Important Digestive Health Tips

(air whooshing) Are you hungry for
more health tips? Well, today, we’re tackling
an important subject: digestive health. Here’s what an expert recommends to keep your GI
tract working well. First, don’t forget about fitting water breaks
into your day. – Water is an essential
part of our GI tract, and a lack of water
can really exacerbate a lot of underlying
GI conditions. If you’re staying well-hydrated, then everything is going to
move the way it’s supposed to. – [Jane] Exercise
is equally important when it comes to digestion. – Exercise helps your
overall gut motility. So when we exercise,
we stimulate hormones
and other enzymes that help our digestion. – [Jane] And finally,
load up your diet with fruits and veggies. Your digestive system
will thank you. – [Doctor] A balanced diet
is the most important. When we eat fruits
and vegetables, we’re consuming critical
minerals and vitamins that our GI tract needs
for proper digestion. It really helps to
keep your GI tract at a happy equilibrium.

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