Kelly Dancercises To Britney Spears’ ‘Toxic’ With The Fitness Marshall

– We are all the newest recruitspeople of The Fitness Marshall’s Booty Army. That’s right, aye! – Hey! (applause) – Are y’all ready? – Yes! – Peter, how excited are you? Lily? – I am pumped. – This is going to be a peak experience. (laughter) – All right, so Caleb
you have five basic moves to teach us first, what are they? – Actually, we only have four really. – Oh, okay! – The first move we’re gonna do is the Shake in the Rain. So you’re just gonna shake
your hands up like this – Boop, boop, boop, boop. – and sprinkle them down
your sexy body, yes! (audience cheering)
(laughing) So the Shake in the Rain’s the first one. The second move we’re gonna do, you’re gonna take your hand like this and you’re gonna go, “Wooh!” Right across your face like this. – Wooh!
– Wooh! I like the sound effect.
This is called the Dolphin. – The Dolphin? – It should look like a
baby dolphin jumping across your face like this.
(laughing) So move number three. We’re already halfway
done with this, okay? – I am feeling confident. – Confident! These are the toxic arms. – Toxic! – Okay, we’re gonna make sure our toxic ex cannot get near us again. – Okay. – Arms up here, we’re gonna
throw them down like this. – Throw them down dramatically! – Yes! Arms up here, throw them down like this! – Throw them down
dramatically, okay, okay! – Fourth move we’re gonna do, the last one is going to be the Dodging
of the Laser Beams, like Britney does in the
“Toxic” music video, okay? (laughing)
– I love you. (laughter) – We’re already here,
we’re gonna go wooh around. – Wooh! – Wooh, and yes, and you can dodge more laser beams if you go wooh! – I call this the Matrix. – [Caleb] The Matrix, yes. – Yeah, you know, he dodges the bullets? – [Caleb] He does dodge the bullet. – Okay, we’re gonna put this all together, I think we’re good. – I think we’re good and
I can’t wait for people to really not be good at this. (laughting) Including myself. We will need a little music, so I heard Caleb’s favorite artist is Britney Spears. – Britney Spears! – [Kelly] So I happen to open
with Britney Spears today – I saw. – so I thought we’d just
bring “Toxic” back in. (audience cheering) All right, here we go. – Run!
– What? Wait!
– Shake! Rain down. Take it back. – What? – Now Rain. – Wait, okay!
– Yes! Shake it up!
– Shake it up! – And just let it monsoon down you body. – Monsoon! – Is it dripping, Peter? Yes! Oh wait no, we’re gonna shimmy
for Britney, we gotta shimmy! – Dolphin! – Dolphin, dolphin, dolphin, dolphin. – Toxic arms! – Toxic- – Wooh! You’ve got it! Dolphin!
– Dolphin? Let that dolphin jump. Toxic arms. – [Kelly] Toxic, yeah.
(laughing) – [Caleb] You’ve got it, Kelly. Dodge the Laser Beams. (yelling)
(audience cheering) Toxic arms! Yes. One more Laser Beam. – What? Oh, my God! – Yes! – You! – That was great. Thank
you, that was great. – Okay, your Matrix looked a
little different than ours. You came all the way down. – Did you not see the laser
beam going right over me? – You’re like, what is it? Catherine Zeta Jones in
“Entrapment”, that was amazing. How are y’all feeling? Because
I’m out of breath, Fred. (laughing)
(all cheering and clapping) – I feel in shape, like I’m
ready to join the Booty Army. – You’re ready? You’re a Booty Army girl. – I need a nap. – No, you killed that, you got that. – Nailed it, Peter. Nailed it, Jennifer.

100 thoughts on “Kelly Dancercises To Britney Spears’ ‘Toxic’ With The Fitness Marshall

  1. personally, i think the instructor should have been Julianne Hough because she now also does just what they just did for Oprah Winfrey.

  2. Congrats Caleb on being on
    the Kelly Clarkson Show and
    showing your dance skills
    You are a wonderful person and
    an amazing dancer 🕺

  3. I love you so much Kelly I have for years you were a part of many as childhood slumber party jam with friends for me XD


  5. Peter Gallagher totally bringing feeling and bringing the Cesare vibes! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, watch The Idolmaker. You’re welcome 😉.

  6. Neither one of you survived that lipsync. I'm gonna have to ask both of you to leave this competition immediately.

  7. Caleb!!!! Im fangirling out! So happy for him. He is my go to when Im feeling down. I just put on one of his videos & Im almost instantly in a better mood. I never workout/dance along with his videos though… sooooo theres that. 🤔😬🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

  8. Yay!!! I’ve been following him for years and telling people about him! He’s amazing!!! Love that he makes working out so fun! I’ve lost weight because of his videos!!! So happy for you Caleb!!! 😍

  9. 2:03 the guy in pink is a gem. His sheer earnestness in executing the moves and the stiffness of his limbs combined made me totally buckled down in laughter. Mr. Pink Shirt guy, you are awesome … and thanks for making my day!

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