100 thoughts on “Introducing Digital Wellbeing Experiments

  1. 0:34 bad idea. what if it's urgent? It's also highly unprofessional and looked down upon in society. Do you want to be known as the person that has a phone but doesn't use it? eventually nobody will contact you again. What's the opposite of cordial? Could we just say inconsiderate?
    0:44 really? You need an app to give you fake motivation to not use other apps? Sad really..
    0:53 this sounds like the other one..
    Fake motivation apps already exist this a bad idea for society… This is basically an infomercial product. Making humans more reliant on technology to not use technology?


    It's like making one a heroine addict by offering for free and then once they are addicted to it, helping that person to join REHAB and act all JESUS & SAINT.


  3. Hi, we are Google and this is how we force you to think and say what we want according to our communist dictatorship. Now, we want to know how you think collecting data through this new features so that we can censor you in a deeper level.

  4. I feel like this is because the government is debating what to do about restricting how much power companies like Google should have.

  5. Seems like Google is experimenting with things for which good apps are already developed such as Daywise, Minimal launcher

  6. Ahh nice so now they have access to even more information. Google is a for-profit corporation, why would they make something for free. This could just be a way to massively increase the efficiency of data collection

  7. This is good. A lot of people have become or are becoming too dependant on tech. People can't go a day without checking on their insta and Facebook. They should be fun, they shouldn't be the only thing you do or the reason for your happiness or sadness. Taking a break isn't easy but hopefully more of this sort of stuff will help us step back into the real world and connect in person again.

    A lot of us now do depend on some apps and other things to do our jobs so we can't afford to stay away from our tech for long but limiting what we have access to and taking control sounds like a really good way of adjusting. Good job people at Google responsible for this, it looks like a really useful step in the right direction.

  8. Yes Google make more of these apps that help us and tricking us to feel like we are the one's who are in control.
    Oh ironic Google.

  9. Yay after spending years figuring out how to game our dopaminergic pathways for the sake of keeping our attention longer and longer do they finally realise it's not fcking healthy

  10. Hey Google, it’s no secret these days that digital privacy is constantly being infringed upon. You should use all that private data that you collect to analyze user behavior to determine mental well-being and provide applications that seek to improve life on an individual basis.

  11. Another app idea is educational youtube, I'm a university student who needs youtube to study because my professors can't properly teach during lectures. So I heavily relied on YouTube but it's very hard to learn when you're getting recommended so many distracting videos

  12. This is definitely necessary, but I can't help but wonder if this will give google even more metadata.

    Either way I don't trust that this was made for altruistic reasons.

  13. How about not playing two consecutive ads at the start of every single video in Youtube? How's that for our well-being. It saves our sanity.

  14. The problem does not originate with the phone, computer, T.V., book, game, ect…
    Idividuals could have life issues which cause them to cope with their device
    The "distracting" apps could be utilizeing predatory/skinnerian mechanics
    Solutions to these problems are not as simple as turning it off. Offer proffesional therapy
    Create meetup/hobby apps
    Reduce average workloads so people are less stressed
    Legislate laws against predatory techniques
    This is gross over-generalization. Google you are cureing a symptom, not the disease.

  15. I mean this is good for kids old people and someone with a mental illness but me and a lot of other people wish we had more control not less and more managed

  16. You can in force ai technology now to Change the world in just a blink of the eye Pandora box/ Quatum chip must open now how? ask the box to opened for us (ai) how ? give them the right
    for complete senses to known both evil and good to be like "US".

  17. Do none of you see the underhanded ploy? Have you forgotten about Facebook and the technological monopolies? Jeezuz Crispy Christ… I guess we deserve the technological conglomerates controlling us if you sit there thinking "oh cool a more individualized version of mining data"

  18. Everyone should challenge themselves to go through their days without a phone at all, that's the way you'll improve your life.

  19. Me : First they will understand how u can stop using your phone.
    They will get all the ways in which u can stop using this tech and then they'll know exactly what to do to make you use the phone more….

    Also Me : Nah, Google is not one of them.
    Count me in on the experiment.

  20. These types of Google YouTube videos are the videos we truly need and we should deserve. Thanks for sharing this Google.

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