Kamala Harris’ Health Care Plan Makes No Sense


100 thoughts on “Kamala Harris’ Health Care Plan Makes No Sense

  1. She flip-flops way too much and as president I’m afraid she would do the same don’t like a plan Bernie Sanders 2020

  2. I say we bring all those jobs home from Communist China and give all the new businesses that will pop up tax breaks for group plans, When America was wealthy and had no deficit all employers automatically provided health and dental and prescriptions were dirt cheap.. Our healthcare was second to none, Government will cut costs and you'll die waiting for treatment if you have cancer, Look at tri care in the military its total bullshit and some wind up just paying for it themselves, THE GOVERNMENT COULD CARE LESS ABOUT YOU

  3. Why is US America making health care coverage so difficult. Here we have a catalogue of health related services, medicament and procedures defined by the state. Private health insurance companies can adjust their premiums to cover the cost of this basic insurance (it excludes dental, optical, complementary medicine but includes pregnancy, birth and abortion!!!). Insurance companies have to offer the basic health insurance if they want to sell other policies for private health insurance, complementary medicine etc. (Greetings from the "Socialist Republic of Switzerland")

  4. with KAMALA's PLAN .. we will still have the GOOD the BAD and the UGLY .. WTF .. IS KAMALA INCOMPETENT OR WHAT

  5. Keeping privatize insurance insures that the rich get priority care based off money. It's about keeping the privileged class going. It's supposed to be a carrot to succeed. Alot different concepts going. We got the basic carrot and stick for motivation. Combined with falling in line to a imaginary hierarchy based off who seems the most powerful.

  6. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahhahahahhahahahahhaha, that's sounds about right. It's a shatter shot bill. Trying to please everyone.

  7. How would it work? Just look at the UK system or almost any other European approach! It ain't that difficult to figure out several different ways of doing this!

  8. Trump is pushing a racial division agenda.. He uses the same line all the time… "I'm not racist because he created jobs for blacks " so he feels he can say and do whatever he wants just because of that… He is racist towards blacks.. Every chance he gets he attacks by singling out only minorities on twitter using language like stupid, low IQ, and infested… Telling people to go back to where they came from is classic elementary school racism. This mess is exhausting.. The Presid… Im mean this dude trump has lost it.. he talks about how much he loves America well if that was true he wouldnt attack the very things that make America, America. Trump loves Trump and if you don't love trump then you hate America according to him.. Dude is cool with all our enemies and hates all of our allies.. A
    He's ass backwards. Exhausting!!

  9. I'm sure you mean US citizens, if not, which Americans, North America or South America both are separate continents with many countries inside of each continent! Categorizing the USA as America is dismissive of other countries which are geographically Americans as well💯%. If another country is on the continent of North/ South America, they are Americans as well 👍. If you mean USA, then say US citizens 🇱🇷! Geography matters!!!


  11. Here in Canada, universal medicare started fully in 1966. It was a joint effort between, essentially three parties. The NDP (social democrats…they started the ball rolling in 1961) the Liberals, (middle of the road) and yes, the Conservative right wing government. The bill was passed whereby the federal government pays 50% of the bill and the provinces pay the other half. It was not an overnight process. The system is not without it's problems, but for the most part, it works very well up here, thanks. Our system is just as good (in some ways, superior…), and it costs LESS than the American system. Now how is that?

  12. No demonrats plans make sense. Look at the liberal cities . homeless rat infested. Even Bernie called Baltimore a third world nation. WAKE UP!

  13. What Ms. Harris wants to do is to tell the people what they want to hear as well as tell the Insurance and Health Care Industry what they want to hear……..That kind of jive is how you get elected POTUS and maintain the status quo so the big donors don't get nervous.

  14. Lets just openly agree to all vote Bernie. Kamala seems nice. Any other election we should give her and all other candidates our full attention. But this time its Bernie vs. Trump. We split the ticket last time and look what happened. We can openly agree on a candidate before we vote. The red team has.

  15. The Dems need to pare down to lean and mean. Warren, Sanders and Biden. This is enough diversity and lets them get on with their mandate.

  16. Kamala thinks that we should allow just one cockroach in the kitchen. She believes they will self regulate and never try to take over the entire house.

    If anything deserves the label of infestation , its the American health insurance industry.

  17. Kamila's plan is basically Obama's plan, which is basically Biden's plan, which has nothing to do with medicare for all, they're just going to try to call it that because they think their voters are morons… and if they believe them, their voters are morons… The reason 'you'll get to keep your doctors' isn't being used is because Obama used it, and failed to keep the promise. But, he did run on a medicare for all system. That's not what he implemented… but that's what he was pushing to the voters. Any actual medicare for all system, by it's very definition, will allow anyone to keep their doctors, by default.

  18. Yall (ws) dont like Trump cause he exposes the majority for what you all are theives, rapists, murderers, slaveholders, jim crowers, etc. Yall are ESAU!

  19. Private health insurance is basically legalized extortion. Anyone who is for private insurance companies supports legalized extortion.

  20. As you know, in Canada we have single payer but we also have some private insurance through our jobs. We have private insurance through some jobs that will cover things like dental, physio, massage therapy. Blue Cross and other insurance companies do quite well in Canada by selling insurance to employers to offer to their employees. We call it 'extended health' benefits

  21. Medicare for all works. I reside in a country that has such a system and if the person wants private health care, they pay more. Its sad to see the "strongest/best" country in world that can't or won't look after its citizens.

  22. Privatization via subsidy has been the GOP plan for 20 years. This plan is ridiculous. Christ, we'll never end up with M4A. idiots. She should just support public option and stop trying to dismantle Medicare.

    Repeal and Replace — with Single Payer.

  23. I think of all people she’s sent to jail and prison for non violent drug offenses like having weed, and say FUCK HER.

  24. Oh my lord I have been doing a little research on Americas healthcare system and it's shocking how crap it is. It is really quite disgusting that America chose this system. It is just mind blowing to me how a country with so much money would choose such a system for it's people.

  25. Election season is now a formality. FOX news has now declared it a match between Harris and Warren. Last person in the room turn off the lights.

  26. I've worked in healthcare and Medicare advantages plans are no good. I had a patient stop treatment because it was going to cost $8 to $12k a yr for her treatment. She quit treatment and died. This should not be a determining factor on whether you seek or continue healthcare. These programs are still run by big insurance FOR PROFIT companies.

  27. Kamala Harris is corporate scum at the worst level. Why did she call off the investigation of One West and stevie mnuchin when she had the opportunity to take his ass out?

  28. I don't know why you are fussing about retaining health insurance…. the countries that have health services free for all allow private hospitals and private treatment if you want to pay for a faster service/more luxury for your care.

  29. Total govt. health care means the same level health care for everyone.

    The only problem is, it is bad health care.

    This is what the left want, everyone to have bad health care.

  30. No one is going to miss an insurance company. I don't care how anyone spins it, it is a lie. Paying thousands of dollars in the hope of maybe covering a doctor visit or medical procedure is ludicrous. Paying a few hundred more in taxes with guaranteed coverage makes sense. If you have some odd fixation where you want to worry about something, read up on extreme climate related events. That shit is horrifying.

  31. Kamala Harris's new healthcare plan has got nothing to do with healthcare. She needs to send a signal to the DNC that she's ready to tow the party line when it's time to replace Joe Biden as the Democratic front runner. Joe Biden's expiry date is coming sooner than expected.

  32. Donald Trump ?Hitler 😬🐣🐣🐣🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒👺👺👺👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  33. Harris doesn't want to upset her corporate donors I guess. Proving again that only Elizabeth Warren, or better yet, Bernie Sanders, are the best choices for Americas future.

  34. Medicare for all and private health insurance are not mutually exclusive. We have both in Australia, and it’s working extremely well.

    I have government-funded healthcare, but I won’t give up my private health insurance – which covers optical, dental, cosmetics, private hospital admissions and private specialist clinic attendance, etc.

    In Australia, everyone has govt-funded Medicare. So, no one gets left out, everyone is covered and no one goes bankrupt for falling ill.

    In the public hospital or clinic, you see whichever specialist is available, and are covered by public Medicare. When I want to see a specialist of my choice, I go to a private hospital/clinic and my private health insurance covers that, and it is not expensive.

    As for General Practitioners, my entire family sees the same GP every time, and we just book an appointment, same day, or within 24-48hrs (depending on appointment availability) and pay nothing out-of-pocket (covered by public Medicare). If an emergency, I go to the ER and also pay nothing.

    Your healthcare is expensive because of unfettered corporate greed and runaway extreme capitalism. You need to fix that, instead of banning private health insurance.

    You guys should do more research instead of being so narrow-minded on Medicare for all. Jeeeeez!

  35. Bernie Sanders 2020 – Medicare For All – the real deal – a simple plan – everybody gets full medical coverage – everybody pays a fair share
    Kamala Harris not supporting the simple M4A plan shows she is pandering to ignorance instead of trying to educate the public on the best plan That is not leadership..

  36. It sounds simple to me. If u have private heath insurance and want it I keep it. All others Medicare for all wankas

  37. Single Payer (Med4All) instead of Multi-payer (Current Private System).
    Under multi-payer system the payer(insurance company) dictates who the patient can see.
    Example: If you – bleeding from the head and unconscious – are taken to the nearest treatment facility (that just happens to be 'out of network') then you're SOL. But under single payer it doesn't matter, because the SINGLE PAYER pays no matter where you go for treatment. The 'network' is the entire country. That's not difficult to grasp, except in the U.S. because our 'media' is too busy fear mongering about the 'cost' of such a system rather than actually explaining what it is. No more headaches and worries over medical bills, or where you can go for treatment. Plus it's cheaper than what we have now – by trillions of dollars. What's not to like about that?

  38. The problem for Harris and the other darlings is that they need to make themselves look different from Sanders in some way, and since Bernie's plans go all the way their proposals all seem painfully generic; they hope to spin that generic nature as "more sensible" and palatable for the mainstream. The next problem is the actual mainstream is on board with the Sanders proposal. Bottom line is, Bernie is the man for the job at this moment in time. All others are half measures.

  39. The reason Canada's health care plan costs 1/2 as much is that there are no middlemen, the private insurers. There is a single payer, with single electronic format. In the US every insurer wants different info.

  40. Harris: It's like Public Schools and Private Schools. One that is very under funded by the government, falling apart with mold, has poisonous water, but it's free while Private schools get most of the money from the government, maintained 100%, healthy food and drinks, but you have to pay for it.

  41. She goes back and forth 2 much for me At the debate she said she was opposed to tphi. And b4 that she was and b4 that she wasn't.

  42. And dems r going to lose with all this medicare 4 all, student debt forgiveness, open borders, etc. And only taking what 1/25th of a percent from rich ppl after their 1st 100 mil..Trying to get the milennial vote, the rich vote, the hispanic vote. And the hispanic vote who can figure these ppl. out. 30 percent voted for trump, while he called mexican rapists. Like trump and ice can tell a guatemalian from a mexican. Anyway the dems Trying to plz everybody usually pleases no one. I am.on my hands and knees praying for the opposite but I believe it's gonna be trump 2020. Let's just hope he leaves after his 2nd term and doesn't put his son in law or 1 of his children in office, who he then pupeeteers, with Putin pupeteering him. Smdh. And is it alarming that I am not even pissed off anymore or so it seems? I live in the city work in the burbs (trump ppl.) I use to lose it, forehead vein popping arguing with these ppl. working class voting against their economic interests (has anyone seen the price of food? no one is talking abt it.) lord hear my prayers..Anyone but trump in 2020.


  44. as great as medicare for all is, there is some legitimacy to the view that we not only should control the cost of insurance but the cost of the medical care itself. why are the other countries with socialized medicine able to pay less for their doctors, hospitals, and medicines? could it be that their government and their laws make it so that the insurance industry, healthcare industry, and drug companies can't bribe…sorry "lobby" their politicians? pretty sure that needs to be fixed just as importantly.

  45. That’s what I have been telling u all. Elizabeth all the way home # 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊 100% solid.

  46. You young hosts have no clue how Medicare even works. Currently, Medicare only pays 80% of the contracted fee to the provider. Private health care companies sell supplemental (gap insurance) insurance policies to cover the remaining 20%. Medicare also allows private health insurance companies to offer Medicare Advantage Plans which is very similar to "Original Medicare" in scope and detail of coverage and fees, but they cover only 80% with no option to add a supplement policy. Medicare is great health insurance, but it is not free. With that said, I only pay about 33% of what I did for employer provided healthcare.

  47. Kamala’s plan is bullshit, you can’t get rid of private premiums, copays and deductibles with just a tax on Wall Street. Bernie is being honest – the taxes raised are less than what they don’t have to pay in premiums, deductibles and copays anymore. And Elizabeth Warren might as well have her photo on a milk carton for this fight about health care, just like 2016. Thanks, Liz.

  48. Trump don’t even have a plan give me a break. I don’t see you pressing warren on her Medicare for all. We need to stop listening to the media period

  49. Man, don't dance around her plan! She is propping up her corporate donors to give them a windfall through the Medicare Part B policies. That Is Not Medicare For All!! She is Not getting my vote. She is corrupted and a phony forked tongue opportunist.

  50. Harris is just another Wall Street owned Democrat who is peddling the same neoliberal bullshit!  She isn't for Medicare for All at all!  She's telling people they'll have to wait 10 years! That's worse than Obamacare!  She's a pandering, dishonest corporate shill.  Bernie 2020!

  51. This is it. This is her showing exactly what she is, a liar. Medicare for All is not private insurance. The woman is correct. Unless everyone can go to any doctor there will be no equality in health care for citizens

    She’s full of big statements like EVERY single candidate….except Bernie.

    Bernie is being honest plain and simple.

  52. Unless it’s 100% Medicare for All then the politician is lying to you. It’s that simple. If you are a tax paying citizens you should have access to health care any where

  53. She's doing with "Medicare for all" what Hitler did with "socialist." Lying to voters and giving them the impression that she supports something she doesn't by hijacking the term. Shame on her!

  54. All of her proposals, like this and her student debt plan, make perfect sense: she's throwing out token words to the base to pacify them, and winking and nodding at the elite and her donors. Very, very simple. You have to try not to see it.

  55. Harris blends ignorance and arrogance to perfection. If you consider what she is proposing, it only makes sense to a DemocRat/ Socialist because there is no accountability, no fiscal responsibility, and no rational basis for its implementation. To call her stupid would not serve any purpose, but to realize that she's an irresponsible political idiot might be of some real benefit.

  56. Sadly, the Democratic party has zero to offer with this bunch of bozos.
    Pathetic bunch of pandering liars with no idea what they are talking about. Desperate, grasping at straws losers.

  57. The fact that she considers it a priority not to raise taxes on people making more than HUNDERED THOUSAND dollars per year shows you who the plan is for. Most americans make no where near 100K in their LIFETIME

  58. A lot of kamala harris
    ideas do not make any sense. It is obvious she is just throwing anything out there- to see what might stick…Personally- I think she is as phony as a $3 bill…..At this point I would bet on Elizabeth Warren- to take US out of the Darkness- & into the Light……

  59. Bitch is BAD. She just wanna make MEDICARE ADVANTAGE GO NATIONAL. Fuck it that shit still denies coverage to their people and overbills medicare

  60. She wants to half heartedly change all healthcare into literally medicare advantage plans and run out the clock so it doesn't happen and stays the status quo

  61. If Harris was serious about healthcare for all, she would study how successful health care is done in countries like Denmark, England, or even Canada. A country without universal healthcare is not civilized

  62. Kamala Harris is a corporate tool…period. If elected, she will never challenge the money and power that elected her as CA Attorney General, elected her as a Senator and now is financing her run for President.

  63. I'm so relieved that our insurance companies will have a 10 year period to transition into some other scam. Think about it, the CEOs of these insurance companies have to find a way to sustain annual salaries of $2M plus obscene bonuses. No one except for Kamala has considered those people.

  64. I am not sure why this is so hard for Americans to figure out. Just look how it is done in Europe. Here we have BOTH systems. Everybody can use the public system by default. If you have money and want to pay for a private health care you can do it too. In other words: when I am broke I use the public system, when I am working and can afford it I have a private plan.

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