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  1. Thanks Kati for this important series, that makes burnout so relatable. Thanks to Ned for being so open about his stressful year as a parent, an entrepreneur and the person out of the try guys who is for most people probably the one with the most perfect life. Love to see you guys produce such a great content!

  2. One of my favorite quotes or buttons was "If you're not stressed out, you don't understand the situation."

    Thank you, Kati!

  3. And this is why I have started working with my third grade Brownie Girl Scout troop on figuring out self-care techniques for them to use as they get older and encounter more stress. As a kid, I was never taught how to analyze my stress levels and combat them when they became toxic; I was expected to just keep going and do the very best work I could. Now, as an adult, I can see how detrimental that can be, particularly when it becomes a pattern. So my scouts and I did a worksheet together learning about how stress manifests in our bodies (I notice stress first in my jaw and teeth). We learned that stress can be good when it motivates us to get things done (just like Ned said), but that it can be bad when we have too much of it. I talked with them about basics like getting sleep and exercise and eating healthfully, but we also talked about how we may have to add other things like yoga, meditation (which some of the girls already knew about and did), reading for fun, doing something creative, etc. to make our stress levels more manageable. We are focusing on this the rest of the year, incorporating badges like Snacks, Hiking, and Outdoor Art Creator to discover new ways to take better care of ourselves. I can see us continuing to focus on self-care throughout the girls' scouting journey.

    Thank you, Kati and Ned, for addressing this topic head on!

  4. Renovations are notorious for copious amounts of stress… Baby? New business? And still thriving? I bow to the amazing resilience they have 😉

  5. Other than physical stress like exercise (endorphins), I can't wrap my mind around "good stress" in reference to emotional or mental stress. Yes stress motivates, but for me it's always a negative feeling.

  6. It's more than stress, but right now, my family is in a bind, so I am having to "wing it" right now. BUT, I'm happy to report that I am aging out and have no desire to act stupid or immature.

  7. When I'm way over stressed I get really clumsy. I'm so in my head that I trip, break things, and eventually I just start crying because it's just too much. I had a day like that recently and a friend pointed out that I was trying to do everything myself. Once I got out of my own way and accepted the help she offered my stress level lifted. I didn't even realize I was so maxed out till it was gone.

  8. When I'm stressed I'm an aweful bitch, my anixety and depression gets worse. I have to come home destress with my cat. She helps me a lot.

  9. haha, he totally wasn't joking when he said, "do hard drugs." 🙈 it often feels like the only way through. i loved this though, kati. thankyou for doing what you do.

  10. This was an amazing video! ❤ Also I laughed so much at the end when he said " Do hard drugs!!"😂😂😂

  11. Last summer, I was so stressed about this project I had to do for a class I was taking, my lung basically sprung a leak and filled my chest cavity with air.

    I literally almost died because of a 3 credit summer course.

    P.s. I was given one extra day to finish the project. I stayed up till 4 am working on it while I was in the ER

  12. Hi Kati , as suffering from anxiety most of my life , loneliness – sadness / pressures from others to do what your are no longer able to do , and the never ending line of people with there hands out for another buck , instead of offering the real help you need.
    To me , I can not imagine anything more stressful than that. As far as friends are concerned , don`t have any , I have opponents in live trying for the last piece , like vultures waiting for life to pass , so they can feast. All of the pain and suffering when combined with ongoing state of anxiety and have no one to count on is well stressful to say the least.
    Recently I have had so much stress , and so many people wanting what is not theres , that all the stress weakened my immune system and I ended up with the flu. Spring finally arrives and because of the stresses of warmer weather came the flu. Go figure !! Thanks for the video , Gary  XOXO

  13. As weird as it might sound, when I get too stressed I actually lose the ability to leave work. I keep panicking that if I leave I won't complete a task and /or will be fired.

  14. Hey Kati I wanted to ask you a question
    I wanted to know when is it gonna be enough? After 4 yrs of undiagnosed Anxiety disorder and depression and PTSD and about 2 months that I got diagnosed with all of that. Now I'm in a therapy and my therapist really helps me I've taking Lorans 1mg and cipralex 20 mg for sleeping and for the panic attacks/Anxiety attacks and depression. Know I'm a little bit better I'm working on it and I'm okay with it. But when it's gonna be enough?!!
    Does this mean that I'm gonna keep taking medication forever or there is a dead end?
    I really hope there is a light at the end of this tunnel but I don't see it now please do respond to this question Thank you

  15. I thoroughly enjoyed this! Thank you! I'd like to share an article about the good stress I have used in my lessons as a sort of discussion starter. Maybe someone will find it interesting or useful 🙂

    Get stressed, stay young

    For decades doctors have warned us about the dangers of stress and have given us advice about how to cut down our stress levels. Everyone agrees that long-term stress, for example having to look after someone who has a chronic illness, or stressful situations where there is nothing we can do, for example being stuck in a traffic jam, is bad for our health and should be avoided whenever possible. However, some medical experts now believe that certain kinds of stress may actually be good for us.

    Dr. Marios Kyriazis, an anti-aging expert, claims that what he calls "good stress" is beneficial to our health and may, in fact, help us stay young and attractive and even live longer. Dr. Kyriazis says that "good stress" can strengthen our natural defenses which protect us from illnesses common among older people, such as Alzheimer's, arthritis, and heart problems. He believes that "good stress" can increase the production of the proteins that help to repair the body's cells, including brain cells.

    According to Dr. Kyriazis, running for a bus or having to work to a deadline are examples of "good stress", that is situations with short-term, low or moderate stress. The stress usually makes us react quickly and efficiently, and gives us a sense of achievement — we did it! However, in both these situations, the stress damages the cells in our body or brain and they start to break down. But then the cells' own repair mechanism "switches on" and it produces proteins which repair the damaged cells and remove harmful chemicals that can gradually cause disease. In fact, the body's response is greater than is needed to repair the damage, so it actually makes the cells stronger than they were before.

    "As the body gets older, this self-repair mechanism of the cells starts to slow down," says Dr. Kyriazis. "The best way to keep the process working efficiently is to 'exercise' it, in the same way you would exercise your muscles to keep them strong. This means having a certain amount of stress in our lives." Other stressful activities that Kyriazis recommends as being good stress include redecorating a room in your house over a weekend, packing your suitcase in a hurry to reach the airport on time, shopping for a dinner party during your lunch break or programming your DVD or video recorder by following the instruction manual.

    So next time your boss tells you that she wants to see that report finished and on her desk in 45 minutes, don't panic; just think of it as "good stress" which will have benefits for your long-term health!

  16. here is a list of different kinds of symptoms stress can cause for anyone having difficulty in identifying theirs:

    Emotional symptoms of stress include:

    Becoming easily frustrated and moody

    Feeling overwhelmed, like you are losing control or need to take control

    Having difficulty relaxing

    Feeling bad about yourself (low self-esteem), lonely, worthless, and depressed

    Avoiding others

    Physical symptoms of stress include:

    Low energy


    Upset stomach, including diarrhea, constipation, and nausea

    Aches, pains, and tense muscles


    Loss of sexual desire and/or ability

    Cognitive symptoms of stress include:

    Constant worrying

    Racing thoughts

    Forgetfulness and disorganization

    Inability to focus

    Behavioral symptoms of stress include:

    Changes in appetite — either not eating or eating too much

    Avoiding responsibilities

    Increased use of alcohol, drugs, or cigarettes

    Exhibiting more nervous behaviors, such as nail biting, fidgeting, and pacing

  17. Had a bad job, worked a lot, was only happy with the money I made. Then I got into a situation where I was nearly manic and couldn’t calm myself down. I’m still on disability, and that was more than half a year ago.
    Stress can be an incredible motivator, and having the problems you want to solve can be great. But having problems you aren’t enthused about, or lots of problems overall, can be super bad. It’s a balance. A balance I’m learning to navigate.

  18. I get hives when too stressed out. I currently have had the hives for over 2 months on my hands are wrists like it has before but not as long. I've been trying to fight it off by doing something productive. None of the creams or lotions doctors have given me just don't work. I'm an adult with my narcissistic mother living with me. Sometimes I just want to pack up,get my dogs and leave but my health problems stop me. I'm afraid if I have to have one of the surgeries I need,my dogs won't have anyone. Thank you so much for your informative videos Katie!!! I have a few friends that watch your videos now too!!! Thanks for helping everyone!!!

  19. Ned saying: “No, I’m honoured. I’m so stressed” is such a mood. I cried laughing about it for a bit and watched that part a few times before continuing to watch the video😂

  20. General anxiety feels just like what you guys described. It is just constant no matter if life is easy at that moment or hard.

  21. Is there a difference between hormonal/chemical depression and environmental depression? Diagnosis or treatment? Is that even a thing?… Are there different types of depression? If you can get to this question thank you so much!

  22. I was so stressed last year I visited the hospital all the time with chest pain, headaches, sore body parts, abdomen pain, I woke up every 4 hours of sleep for 2 hours at least. I don't think it ever got better I just kind of adapted the ability to cope better.

  23. I have ADHD so some of this was just like same old same old
    but I did relate to some/find some relatable
    stress and someone who isn't neurotypical???? ayone?

  24. Thank you for all your videos Kati! For stress, I've actually found that it does not do a great job of helping me get things done faster. As a perfectionist, most things seem to take me longer then average, and I've often found that my stress just builds and builds… Unfortunately, a few traumatic events turned that into an eating disorder. So now when I don't feel like eating I know I'm too stressed. Yay!

  25. Hi kati! I wanted to ask you a question id greatly appreciate if u respond! I see alot of negative comments from the nay sayers and just wanted to know if cbt would be the right treatment for my generalized anxiety that started 3 months ago after a series of unfortunate events and i am now seeing a physcologist for it, prior to this i had mild deppression nothing crazy and some anxiety but it really got of hand since january ,i hate reading comments becuase it makes u lose any hope of getting better from all rhe negative people on here but i cant help it, so would u say cbt is appropriate for anxiety for someone like me who has never had any major life changing trauma and whos deppression is coming directly from his anxiety!?? Thank u so much!!

  26. I haven’t gone more than six weeks without getting sick in a year. My anxiety and stress are just too much to handle

  27. I get sick when works goes crazy. A few years ago i ended up with rubella..even though i had the vaccination as a kid.then when they did the blood test to confirm rubella..they told me i also had glandular fever….yay….. 🙂

  28. I actually do almost the same thing as Ned explains in this video. My stress WAITS until I'm not stressed out, THEN I get sick. It's happened with medical stuff like trying to find out why I have seizures (my neurologist here in my home town induced a seizure, sent me to an epilepsy center in Minneapolis, and I even TOLD the Dr. there, "when I'm stressed out you can't induce a seizure in me." When I got home the next day, all alone and decompressing, all heck broke loose, no record of it could be had! It stinks.), doing too much and then getting the runs when I FINALLY get a day off, or just like he said, catching the dreaded colds!

  29. Isn't living with different anxiety disorders 24/7 also stressful or is that something else? Is stress only 'life related' stuff, like people mention here; having a baby, moving into a new home, choosing to get a new job, many friends to hang out with, a lot of hobbies etc.? See, I don't understand many people who complain about stress while it involves their choices. I'm not saying their stress is not real, but at least it was a choice. Like, having a baby or moving into a new home; you know those things are the most demanding things in one's life so you can plan around it, get help, stop, and most importantly you can pinpoint what the cause of your stress is. I can/could not even do those things; and the few times I was forced to move or to change jobs, I was suicidal because I could not handle life at all. Now I survive day to day, hoping nothing breaks down in my house, no one rings the bells, no one phones me … it's a constant living on your tiptoes.

  30. About 1.5 years ago I got so stressed it spiked my blood pressure, and my stress level never had an opportunity to really drop so after 6 months I was put on blood pressure medication to get that down. Now my blood pressure is back to “normal”, albeit still a tad high at times, but I’ve still never had a chance to destress properly so I really need to take a break I think, because I haven’t been able to concentrate for 7 months.

  31. He doesn't seem like he's been close to the point of breaking at all lol. I'm extremely impressed considering the stuff he's done just within a single year.

  32. Fortunately work – for me – has never been a stress. I can perform in my work on whatever challenges coming my way. I wake up and go to work just out of enthusiasm and the dopamine reward of achieving stuff.

    All of my stress comes from worrying over and over on other things that didn't work out the way I have expected/hoped in Real Life. But on my profession, I can make anything happen – I'm in total control.

    So, work for me is like an escape from real world. I don't know if this is a healthy thing. Sometimes this has caused health problems. But now I'm learning to keep it on check.

  33. Mindful Eating and Mindful Walking are two techniques I incorporate into my daily life to manage stress.

    Before learning the early signs of burn-out, I used to "crash" a couple of times. It is a horrible thing to happen. I became unable to sleep or digest food. My stomach just shut down with indigestion, constipation, zero-appetite and finally vomiting. I was feeling extremely nauseated.

    I hope this wouldn't be happening again; now I know before things gets that bad.

  34. Would you talk about Scrupulosity OCD? My husband has dealt with it for years and I think it’s under acknowledged and a unique form of OCD.

  35. Thank you for the tips! I’m gonna try to schedule 1 hour of stress-free time off every day in the evening. I feel like I’m gonna break if I keep on like this, I have less than an hour of free time per week!

  36. there are too much things are happening in my life n hopelessness is killing me n consuming me 💔.. i gave up a long time ago n now i can’t feel anything but defeated n trapped. I can’t cope anymore. Idk what to do. I’ve never felt secure for as long as I remember n i have no clue how to save myself without hurting n bothering ppl or without being too negative n feeling needy or seeking attention 💔.. feeling weak n defeated is devastating. I can’t look fine in front of ppl anymore!

  37. I seriously needed to watch this video today. I knew I was stressed but I always keep pushing, hoping that if I push hard enough it will all work out. Nope. Time to take a break. My sick days exist for a reason. Okay, I need to breathe.

  38. Kati, there’s a typo (‘sign’ instead of ‘sing’) in the second from the last sentence in the paragraph in your description box.

  39. Great use of the green screen. In the other videos, I found myself watching the minute hand of your clock jump ahead after each edit lol. When stress starts to hit me hard, I either begin to get really agitated, or I gradually lose concentration. Perhaps it's my brain's way of filtering out the chaos. I had a nervous breakdown a few years ago, went to the hospital, started therapy, began medication and pretty much became a completely different person literally overnight. Watching your videos helps a lot Kati. Once I master my coping skills, I hope to one day feel alive again.

  40. Im 27 my mother was a drug dealer who treated my sister and I like shit letting her friends and boyfriends hit us shoving soap down our throat if we said a small "curse word" like damn she even reversed the door knob on our bedroom door so she could lock us in our room when i was 5 my dad got custody of us but acted more like a brother than a father he still gave us to our mother on the weekends we had fun and i thought she had changed but would call me and ask for stuff like my ssn and when i said ill ask my dad she would hang up my grandparents raised me and gave me everything i wanted even my sister father and i our own house which led to my fathers string of abusive girlfriends one of which had cps checking on her constantly and when she saw my anger tried to have them make a file on me but when i tried to talk about my feelings to my grandparents they would literally walk away i was diagnosed with epilepsy at 16 my high school kicked me out and told me it was because i only had 5 credits but a friend stayed til he was 19 with none so i think they were afraid i would scare the other students if i had a seizure at school so i was released I have alot of friends that stuck by me from school but never a girlfriend because I've been obese my entire life relationships with the opposite sex was and still is hard most the girls i know are friends ex's and the single girls i did know were afraid i would seize up if we had sex which nowadays is needed before you start a relationship so I've only kissed 3 girls even though from 17-23 my dad left with one of his hoes so my sister and i had our own house that we had parties at every weekend with alot of drugs and alchol being used my sister left when i was 21 and the parties ended when my father moved back in ive only had two jobs because of the epilepsy one because my grandmother worked there for 20 years and the other felt sorry for me i couldnt even get my drivers permit until last march my life has felt like a prison for the past 11 years and i hope therapy will help the whole not having a girlfriend thing is really bothering me i could care less about being a virgin at this point i would rather it to someone i care about with someone i know and like rather than an intoxicated one night stand but seeing people in relationships makes me happy/bitter/sad because i feel like ill never have it there is a female friend i have that i really like who's very sympathetic towards what I'm going through i really would like her to know about these feelings but im afraid i will scare her off I'm hoping dear man will keep us together if she doesn't feel the same way it will hurt if ahe doesnt but i still would love to keep her as a friend please help

  41. Can we discuss the difference between anxiety and stress? Is it like a stress continuum with no stress on one end and the high end being anxiety or are they separate processes?

  42. Kati Morgan FAQ:There are some movies and music videos that I want to watch but I can't bring myself to, other ones I jump at the chance. Eventually I come around and watch the movies but why can't I bring myself to do it right away?

    I asked my therapist, she smiles at me but always ignores my question. I'm desperate to understand why I do this. #KatiFAQ

  43. Hey Kati! I know you’ve touched on situations where a therapist might become attached to a client, but I was wondering if you’ve ever experienced a client becoming unhealthily attached to therapy? Also, have you ever had a client who you felt didn’t need to attend therapy? Lastly, who makes the decision to end weekly sessions after progress has been made, the therapist or the client?

  44. Hey Katie! I've been dealing with a type of existential depression related to the hopelessness of climate change. Only a few papers have been published around this subject and they offer little help. Do you know of any therapy techniques to help people like me deal with, or at least be at peace with, the impending and unstoppable loss of everything? (Sorry, this one's not an easy question). I love your videos and admire the hard work you do 🙂

  45. Kati this was super helpful, I wish I watched this a few days ago when I had a break down lol. I really like this video. so there a lot of things that create stress for me, I am doing a lot of things all at once. I am trying to train my self not to multitask. Thank you for doing what you do and thanks for caring.

  46. I always notice that I start biting my nails when I get stressed. When the stress kind of settles in, I realize I get more tensed up and my voice gets sharp.

    The benefits of stress for me – it actually motivates me to get things done, and helps me focus a bit more instead of scrolling on my phone/on youtube xD

    The downside to stress is that I’m very agitated and I won’t eat until I finish a certain amount of my work.

    Something that helps me is writing down what I need to do – this can reduce my stress and it also helps to just let my thoughts spread onto the paper so I don’t have to think about it.

  47. I totally disagree about needing stress to get out of bed. I easily get out of bed when I'm excited to do something or spend time with someone I like. If I don't have something pressing to do, I usually have something I really want to get up and do.

  48. Hi Kati! Could you make a video on signs you might be a good therapist/should pursue getting licensed in counseling? I’m really considering this as a career path and I’d love some insight from you!❤️

  49. I loved the little clip of the cartoon of you guys! I would love to see more videos on the cartoon form! so engaging!

  50. Is there any name for the feeling of being constently stressed ( like 24/7 ) because i'm always stressed about everything and some nights i just sit in my bed trying to calm myself becajse im so scared of falling apart oH WOW that went dark quickly.. anyone can answer?

  51. The symptom I notice the most when I'm stressed is my body being tense and almost like im flexing my whole body without realizing it. I need to get better at recognizing my stress. But as a university student, i'm not sure if that ever goes away completely. I do notice quite a difference in the summer when I only work upto 8 hours a day, and go home and relax without 'homework'. I wish I could achieve this when I was in school.
    I wonder if a video about stress relief in a climate like -50 degree chicago polar vortex. Taking a walk isn't always the most practical, or warm.

  52. When situations at work overwhelm me and I am totally stressed my thoughts immediately to go quitting my job and killing myself when I run out of money. That looks really bad in writing but it happens and I don't know how to make it stop. My doctor just says, "I don't think you are going to kill yourself". He may be right but I sometimes wonder how he can be so sure.

  53. When I'm stressed.. actually for the last two days.. I start feeling on edge all the time, I'm irritable, I travel to the past and the future and can't stay in the moment, I get anxiety, panic attacks, nausea, I can't eat, I can't concentrate at all and every little thing I have to do becomes overwhelming so I cry a lot..

  54. Well for me if I have sometime for school due obviously I get stress out and that’s what makes me do the assignment and then in the end I feel relief and accomplish it is over. So is like 50/50 good and bad.

  55. When stressed like now, I feel nauseous, constant tiredness, lethargic, detached, headache, too many thoughts, lack focus, cant sleep, nightmares, talking is hard words come out wrong, anger easily

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