1. I really want to know what are the acceptable grammar mistakes that native English speakers make every day. It'd be so much fun to watch.

  2. Hi Rachel, I noticed that you used the word "more fit". I'm quite confused. Isn't one syllable adjective added "er" in comparative sentences? What should i use? "Fitter" or "more fit". Similarly, "safer" or "more safe"? What kind of short adjectives i can use like the way you used in the clip? Could you make a clip about this topic? Thanh you very much!

  3. Brittish accent? Or american accent? "Glu'en"… I think that is in brittish accent, not in american accent. I am right?

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  5. I am going to diet all this week
    I like to take a diet for my health
    Dieting is good for people take much food.
    put on their body

  6. A question in this video I noticed,
    You said plan- t – based
    I mean – t /b/ consonant
    Means here ( t) stopped ''air And forbidden moving air
    I mean, ''vowel''
    Has to being there (Letter for (sound of vowel)
    If we pronounce this ( t +b) I can pronounce 'b' if I pronounce t/ but if I pronounce second letter ..i pronounce plan – b '
    It means ..which should I use ( second letter or first letter)
    Plant based
    Plant ased?
    Correct or no
    Should I show (b) ?
    For meaning ?
    Thank you

  7. 0:44–0:58 First meaning of "diet".
    0:59–1:08 Second meaning of "diet".
    When I learned English I had to be aware that this word has these two meanings. It reminds me of the Dutch word "dieet" [diˈeːt] (and maybe English "diet" and Dutch "dieet" have a common etymology), but that word only has the second meaning, never the first.

  8. Diet
    Plant based
    Gluten free, fat free, sugar free
    Whole thirty
    Mediterranean diet
    South beach
    Calorie counting
    Yoyo dieting

  9. Best teacher ever.
    Thanks a lot ,darling
    Keep going👍👏🤲⚘🌿🌺🦋🌹🥀💐🌷🌹❤
    See you soon.👋

  10. There are a lot of myths about diet in all the countries, the best advice is as follows: "eat a little of all, five times per day", the success is assured.

  11. Thank you so much for sharing an absolutely amazing English training session!
    I am so proud of you because of you and your terrific YouTube channel!
    By the way,could you please you you tube lesson about the (T) pronunciation rules?
    I would appreciate if you accept my request.
    I am learning a lot from you!
    Thank you so much for being transparent with us!
    I love Rachel's English YouTube channel for you!

  12. Hey Rachel sorry for bothering you:)Unfortunately I can’t log into the academy and just wanted to ask you if they‘re some technical issues you have to get fixed or is it just me?I was doing the daily plan when out of the sudden the notification „500 we‘re sorry but something went wrong“ popped up.I tried to log in from multiple computers and smartphones 😢 I can‘t even see the homepage just this annoying notification

    Thank you for your hard work I‘m literally obsessed with your content😘

  13. Hi Rachel, how's it going Ma'am? Francisco here from Brazil…Actually, right now my diet is based on beers and french fries, lol!! I'm just kidding, you're amazing my lovely teacher..greetings from Brazil,🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷 take care, bye for now!!👍👍👍👍👍

  14. Hi Rachel, Can you please talk about investment on stocks in the USA? I would like to improve my vocabulary about this subject. Thanks for helping me.

  15. This is one of my New Year's resolutions. I want to stay fit and healthy but the busy days are hard to do it consistently…Thanks for making this lesson.

  16. Hi Rachel you're awesome
    I love to learn with you
    Thanks a million and I hope you have a great Wednesday my dear teacher 😉🇧🇷

  17. No more time to work out…Thanks for the reminder! I’ve to watch my weight as well I am addicted to chocolate 🍫 it’s hard to be sexy 💅🏻💄👠👠👜😇😇

    Rachel I forgot to mention
    Just by looking at you
    we see how smart you are
    I love smart people
    At work I am suffering with some colleagues they don’t understand
    anything 🤯

  18. Happy Christmas and happy new year, Rachel. Can I ask a question, please? What can I say, Neither of us is or are interested? AND None of us is or are interested? …. Also Neither of my parents is or are interested? ……. Thanks so much.

  19. improving health is simple:
    ✔️ eat and make meals with starches, fruits,vegetables, legumes,whole grains
    ✔️ don't eat animal foods, oils, processed foods
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  20. 💕💕💕💕💕 your videos had been used in my phonology classroom around 2017.They have come really handy and still do.Although I am an advanced non-native English speaker,I still love watching your videos to further brush up my pronunciation.I 've been learning English for like three decades,I have come to realize I m more comfortable with American English than British English.
    People got surprised and still do when they hear my American accent and thought I was raised in the US 😂😂😂😂.Then I told them no I was raised in Bangladesh lol.

  21. Hey Rachel, Shouldn't have you pronounced D in "plant-based" like a D instead of T? Is it correct the way I'm asking this question because I feel like I've never seen this structure for asking these types of questions before? have a great day

  22. Thank you teacher Rachel
    I like gluten free diet. gluten,curtain,certain,mountain,something…..
    I love that pronunciation !!! from Japan

  23. Thank you teacher Rachel
    I like gluten free diet. gluten,curtain,certain,mountain,something…..
    I love that pronunciation !!! from Japan

  24. this is a dream come true! I just started my new job as a Diet Tech in a hospital and this helped a lot. Thanks, you're amazing

  25. Hey Rachel. You're incredibly good at English. I'm getting improve my English proficiency starting from zero! Really I'm luck following you!

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