do tell just with the craving and working over and over the first ingredient ready 3 2 1 yeah oh yeah gotta send one of them in the delicious ice cream and the other one in spam wait for something so here we go dude what oh man so now a million all up yeah I guess it the bed brain feels like a sudden wrinkles of it oh we didn't clean the table before this right oh good man go to the mat I need some to myself please run Devin do you want to keep more switching you know what I can feel some cold and the kneading from the topic so I'm gonna keep it Oh I got salted caramel cluster I'll just go for mmm but so good the caramel mix with the chocolate mix with the saltiness sometimes with wasabi – three – oh yeah five seconds subscribe challenge we want to see if you can subscribe to this channel and turn on the channel post notifications in five seconds you read this five four three two one done covered up blue teamers quantity were able to do that and right now it's time for something wasabi what [Applause] [Applause] do you want to keep it or switch it to one Mediterranean minced what did you get yeah oh my god this is by far the greatest ice cream I've had to date an individual freshness of the mint eNOS and then whatever the Mediterranean about it just makes it feel like it is you know minute or maybe it's time for you having to eat your clams don't lie I'm up by me just like straight up drink clam juice I'm already queasy okay here we go three two one we got Street job in like tagging the most delicious ice cream sundae of all time so Devin you get to choose you want to keep them or switch to a common cold again yeah yeah man oh man chunky monkey all right in there who packaged this covered in gimmicky dude it's still bubbling how is it still rising to the top where is that all coming from you in a jar I don't understand the physics your science of it oh man it's going everywhere this looks like a cabbage you gotta calm it down just just enjoy some kimchi I mean literally it's being sold mmm well this doesn't look like you're enjoying it nobody does that when they enjoy stuff I've never had ice cubes like oh yeah it's so good I can see through your facade dude bring that harder than that they pack that thing in so well all right cause it is your chair do you wanna keep it or switch it yeah I want to switch it you want to switch it on society we're keeping it no I don't know I just want to mess with your emotion free now you gotta get a ride bro I don't think so all right now all you need is a glass dude I got Cherry Garcia this like a third most popular flavor yeah okay that looks gross so I guess I'll take a bite of mine I believe you've done this offsides violation does it was gonna do two eggs now what 2h don't you ever put your shell in my sunday again this is so frozen this food isn't cutting through I gotta warm it up in my mouth oh no no you can't do it's moving towards me I feel so nervous man I'm just gonna take a bite this time when will you just to eat it whole too much dude I saw some smoke fly out guys you know so cold bitch that was delicious now time for you to drink your eggs down I think we should just move on I don't think so free Jim what first three second Mike chose we want to see if you can like this video in three seconds already here we go three two one done all right Devin time for you to drink it I'm super nervous all right here we go coming up here very shortly and eating it all but right now we are on to the next round finally Devin is your turn right now do you want to keep over switching no doubt in my mind I want to keep up all right here we go three two one got to be kidding me oh it's sorbet I love sperm dare you alright here we go oh it's like rubber butt skin holy cow I'm like mentally kind of freaking out right now okay here we go three I don't want to do this anymore I'll just count you down ready three two one Oh Oh about this enough it tastes like gasoline it's not healthy no let me go back card room you know to me the ice cream sundaes guys are coming together and right now we're on to the next round already cause do you want to keep it or switch it so see this one is very important because this is the second to last round so I'll use my intellectual powers right now okay this one here is go with the ice cream under it PB and cookie layered oh it's not just normal cookies it's like Oreo cookies oh great some shoes water Dallas man how is it dude what are you doing gonna break this don't know that was amazing and I bet yours gonna be even better them and yes sure it will huh and we see your reaction to this all right here we go I don't think there's anything that can prepare me for this all right here we go three two one I think it's for the best it's almost the same face your breakthrough face uh-huh it burns so bad finale and then we're going to be eating the biggest ice cream sundae in the entire world of maybe even maybe a milkshake holiday ice cream yeah but it's all empty if holy definite soothe the pain area this is important one for you devil you yeah hey boomer switch him in of you get ice cream it'll soothe the burning in your mouth but if not it make it even worse so right now you want a cue for switching bro I'm very aware of this situation I'm gonna do your technique of this x-ray vision holy cow it's delicious to watch out for the elbow sweet really cuz I food doesn't get better I look like a flippin Spanish Oh control eat with my face but using little like bones in it these all this stuff I'm sure cat doesn't care about yes Hugh that's like a foam my impression of a cat I friends what I don't think any cats are watching this come are you seven M sorry yeah you gotta bring your cat you can't watch this right now because my feet double your food three two one Oh your face right around the time to finally come to mix up our ice cream sundaes yes let's get it in there oh my gosh there's so much extra stuff in here I got some sprinkles in here though that's kind of nice and this is definitely the weirdest ice cream sundae but you know what I wouldn't be able to experience all these flavors at the same time I'm just with a big spoonful but I will be able to do that we brought these blenders here we're gonna blend them up into a milkshake and then drink Oh way better than mine my mind liquid ice cream but I also have something called spam in mind and also jalapeno pepper on the surface look a lot better than yours oh my gosh no oh all right time to pop on the top pop the tops look it's like dripping down the side full blast we go on max for nuts every 2 1 [Applause] he's good biting up to the max here we go god there's little clear bits in there and go at Devon connection blonde girl Wild Card I want to throw in this right now wait no why this is already a wildfire anchovies snow those works right now rock paper scissors whoever loses in use in another video and right now down cheers Cheers here we go three two one oh my gosh I quit [Applause]

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