Keeping Your Digestive System Healthy

(upbeat music) – Have you ever heard the
expression follow your gut? Well it’s a very important one, especially when it comes to
diet and staying healthy. So today I’m with
Kendra Peterson, to talk about keeping
our guts healthy by taking care of
our digestive system. And Kendra, I think we
first need to acknowledge the fact that our guts
and our overall health go hand in hand. – Oh yeah. I mean everything
from having a cold, to not sleeping well, to autoimmune diseases, to going to chemotherapy. Your gut health
correlates into the health of the rest of your body. So if your gut is healthy it will help your
body fight those in a more adequate,
more effective fashion. And you’ll feel so much better. – And when we talk about
having good gut health, it’s kind of all about what
we’re putting in our bodies. – Mm hmm (upbeat music) Having chips or lots
of processed foods, you know, candy, not eating
enough fruits and vegetables. And not having pro
bugs, the good bugs, lining your belly. So when we talk
about probiotics, that’s what people need. – So when we talk
about probiotic, probiotics are found
in fermented foods. – They are found
in fermented foods. They’re little organisms that live in the
lining of your gut. And they’re super, super, super important to keep you healthy. – Give some examples
of some good foods that have probiotics in em. – I do, so this is the pill, obviously everybody knows
what a pill looks like and its just the
probiotic powder in there. This Kimchi, its
fermented vegetables, it can be anything from
carrots to green onions, this is cabbage, I love to
put this in my guacamole. Which I think we’re
gonna make later. This is Kefir, so Kefir,
its basically just yogurt but its a little bit thinner. The thing you want
to make sure about when you’re having dairy
that has probiotics in it is that you don’t have
a ton of added sugars. And then pickles. The
one thing about pickles, is that you want to make sure they’re in the
refrigerated section. So they can’t be
heat pasteurized. Probiotics are killed
off around 120 degrees. – A lot of people talk
about staying regular. – Yes – And we’ve all heard of
fiber to help ourselves stay regular, you have
some great examples. – This is just a tiny,
tiny snip it of the foods that you can get fiber from. I mean any fruit and vegetable, whole grains are a really
fantastic way to get fiber. It kind of traps things and helps move them
along in your body. – – [Jane] Kendra showed me
how to put gut healthy eating into practice with
some kimchi guacamole. (upbeat music) – So I do, I love garlic, so I’m just going
to add a little bit and use a little grater. This way it blends in better and you get more
garlic throughout. – [Jane] So, no mincing of it. – Nope. And then I’m just going to
chop up a little bit of this. Cilantro helps
lower blood pressure and tastes delicious. You know, it has a
little micronutrients. The main benefit of avocado
are the really good fats. So the heart healthy fats. – So, we’re gonna
scoop that out. – Yeah, so just scoop this out and make sure you have
a nice ripe avocado. (upbeat music) – Little lime – Little bit of lime,
probly just like half. Cuz you’re getting some
citrus from the pickling of those vegetables
in the kimchi. (upbeat music) – Can you add a little
pinch of salt for me? – Yeah – That’d be great. – What kind of salt is this? – This is a sea
salt. That’s perfect. – Now we’re going
to do our kimchi. – So this is the secret
ingredient to this guacamole and reason why is because kimchi is really good for your gut. – Great for your gut. And this is just a really
fun way to get it in. (upbeat music) – I think the biggest take away from talking about our gut
or keeping our guts healthy is knowing that our guts
are directly related to our overall health. – Having a healthy
gut helps your body live it’s healthiest life. – [Jane] For more
healthy eating advice just head to our website – Okay let’s try this. – Okay, did you get enough. – Yeah.

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  1. Thank you for sharing these great tips with us. In addition to these tips, Digestion Support Capsules of Planet Ayurveda are really very effective.

  2. I disagree their is way better foods to eat lentils broccoli blueberries raisins walnuts quinoa….. amaranth….. the list goes on and you will get all the gut health and absorption from nutrients your stomach needs if you just drink water with bananas much better choice and add some coconut water if you have the money instead of the normal water…..

  3. The blond wouldn't even give that women space to chop kimchi!!! Could feel the tension between the two

  4. “Can you add a pinch of salt for me?”

    “Mm yeaahh of course and what kind of salt is this?”

    “Oooh it’s uhh sea salt.

  5. Gut health is so important considering that your gut microbiome impacts everything from your immune system to your skin to your brain function to your digestion, and even your mood and mental health.

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