*INTENSE* Shred Fat in 5 Minutes \\ Weightloss Workout (Tabata)

13 thoughts on “*INTENSE* Shred Fat in 5 Minutes \\ Weightloss Workout (Tabata)

  1. I'm so thankful for those videos of yours! I've found your channel just by the start of the year, and ,honestly, I'm sad it didn't happen earlier! Your workouts are very short and funny, so I never get tired – and because they're so short I'm always motivated to always try new ones and it so happens to keep me active all day; you yourself have a great personality and really know what to say to keep us going! Needless to say, you're now my favorite fitness youtuber <3

  2. What do you think about working out when you're sick? I was in a really good routine and happy with myself but now i got sick and had literally no energy these last two days including today. What is the right thing to do?

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