Is Vegan ‘Meat’ Really Healthy?

I’m trying to quit cold turkey. Hey there meat wads, Julian here for DNews. For many of us in the United States, Thanksgiving
means putting up with our relatives long enough to grab some of that sweet, sweet turkey and
honey glazed ham. But for someone who has dietary restrictions
or objections to eating animals, even that simple holiday pleasure is denied. Unless of course, they replace it with a turkey
made of tofu (a tofurky) or a ham made of some sort of meat analogue (a hamalogue). On a nutritional level though, do these meat
substitutes have the chops to replace the real thing? It’s hard to pin down exactly how healthy
meat analogues are because there are quite a few ways to skin a cat… or cow… or tofurkey. There’s risofu made of rice, tempeh made
of soy, and a wheat-gluten product called seitan, so yes, some vegetarian dishes are
literally the spawn of seitan. But the one most familiar to non-vegetarians
is tofu, made from coagulated soy milk that’s pressed into blocks. For nutritional value, tofu and meat can trade
punches all day long. Meat is the muscle tissue of an animal and
contains a lot more protein than tofu. According to the United States Department
of Agriculture, gram for gram 80% lean ground beef has more than double the protein of tofu,
while chicken contains over triple the protein. On the other hand, both those meats have nearly
triple the fat as tofu, and processed meats like sausage have way more fat, sometimes
even more fat than protein. Plus tofu’s fat is mostly unsaturated, which
is better for lowering cholesterol. Your body can happily use tofu to make proteins
because tofu contains the 9 essential amino acids you can’t make on your own, but there
are some things faux meat can’t do as well as the real thing. For instance, tofu is higher in iron than
chicken, but the iron in chicken and other meat is bundled up in heme, aka the red pigment
in your blood that binds to oxygen and gives hemoglobin its name. I think it goes without saying that plants
don’t have blood, so the iron in tofu is nonheme and isn’t as easily used. To get the most iron out of non-meat sources,
it’s necessary to supplement them with vitamin C, which combines with the iron in a form
your body more readily absorbs. Speaking of vitamins, a meat-free diet makes
it really difficult to get enough vitamin B12, so if you’re eating tofurky or the
Ham of Seitan you’ll need a way to supplement it. A B12 deficiency can have a host of symptoms
like tiredness, numbness, tingling, vision loss, constipation, and diarrhea (though obviously
not at the same time for those last two). A vegetarian won’t necessarily have to worry
about that because B12 is still present in eggs and dairy products but vegans eat absolutely
no animal products. There are dairy substitutes like soy or almond
milk but they’re still missing that essential vitamin unless they’re fortified with it. As long as they’re careful about filling
in the gaps of a meat-free diet, vegetarians and vegans should be able to feast with their
carnivorous relatives and still have a balanced diet. One day though, there may be meat that’s
completely cruelty free because it was grown in a petri dish, eliminating the need for
the president to pardon a turkey ever again. Now whether or not vegetarians and vegans
will accept these meat clones because of their “unnatural” nature is another matter altogether. So you’re body can get along just fine without
the real meat but your tastebuds know the difference. Unless we can trick them! To find out more about meatless meat, check
out Seeker Stories video right there. Have you tried the faux fowl or would you
rather talk and eat real turkey? Let us know in the comments, subscribe for
more and I will see you all next time on DNews. Happy Thanksgiving!

100 thoughts on “Is Vegan ‘Meat’ Really Healthy?

  1. "According to the United States of agriculture" of course they're going to say meat has more protein than plants…

  2. Just watch What the Health on Netflix people, I've eaten meat all my life but the epiphany on a screen has got me ready and determined to make the transition. There are just too many lies when it comes to companies and our health.Your body,the earth, and the animals will thank you.

  3. Plants don't have blood? Really? I thought plants were alive according to all the carnivores…btw that chicken looks soooo appetizing.NOT

  4. Tofu is actually what's called an anti nutrient it's a processed food that not only is unhealthy for men being a soy product but actually unhealthy for women also being an anti nutrient that blocks other nutrients from getting into your cells. I really enjoy tofu if it's made good but it's one step above junk food at best

  5. What i don't understand is that while vegans reject eating meat and other animal products, why call those tofu substitutes vegan 'meat' as meat, really, do you want to eat meat or not.

  6. It comes with other deficiencies, including zinc deficiency.
    Also, most consumed soy is unfermented so it contains isoflavones which mimic estrogen effects and thus decrease fertility in both men and women who consume it

  7. i have no problem with veganism and vegetarianism. But i dont get how some vegan/veggie products are healthier when they are loaded with sodium, fat, calories, and saturated fat and not all people can have soy due to allergies and digestive issues. They are just as $$$ as meat products too.

  8. If we don't eat the meat then some animals might over populate and then cause overcrowding and cause sickness because of so much animals we have to understand that sometime we have to kill animals to live because if we don't we end up dying so its the choice if you wan't to live and this type of meat may not be the healthiest and may cause problems to your body cause through recent years their have been studies showing that artificial foods are unhealthy.

  9. u dont need that much protein + there are plenty of other foods that give the protein your body needs per day.

    meat kills the planet due to gases

    hmm i wonder which 1 is better

    also lab grown meat is gross. another way to put more shit into your body that's bad for you. addicted to meat

  10. Humans evolved to eat meat and vegetation. If eating just vegetables was more healthy we would have evolved as herbivores. Survival of the fittest.

  11. Allow me to explain this,I hope you understand

    Consider your consciousness to be a software(a complex one)…now imagine that when you eat another organism,it's essentially like your software trying to overwrite the other software…..considering that plant life is much simpler(relatively speaking)….its easier for your system to deal with it

    Then there is the fact that eating meat is classified as a compulsive behaviour, simply put, it's animalistic nature…. We humans need to live up to our reputation

    Let's stop eating meat, not as an individual but a species and show every other bastard in the universe that WE HUMANS are counted among the CONSCIOUS ONES and not the COMPULSIVE ONES

  12. Really? Wow lol you mean to tell me a direct source of all nutrition is bad for you but second had is better? What happened to this channel? That's why Gorillas are malnourished no vitamins right lol? You doing have to be vegan to understand how moronic this video sounds. It was only a matter of time before this channel showed its incompetence. Unsubscribed!

  13. never quit cold turkey!!!! real meat > artificial wanna-be meat. Plants were meant to be plants. Meats were meant to in a burger!!!

  14. I quit animal products cold turkey and what helped me is adding is process vegan food like vegan hamburgers. 20-40 percent of the calories I consume are process. My goal is to cut them all out. It made going vegan easy though for sure.

  15. Heme iron is actually absorbed in a way that our bodies cannot rid itself of excess unlike non-heme iron, and is why heme iron is associated with higher risk of cancer heart disease and diabetes.

  16. Im vegan and unless is something home made I stay away from vegan "meat" all processed shit is bad for you no matter if its vegetarian or animal. Being vegan should not only be about leaving animal products but also being more self sufficient, changing the planet one bite at a time. (Tempeh is excellent for health)

  17. We do not become vegan or vegetarian becoz of th meat beingcloned or not, it doesnt matter as for me im a vegan becoz i grew up without meat. I already would throw up smelling meat so it doesnt matter.

    Those who became vegan due to animal cruelty for sure tgey would hypocrites

  18. No one ever claimed fake meats to be healthy but I can assure you it's better for us than eating real meat. As for the B12 (which is the only supplement you need to take if you eat a healthy balanced plant based diet) and that’s not just vegans though – most people need that as a supplement. But we even feed the animals we later on eat B12 as a supplement. Early humans received plenty of B12 from the good quality (cobalt-rich) soil that was yet to be intensively farmed and drained of nutrients, and because they drank dirty ("natural") water from rivers which also contained B12 and B12 producing bacteria. Most factory-farmed animals are kept indoors and never even see soil during their lifetimes, so would certainly be deficient without supplementation. These horrible artificial conditions make the "vegan diet is unnatural" argument seem somewhat ironic. In fact, around 95% of all B12 supplements manufactured are actually given to farmed animals.

  19. Ever heard of seitan? That's our 'beef', it covers protein needs easily. Tofu is good as long as it's firm tofu, more protein there. Don't forget nuts and seeds and oils, good sources of protein and fats, some more than others.

  20. Assuming this dude eats meat, anyone else find it hilarious that with his frame, a strong wind could blow him over? No disrespect intended. =)

  21. Why vegans wanna make this imaginary meats , and shit. If you walk away from the meat game why make this silly substitutes ?? It doesn't make sense to say vegab bacon? Why? are you stay craving real bacon? Eat fruits veggies embrace this shit not just ohh soy meat what the dumb

  22. Tofu literally has the exact same protein content as 80% lean beef, going by calories. Both contain 40% protein, tofu just has higher water content. Most of the stuff in this video is false/exaggerated.

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    Meat substitutes are meatless food that has approximately the same taste, appearance, and texture of a related food made from meat, poultry, fish or shellfish. The main source used in formulation of meat substitutes are plant proteins such as glutens and globulins.

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  24. Yes, but animal bodies is not the protein needed to be in the human body. It's a different type of protein but it's a multibillion industry so they give alot of lies & brainwashing.

  25. MISINFORMATION spread to the public is WRONG. Discovery has been paid by the Meat Lobby and that is WRONG too

  26. The problem with vegan meat is that a lot of it has suspect ingredients and is more processed than even the cheapest burgers and far more than organic grass fed meat. It is basically the meat version of real butter vs " I can't believe its not butter." And if you eat a reasonable amount of meat the cholesterol will not be too high.

  27. How to eat a balanced diet for cheap:
    1. Eat peas, beans or lentils with every meal, as a main protein source.
    2. Take a multivitamin once a day, with a meal. This usually has your full daily intake of every vitamin including B12.
    3. The rest of your calories can be mostly junk food if you want. You earned it 🙂

  28. B12 B12 B12 B12, sick of hearing that. 13 years vegan and never came low in B12 on lab tests, also never tried to supplement B12. Just stop saying that nonsense please. Pick something else to whine about. Considering as a country we have a tons and tons of health problems and diseases in our population, why not stop preaching what we think is healthy and start eating what other people eat to be healthy like Tofu. We are not at a position to preach what is healthy for everyone, let's get our obesity, cancer, diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Heart disease numbers down before lecturing others. Just plain old common sense.

  29. There’s a few drinks I get that say they have B12. I wonder if the amount one would get from having 1-2 of those drinks a day would be sufficient.

  30. I'm vegan. I got my B12 and iron tested and both were in the normal range. And blood proteins (albumin and glubulin) were normal too. Don't let people scare you with deficiencies.

  31. Chlorophyll conversation into human heme is surpasses any animal meat // a teaspoon of algae has 115% b12 and more .

  32. I went vegetarian and started eating more nuts, beans, fruits, ect. and taking vitamin supplements daily. im 24, and after years of drug and alcohol abuse, i feel like im 14 again.

  33. I think there is a misconception here. Veganism CAN And IS unhealthy if you consume these chemical “meat and cheese” substitutes. PLANT BASED is when you eat raw/cooked fruits and veggies and nuts and make substitutes using these whole plant based ingredients or at least trying to limit your intake on these commercial/chemical “vegan” products. I’m “vegan” but I like to be called plant based. I see so many large corporation taking control of “vegans” and trying to gain profit off of them. I was one of them. Until I found out how my body became more sick from relying on these chemical substitutes too much. Btw, Bill Gates, the man who now wants to put a geo-engineered chemical cloud up in our atmosphere to “stop” global warming, owns a big stake in the Beyond Meat Co. So does Tyson Chicken…. they own a 6% share in the company which is a lot in the scheme of things since beyond meat is really being marketed now and is taking off…. you’re still paying for slaughter. You’re still paying for something made in a lab. Grow your own food. Make your own food. Do your own research and find what’s the best option for you.

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