Michael Phelps. Lymph doesn’t move on its own. If you think of Lymph as a garbage truck, that the wheels are sort of broken. Lymph takes out the trash in the body things like exercise help
it move, yoga helps it move. But, Lymph doesn’t move on its own. – A little octopus kiss.
– Exactly. – On my face. Yeah, I’m not gonna look like Michael Phelps’ back, on my face. – [Elizabeth] You will. – No, I’m just kidding.
(Ella laughs) A few words you need to remember, you always have to work from the midline of your body out to the lateral side. That’s how our lymphatic system works. – Do I look youthful yet? (celestial music) Gua sha, I feel like is
kinda popping up all over. It’s going a little bit
viral on the Instagram, but what exactly is Gua sha? – So, gua is the tool,
and sha is the rash. It’s great a breaking
up fascia in your body. Feel how on the right it’s cracking under your clavicle.
– Yeah. It literally feels like
I can feel full crackle underneath my skin.
– Right. (violin music) – And to work with your
dark circles in the morning, how long would you wanna do this for? – You know, it doesn’t take long. This is a couple minutes. Not even a minute or two. You can either do like, a routine a couple times
during the week at night, and then if you do wake up with puffies, you can just do this. The trick is that you just
can’t work the puff and expect it to go down. And so, when you gua sha,
you don’t want to stop here where your skin stops, you wanna go a a little
bit into the hairline, because that’s where the
attachment of the muscles are. – Are you guys having fun over there? – [Friend] What? – I feel so bad. I’m just laying here
having the time of my life, while everybody else just watches. – So, acupuncture is part of a 5,000 year old system
from Chinese medicine. Acupuncture needles are a one-time use. They’re sterile, they are not reusable. Acupuncture should not hurt. – I can hardly feel them. – [Elizabeth] So we’re
looking for basically, points that move the face. This is not acupuncture points, these are more like muscle points. – I’m going to lay very, very still while there are needles in my face. (violin music) It’s weird ’cause I can see them, but I can’t really feel them. (violin music) Whoa, one jumped out. You got it, right? – [Elizabeth] Did you get the jumper? Was it the jump? – On my chin. – [Elizabeth] Oh my God. (violin music) So, if you’re really tense, sometimes the needles will pop out. (violin music) So, I’m back. I hope you had a nice rest. – I did. – We’re gonna start taking the crystals and all the needles out. – Okay. – [Elizabeth] I know, I’m sorry. But you did a really good job sleeping. – I mean, after this video, people are gonna be like, you did a really good
job getting crystals. – You did an amazing job resting. Ear seeds are used because
the whole body system is reflected in the ear. So we’re doing points for
your mojo, and your digestion. So now is the time that we’re
gonna take an after shot. – So I have to sit up now? – Yes, it’s time to get up. – Oh my God, I look great. Yeah, Bryan you were in my light. How do I look? (laughs) Okay, so I just did a full
gemstone acupuncture facial. It felt amazing. I can’t even believe I have
to talk to camera right now, cause I’m just, like,
on cloud nine, ready to, I don’t know, go frolic in
the sunshine, somewhere. I’m so loopy! But it really felt really amazing. The needles, you don’t really feel them and as they started to
settle into my face, there was like a little bit of tension, but it kinda felt like they
were coming into, like, a rhythm. And then, the crystals. You know, I think I could feel the energy. Maybe I was just in a
really good vibe over there, but it really felt good to,
like, be sort of nestled all over my body in that grid and have the needles all the way from my toes, to my hands, to my face. It felt like a full-body kind of reset. Amazing. Weird or worth it? I mean, weird. There were needles
sticking out of my face. I feel like I looked like a Komodo dragon. And there were crystals all over my body, so that was weird. But, I mean, worth it. That was unbelievable. I got weird. The wellness wasn’t weird, I’m just weird. I feel kinda high. I’m Ella Dove, and this
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  1. Elizabeth is an incredible healer!!! Really enjoyed this video and the awareness it shares about energy work and crystals being much more then photo props

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