Joe Manganiello’s Fitness Tips

– As a kid I was
always a great athlete. I was the Captain
of my football, basketball, volleyball teams
growing up in high school. My entire football team had to line up in hallway
and one by one we all had to approach a dip bar and do as many dips as we could and being the captain of the team I thought I got this. And the fact was that
I couldn’t do one dip. I couldn’t do one pull up. I was not even anywhere near the
middle or the bottom, I was dead last. And it was embarrassing and it was that failure that really ignited this, this yearning
inside of me to grow and to evolve and
become stronger. And I’ve spent
the past 25 years, past two thirds of
my life searching out the best trainers on the planet, the best methods on the planet. I did this completely
naturally no steroids, no human growth hormones. I was not born genetically
to put on muscle. I was cursed with long limbs. But somehow I found
a way to do it. And the thing about it is I
haven’t done everything right. The only thing I did do right
is that I never gave up. And I always kept searching. When I was first approached by Simon and Schuster to
write a cutting edge book on men’s fitness
I happened to be on set shooting a movie with
my childhood idol Arnold. So we started
talking about my book and what it was going to entail, and what it was going to say. And Arnold was
completely behind it 100% and was really excited for
me to get that word out and that philosophy out because it is very
similar to his. I think that people
are misinformed and I think that they
don’t know what to believe. And there’s so much
misinformation out there in the fitness world and
it was important to me to tell the truth because
I don’t make my living through fitness. I don’t need to sell
some gimmicky program to make money I’m here to
tell the truth of what works. And what’s in this book works. And I wish I had this book
when I was in high school. So anybody who’s starting
out doesn’t know their way around a gym this
book’s perfect for you. This book is also perfect
for the guy who works out a lot who’s either an
intermediate or an advanced. These are the workouts, the exact first six weeks that I used to get in
shape for True Blood to take my training
from good to great. This book isn’t about
getting in better shape. It’s about getting in the best shape
you’ve ever been in. Look at this book, look at me and understand that I didn’t have it easy. And I eliminated all the
excuses and just know that if I can do it, you can do it, anything’s possible. (upbeat music)

35 thoughts on “Joe Manganiello’s Fitness Tips

  1. "It was that failure that really ignited this yearning inside of me to grow and to evolve and to become stronger." – Joe Manganiello

  2. Long limbs is a blessing and combined with muscle you look fantastic Joe. It just goes to show you never overlook the skinny dorky kid, he may grow up to look like Joe Mangianello! ;D

  3. "Cursed with long limbs" and "sought out the best trainers", with both of those comments, a little bit of respect died

  4. Does it take into account the greatly differing characteristics of individual people, though? Generalizations sound great, don't get me wrong they're inspirational. But what mpact does it have in the real world?

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