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– I literally wouldn’t care if you asked to see my butt hole. I would do it before I would eat this. (piano music with a rhythmic drumbeat) What’s up, guys? It’s me, Iggy, and I’m here
with Men’s Health today to play Disgustingly Healthy. I have to taste test all of these disgustingly healthy
Australian-themed meals or, if I’m not game enough to try them, answer what’s probably going
to be a terrible question. So, let’s see how I go. Okay, plate number one, let’s see. That looks really mummified. Emu jerky. I don’t really wanna eat,
like, Outback delicacies. Yeah, I can’t do it, so I don’t even care what the question is, I’m gonna answer it. You said you once lost 15
pounds in a week by twerking. Rate the following twerkers: Cardi B, Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus. Well, Miley Cyrus is the
skinniest of all these people, so maybe that means she’s the best twerker because she’s lost the
most weight doing it. Next. Why is this all disgusting jerky? I don’t think this is
disgustingly healthy, this is just disgustingly disgusting! Python jerky? I’m not eating a snake, no. Like, I would vomit if I ate that. Why did your album take so long? Because I’m a procrastinator, okay? I’m a Gemini and I can
never make a decision really about anything. I say things and I take them back, and I say them and I take them back. It’s my personality and that’s
what I do with my album, so maybe I’ll hate it
next month, who knows? It’s kinda what I do. Next. Oh, this looks like something
I like, a hamburger. This seems too good too be true. Oh, a kangaroo burger. That’s fine, I’ll actually
eat a kangaroo burger. I have no problem eating kangaroo. Do I wanna eat this though?
It tastes like dog food. I mean, it smells like it. I’ll just have a little bite of this. Hm, it’s fine, it just
tastes like red meat. This is good, I’ll pack this to go. The next thing is, I don’t even know, but that’s disgusting. I don’t like to eat things
out of a can, uh-uh. It says mutton, that’s a lamb. Like an old lamb, isn’t it? I literally wouldn’t care if you asked to see my butt hole. I would do it before I would eat this. This is so gross. (gagging) Smells like wet dog food. Which of your exes can
bench press the most weight? Oh, well half of these
people aren’t even my ex. I’ve never dated any of these guys. I don’t even know them, I’ve never even seen them in the street. The only person I’ve ever
dated is Playboi Carti and I don’t know anybody else, so don’t ask me about them. Next. (sighs) That looks really gross. I can tell that it’s
Vegemite, which is fine, but there seems like there’s a dead insect spider thing on it. Vegemite toast with a tarantula. I don’t really want to eat a spider, but would it make me
more a badass if I did? Would I get a point for that? I don’t know. Would you rather write
a song with Azalea Banks or go on a date with Nick
Young at Outback Steakhouse. Hmm. Suddenly, this toast isn’t looking so bad. I’m gonna smell it. I might eat this. Should I eat it? Yeah, I have to think about
this for a bit, I’m not ready. I’ve gotta work myself up. I love Vegemite, that’s the
thing, so it’s like, mm, there’s something about
this that you like! And something about this that you don’t! I’m not eating that part. The legs look a little scary. Maybe the back part? This looks like it’s just a raisin. All right, it’s a raisin. It’s just a raisin! (thunder crashes) Honestly? It just tastes like Vegemite. Mm, it has a very metallic
aftertaste that’s happening now. It tastes like I licked metal. I ate a Vegemite sandwich and
then I licked a metal pole. That’s how I’d describe that. That was fine, that was great, I’d love to have some more of that later. Oh! See, now this is like a classic dish with a twist, I see. Fairy bread for fairies! When you have a birthday
party in Australia, people always make this bread and it has butter on it and
then you dip it in sprinkles. I love fairy bread. I haven’t had it for a long time, but it seems like this fairy bread has something evil on it. I don’t know what that is. Maybe like, a worm, little worms? Fairy bread with termites. When is “Whole Lotta Red” dropping? (laughs) Do you know I get trolled with
this question all the time? I’m never gonna tell you when “Whole Lotta Red”
is dropping, you guys. Nice try. I can tell you “Whole
Lotta Red” is amazing and it’s next level and it’s way better than anything any of the other people out
here are doing, for real. It’s like (clicks tongue). But I can’t tell you when it’s coming out. And I don’t think I wanna eat this. Maybe I’ll sniff it. Hmm, what do termites do, eat wood? That’s not that bad. I’ll
just have a little bite where there’s not as many termites. For you. ‘Cause I love you. I’m lucky my boyfriend’s
not seeing me today. He’d be like, “We can’t kiss for a month”. I’ll try it. It’s already gonna be crunchy, so. (crunching) This tastes like I’m at a party, I’m having fun, I’m gonna play pass the parcel. This is fine, it just tastes like you dropped your fairy bread in dirt. (trumpet fanfare) So, my least disgusting
is kangaroo burger. This is fine. It just tastes like a regular beef patty. The most disgusting is this. Like, if you eat this,
you’re a sick individual. It’s truly evil. (slow jazz music)

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  1. I love how she jumped straight to showing her asshole before eating the food. In an alternate universe she signed the deal with BangBros for sure.

  2. Fyi noooo Australian would eat this i've haven't heard of half these foods
    Btw iggy azalea doesn't sound that Australian but its not my place to judge

  3. Iggy needs to stop getting hugged up with wack ass rappers and ball players. She plays herself like Olivia Munn. Takes away from how beautiful she is. Then they got her doing this Fear Factor BS.

  4. if i had a dollar for every teenage white kid in the comments saying "no cap" i could just buy the album rights and release it for them

  5. Someone hacked his managers spotify and released his album as podcasts but then his record took it down and the person who released it could be fined $250k he also released uzis album Eternal Atake

  6. Iggy :”I would show u my asshole”
    The nigga that wrote the question:” fuck I should’ve trusted my instincts”

  7. Iggy: IDC if you asked to see my Butthole I would do it instead of eating this.
    Interviewer: Next Question,,,,,, Let me See your Butthole.

  8. I don't like all the surgery she's done, she was so much prettier beforehand.
    And fuck, she ate all those animals without even blinking! What a bitch.

  9. I will never understand you guys hard-on for carti. But i clicked for her, this was cool to see her actually eat spider and termite

  10. I can’t stand her…. she seems so fake and immature…she won’t eat jerky??? Wtf…. as soon as she said Miley Cyrus is the best twerker literally nothing she says after that can be taken seriously… ever again….

  11. You can hear the crunching of the spider!!! Ewww gross disgusting she is a horrible person if she really ate a kangaroo burger. That's disgusting. She's gross. I'm a fan of a few of her songs and she's hot but she's not nice to eat that. I'm vegetarian and I always will be.

  12. She thinks people are evil to eat lamb yet she ate a kangaroo… Wow. People are evil to eat meat in general in my opinion.

  13. We don't even eat this shit , there grabbing all the gay ass country food like the city doesn't eat this shit they're just making fun of us

  14. Iggy: I've never dated any of these guys. I don't even know them 💀
    She dissed the fuck out of Nick Young when they were literally together for 3 years and engaged 😂😂

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