18 thoughts on “‘I Would Love To Be Off The Pain Medicine And Not Have To Worry About It,’ Says Mom Of Opioid Use

  1. It is very easy to get hooked on opioids. I had a surgery about 18 yrs ago and when I woke up I was in excruciating pain. I had every test known to man and all they could say was that something happened and I now had lower back pain forever. The only relief was nerve blocks every 2 months and opioids and muscle relaxants. Now all these years the pain is never really gone and my dosages on the opioids have just increased in strength. Any suggestions? Can you help me, Dr. Phil??? Please, I beg you!!!

  2. I have had 9 major surgeries. I only take Tylenol and other otc pain killer. I’m not going down an addiction route.

  3. Been in pain management for twenty years. Have had five lower back surgeries. Have metal , screws and cage in my back. I’m in severe pain and opioids are the only and I mean only thing that works for my pain. It’s the ones that abuse or sell that have a problem. The ones that do need them now can’t get them. That word opioid is also being used in definition of street drugs. STOP THE USE IN STREET ADDITION AND ALLOW LEGITIMATE PAIN PATIENTS RECEIVE THE HELP WITH THERE PAIN. The DEA , CDC and everyone involved that lump all this together are wrong for doing it. Let the doctors be doctors and live by the oath to do no harm .

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