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  1. What camera are you using? And are you really allowed to vlog in your school? If not, how are you hiding it? hahaha sorry for mant questions. 🙂

  2. in Emgland we usually do a different sport each PE lesson lol.. or we'll have a month of the same lessons.
    But I don't think we ever had a whole term of one lesson 🤔 but my memory is also deal so 😂😂😂

  3. thing I find weird the most is that the teachers don't even seem to care that she recording the class instead of working with them 😅

  4. in our school we run a lot of time
    sometimes one hour,and the girls 're so dangerous when they practise the basketball or the football they're like the boys
    when I practise the sport I feel like the hell because it's not a girl school we practises like the boys 😢😢😢I hope that I can study in Japan

  5. I want to go to Japan I'm learning to speak Japanese but my school requires is to learn Spanish but I don't know in Spanish in Japanese

  6. what is this where is the anime PE uniform lol u crushed my dreams xD nice video keep up the great work 🙂

  7. lol im new here in your channel … lol way more different than in German (now ima watching the old video )

  8. How many hour usually for P.E class at japan school? my school only have 1 hour….. changing clothes ,go to outside field and so on takes 40 minutes, play only 10 minutes zzz

  9. Heh forget soccer, Basketball, and tennis i'd rather play dodgeball. the only reason why is because its the only time I can throw a ball at someone without getting in trouble

  10. I wish my PE class was like that! In eighth grade I didn't even do PE because I got bullied SO much and I have bad anxiety.

  11. I really watched all of your videos in japan. It's so good and fun to watch. I'm sick but still continued watching all of it lol. Your classmates really inspired me and they're so friendly. And my favorite is Saya. Is her name Arai Saya? She is so cute and funny. And she looks so happy all the time. Btw im not a pervert 😂 i just liked her personality and made me happy while watching. Thanks and keep uploading vids ✌️✌️

  12. In our school we used to do cheerleading as an exercise and most of the class would groan but I was happy because I used to dream of being a cheerleader, now I'm some crazy anime fan who runs in circles and screams at my friends all day-

  13. ?? How come you don't (seem) have to participate? Also like in the other video when they were having exams???

  14. These girls are so much more active than the girls in my class😂
    I swear, everytime we do P.E, the teacher sleeps somewhere in the background, while the girls are sitting on the grass just chilling and talking

  15. Yeah so I'm one of the few guys who doesn't really enjoy sports. I really don't have a boner for winning during a fucking basketball match, nope. One aspect that makes me laugh is the overly competitive twits who either suck up to the teacher too much or hardcore play to win. Nah, fuck that shit. But I absolutely love the gym and running, as a matter of fact I actively take part in both school and outdoor marathons, but I really do not enjoy sports such as basketball and soccer. My favorite is probably tennis or badminton. Tag rugby was pretty fun at times too. But that's as far as I can enjoy. I'm introverted by nature and have slower reactions during team-based activities so that's probably why I dislike PE classes. All we do is play basketball rounds after rounds and my teacher doesn't really give a fuck anyway, so I skip that shit on occasion without MC. Meh, college life for ya

  16. i'm just wondering, you don't have to be on PE classes? Or did you just ask to film one PE lesson. Is there like some classes you don't have to be on? anyways love u

  17. I feel like I would actually enjoy p.e if it was more fun like this instead of just weight lifting etc like it is at my school. They all seem to get along, I feel like in North America we always switch classes with different people and don't really get along or play like these girls do!!!!!!!!💖💖

  18. Japanese pe sessions are so cool. At my school , girls and boys play together and the sports are decided for month .for example : we can play football , basketball, handball ,athletics,volleyball .

  19. My school P.E. we play different sports everyweek, It's really fun! Last week was Touch this week it's Playing with a Frisbee😂

  20. Hello everyone. It is a nice experience if you can join an exchange programme. Thanks for Euodias who has filmed all of these videos. Greeting from Indonesia.

  21. naw fam. we Americans gotta teach them football, kickball, vollyball, sharks and meadows, capture the flag, dogeball, etc.

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