iFit Vue Wireless Activity Fitness Wrist Band Tracker Review

okay so this is my review of the I fit
view activity tracker and this is what you get you get the module and you get a
little charger that connects to the usb on your computer and I plugged it in it
took several hours of charge up the first time you’re also going to want to
go to support I fit comm and download the app for whatever your device is
there are extra things that are available like the chest strap so that
you can get your heart rate and stuff out of the box it does not report your
heart rate all it’s sensing is your activity so and of course there’s this
warning that it contains one or more chemicals known in the state of
California to cause cancer birth defects and other reproductive harm that’s what
the iFit app looks like once it’s on your device you get two wristbands one
is big for guys and small for women or maybe youth you get the tracker the USB
connection you get the module into bands make sure that this thing is compatible
with your device because otherwise you’re just going to be left out
completely this is not a standalone piece of gear this is what you get the
two wristbands the module and the USB plug in gotta go to your App Store get
it see where it says get there you push that button look at the rating that it
has 1.5 stars people are not very impressed with the app here it is
downloading feel that protective piece off and it’s ready to go click open and
the app is open and that’s what it looks like you get a Quick Start Guide and it
charged to a hundred percent in just an hour or so so this is how it goes into
the wristband it’s in pretty easy and it comes apart so that’s good so that you
can wash that wristband separate from the actual module and once you get it
situated just right the thing is really comfortable it looks smooth it is not
going to be conspicuous on your wrist and it’s going to go right under your
shirt sleeve if that’s what you want you don’t want people to know you’re wearing
it that bright blue color really doesn’t even show when you’re wearing you have two little raised plastic
pieces that size it up for you when you put it together nice and smooth doesn’t
rub on your skin doesn’t feel uncomfortable no reason to make it tight
because it’s not reading your blood pressure anything like that your heart
rate all it is doing is hanging on you now you’ll find out when you go to push
the button and change the modes that sometimes it’s pretty temperamental and
doesn’t respond at all other times you barely touch it and the next mode comes
up that’s where you’re putting your calories in and you can see some people
are getting it frustrated when you hit the button for calories every push of
the button supposed to add 50 calories I punched in a couple thousand calories
and it that’s a goal that you set up and then it will actually vibrate and let
you go know when that goal is attained now by holding it when it’s on the clock
it goes to the pairing mode and that’s when you have to have your app open now
that app is going to cost you eleven ninety-nine a month or ninety-nine
dollars a year then of course you can record all your stats and store them and
access them you also control the clock and everything once it’s paired to your
device so three hundred fourteen calories already burned and nine hundred
ninety six foot steps I think that’s super generous because when I counted my
foot steps and I walked out to the mailbox for example somehow I get credit
for point four hundred and thirty you know almost half a mile it also has a
workout mode so it just registers your activity and this is what the device
looks like not a lot – not a lot to say this is what it’s going to look like in
the dark 1216 calories apparently I burned
battery lasted a really long time it does keep you active it’s easy to where
you’re going to forget it’s there and it’s going to remind you that it’s there
if you set idle for too long it’s going to vibrate and it’s going to say move
and that it’s time for you to get going final verdict
it’ll keep you motivated with vibrations if you’re sitting around for too long
plus you get to feel good about yourself you’re going to see all the cow
it burns it’s a little fickle with those buttons as you can see because you
barely touch it and sometimes it goes sometimes it doesn’t
easy to clean waterproof battery lasts a long time very happy with it so far I
think the battery went down to like 90% I wore it for four days not so accurate
when counting steps it’s just super generous and I think it just makes you
feel good about yourself all the time but will it motivate you yes is it
accurate I don’t think so super easy to use I recommend it

17 thoughts on “iFit Vue Wireless Activity Fitness Wrist Band Tracker Review

  1. Sorry to see that! I have the same model and my mode touch button responds every time I touch it. The only time it doesn't is when it's wet from rain or washing my hands. I did use to swim and shower with it on until I jumped from about a 10-15ft bridge and I believe the impact on the second or third jump got water into it. I rice bagged it and it has been fine ever since, I no longer get it into water at all though.

  2. i have a question i bought 2 and they are stuck in tge charger am i doing something wrong is there a certian way to get it out

  3. It's not big for guys and small for women, it's different sizes for different wrists. My 55 year old father would need a small because he has thin wrists, I, a 21 year old woman, would need a large because I have large risks.

  4. I need to understand is the product completely unusable without the app or is the just for checking ur progress I don’t have either a android or Apple phone I am willing to use it without the app but will it not function at all if u can’t sync it to ur phone? Please help I cannot find anything I can use without using a phone

  5. I have every dealt wit in my life!!!! Do not buy their products, memberships or anything. It would be more constructive to flush your hard earned money down the toilet. I never received the iFit Vue as promised in the membership the website is the absolute worst and clunkiest I’ve ever seen in my life and unfortunately I bought the membership through Google Play and neither party will reimburse any membership fee even though they had a money back guarantee. This is after 20 emails to customer service and they will not even refund $14.99 to make someone a less disgruntled customer.

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