Improve Your Posture | 3 Exercises Only!

Bad posture is a common problem in today’s society Sitting at desks all day long and looking at your smartphone Developed a poor posture for many people but also a wrong workout or an Unbalanced training can lead to a bad posture with that you will destroy your strength gains and risk to injure your body If you do a lot of push exercises like bench presses Or push ups and too little exercises for your posterior chain You are tightening your muscles that are already tight and muscles that are already weak have no chance to work against them This results in a forward head position slouching shoulders and around an upper back This is not only about the horrible look it can also lead to neck pain and muscular imbalances to avoid or to correct this we need to activate our muscles in the posterior chain and stretch and relax the tight muscles in the anterior chain Minding the natural s curves of the spine is not the goal to achieve a complete straight back But to activate our weak and stretch to tight muscles When you activate your weak muscles you should aim for an extended spine and a wide range of motion to work against tight and overused muscles One of the best movements you can do for correcting your posture is the reverse plank bridge? This exercise activates muscles like your middle trapezius Your rhomboids your erector spinae and your neck flexes While stretching your pecs your long head of the biceps your front, deltoids and your neck extensors to do this exercise correctly You have to keep your arms straight pull your shoulders back bring your shoulder blades together and tuck your chin Push your chest up as much as possible and extend your spine You can do this exercise with different hand placements fingers pointing forward or backward If you place your hands with fingers pointing backwards you will activate your external shoulder rotators And this will result in a better shoulder stability You also achieve a higher range of motion and the bed or stretching in your chest biceps and front delts The next exercise is the arch off with the posterior tilted pelvis it consists of three different movements The first one is the shoulder flexion This movement is very good to open up your shoulders for example to improve your handstand and all other overhead exercises Push your arms and your shoulder blades upwards and try to raise your arms as high as possible Without bending them or arch your lower back The next part is the horizontal abduction Here you also try to lift your arms as high as possible, but this time you try to bring your shoulder blades together This will activate your rhomboids and your middle traps The last part is about the shoulder extension This will work better against the tight front delts than the other two arm positions In All three movements you tuck your chin and look to the ground This will activate your neck flexors and stretch your neck extensors You should also aim for an external rotation of your arms because this will work against the internal rotation of the tight muscles The last key point for this exercise is the extension of your thoracic spine? Because this will activate your erectus bene The third and last exercise for improving your posture is any kind of rowing movements You can do body rows rows with the band seated cable rows or even dumbbell and barbell rows No, matter, which kind you do don’t just move your arms It’s very important to keep your spine slightly extended pull your shoulders back and bring your shoulder blades together Avoid a rounded back and the forwarded head position The key to improve your posture is to do it on a regular basis and not only for a few weeks Your daily posture fails will always remain the same or even get worse So don’t limit the duration of a training that improves strength coordination and mobility You will also profit from a functional full-body workout instead of an isolated one-sided training program if you want to know how such a function of full body workout program feels Just go to a website and try our workout programs If you have further questions leave a comment, thanks Alex

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  1. Hey Guys we hope you like our video. Sometimes it's not easy to keep an overview in the editing process. We made a little mistake at 01:00 Min . It's actually the oppside: "Weak Neck Flexors and Tight Neck Extensors".

  2. posturecorrector.infothis is actually the best invent ever otherwise I would still have a very bad posture lol!

  3. Hey! I just discovered calisthenics and your channel and I looove it!
    Thank you so much for all of this information all of you great, high-quality content!

  4. Before trying something,you better consultant with a physio to know actual cause for your bad posture. I also have the same issue. I am doing physiotherapy for last 2 weeks and have a lot of improvement. So before start ur own exercises, you better take an appointment with a physio.

  5. To be honest Swimming for me is the easiest Way , I have fixed my back with relative ease, I started swimming and I naturally started fixing my back

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  7. Did these guys steal your clips?

  8. One thing I´ve noticed that helps is to lie on your back on a relatively hard, flat surface and make yourself as long as possible (with the arms past your ears). After a while, you´ll notice that some muscles start relaxing and you can stretch your spine a bit further by straightening it and you can pull your shoulder-blades a bit closer together. The latter burns a lot in my case, but thereafter I feel better and it lasts much longer than other stretches for shoulder and back. The problem is that you need to do it for like 30min to really have that effect. If you can take a nap like this, then you probably never have problems there ever again.

  9. What is the correct posture I should be using while watching this video on my phone while sitting on the toilet?

  10. Years of junior college ice hockey with poor stretching and warm up, poor conditioning and my left shoulder and posture are pretty much fucked up…

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  12. How long do you do each of these exercises? Do you do repetitions or just do one movement and for a period of time?

  13. Hey man I want tell you that there are people out there using this video and YOU without your permission. They are using your video to sell their back posture product.
    Please like so he can see.

  14. no joke the muscles in my back ger tired when i try to keep my back "straight" (good posture, not a perfect straight line)

  15. this was scary!!! i feared if i didn't thumbs up it alex would visit me in a nightmare wherein he would do the poor posture moves.

  16. Guys, I really need to fix my posture and I will give my best for the next 30 days to achieve it. I will do the exercises every single day and post my thoughts in the comments with pictures. Wish me luck.

  17. I dont understand the difference between the second exercise and the extension of the thoraxic spine (before the last exercise)

  18. Good really helpful to make good posture but it's not easy for a healthy men.
    Please tell some more exercise s💪💪💪💪💪

  19. 3 things that helped me:
    1. while standing, hold your breathe in for like 10 seconds automatically fixes your posture
    2. while driving make sure the back of your head always touches the back of the head rest
    and your shoulders touch the seat cushion.
    3. sleep on the floor on your back.

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