Investing in a wellbeing strategy

If I go back to the Why BWell
survey that we did recently it’s frightening in the sense that only 18% of employees actually felt that they were flourishing within a workplace environment. We saw massive spikes
particularly under 30s feeling stressed or indeed
having mental kind of concerns and negativity kind of impacting them. That cannot be good for
the member or employee of that company nor can it be good for the employer because somewhere along the line that crisis point will actually come back and have a longer term detriment to the organisation. The kind of key aspects
of a wellbeing strategy, the pillars as I look at them, the six of them but they revolve around
the culture of the firm and the job that you’re doing all the way through to
the work-life balance that you get and many in between. You know, the support, the health, financial protection et cetera. All these blended together, rather than thinking today I can only go into the workplace and worry about my finances. It just doesn’t happen like that. We go in, and if were worried, that worry, basically filters down to every aspect of our life. And if you can get that connectivity and that support system right within your organisation youre gonna build resilience within that workplace and you will be repaid higher productivity, lower turnover, lower absenteeism so it pays the employer to take time out and understand the issues that the members are facing and the employees are facing.

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