15 thoughts on “Improving Your Health Care Coverage

  1. To improve the health care coverage of all Americans vote for Bernie Sanders.

    Less out of pocket costs. No surprise costs due to arcane insurance rules. No money going to middle men who are incentivised to not pay you out if they can get away with it.

    Vote for a system that is modelled after the best performing health care systems in the world. Vote Bernie Sanders.

  2. I usually have a hard time listening to anything that sounds like an advertisement, but I feel like I learned something here! Thanks for posting.

  3. You can save a even more money with full coverage with Bernie Sanders’s Medicare for all. Under Medicare for all you will not be denied of coverage and it will make it easier to free yourself from the shackles of your employer.

  4. Being Swedish I'm happy that we dont have to think about Medical insurance to get the best treatment when we are sick. I pay nothing when I go to my doctor, take blood tests, ekg talk with him for 45 minutes.
    Same when I go to the ER..it costs $40 to get a big check out, brain scan, ekg, blood tests, everything one need. When I've paid $110 then it's free . So 3 visit at the ER..after that it's free to go there for a year.

    My mother died in cancer, she got the best treatment one can get.
    It didn't cost her anything more than $10 night at hospital. The $10 included everything you need at hospital while having cancer. She had her own room, lovely nurses and doctors.
    My mother stayed at hospital for 30 days, given all kinds of treatments, tests, food. She was really sick by the chemo and cancer.
    It costed her $300 for staying at the hospital for 30 days including all the treatments.
    When she went and had treatments without staying at the hospital, then it was free.

    It seems like one have to be rich to get good hospital, medical care in US.
    I know ppl there who can't pay their medicine.
    It's terrible.

    It must be terrible to have to think about money when one is sick.

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