Kenan & Kel Take the Physical Challenge on Double Dare | Nick

[cheering] Yes, yes! They did it all! So basically, one of you is gonna flip
Good Burgers over your head, now the other one has to catch them
with their head. You guys need to catch two burgers
in 30 seconds to win $200, – that’s a lot of bread, right?
– That’s a lot of bread. – More bread than that’s on your head.
– That’s right. – Alright, you feeling ready?
– We want that bread! – Kenan, get ready to cook!
– I’m ready! 30 seconds, guys. Alright, ready?
On your mark… get set… throw! You can do it, you gotta get two
in 30 seconds for $200! Otherwise Team Kel will take the lead! Keep your head–
keep your head up and straight! Keep it– oh, snap!
That wasn’t– This is– this is a big burger! These are better than Good Burgers! There’s one, there’s one! [laughing] 10 seconds left,
just need one more, Kenan! One more Good Burger, make it good! Oh, so close! Stay still, stay still! Oh! [cheering] He barely had– that counts! No, he didn’t, he didn’t, he didn’t! Yay! We still get that? You guys did it, you guys won $200! Now, this toss up will decide
who gets in control of round two, – you all ready?
– Ready! On your mark… get set… go! Both teams have to dunk their buns
in a tub of water to soak up as much as they can! Then hop over and squeeze the water
into a container! First team to fill their container
past the line gets $100 and control of the game, it’s potty time! Or is it patty time? I guess it doesn’t matter,
it’s Double Dare! Yeah, it’s potty time,
that’s right, Marc! We got our Blue Team squeezing out, looks like Blue Team’s
in the lead right now but Red is not too far behind! [cheering] Oh, we just got a little slippery,
Blue is getting close! Red is almost there too
but Blue looks a little bit! closer! Oh, snap! Baby down, baby down! Go! Blue Team, you guys win
in an awesome challenge! The big babies! Never seen such celebrating babies! That’s me done! [laughing] Congratulations,
give me something big, baby! Gimme some, gimme some! Lori Beth Denberg, welcome, Lori Beth! [cheering] What up? What up? What up?
How we doing? [laughing] Hello! It’s a family reunion, right? It is, it’s awesome
to be here with these guys! Yeah, we’re so happy to have you! – And with you too.
– And with that one! – Remember that guy? How are you?
– Hi! I’m good, how are you? I’m doing well, we were at Comic Con
not long ago, playing Double Dare – and she did a beautiful job!
– Yes! – Oh, I did not!
– On the obstacle course she was amazing! Yeah. You were too good at it,
so today we have you as a guest. – Yeah.
– Yeah! Well, we are happy to have you
and we’re excited to play this physical challenge with you
but there’s a substance involved, a very exciting substance. Team Kenan,
one of you will get into this mug, the other will have to push it
to three different stations to release the mystery moisture inside. – Mystery moisture.
– That sounds very concerning. [laughing] Now, I can’t say what it is,
but I can say that you’re gonna like it! Alright, alright. Now, if you guys are able to unleash
all three in 20 seconds, you will win $200! So, who’s going in the mug
and who’s moving it? I’m going in the mug,
Caleb’s gonna push it. – Let’s do it!
– Let’s do this! – Alright, push it!
– Thank you! Y’all got it, y’all got it. – Now, Lori Beth?
– Yes, ma’am? A lot of people don’t actually know this
but you are a certified genius! I mean, I know this. Yeah, I don’t like to talk about it
’cause it makes other people feel bad but I’m– I’m the smartest. I feel intimidated right now, it’s true. Oh, yes. Is there any vital information that these guys should know
about this challenge? If you’re in the cup… have a good time
and keep your mouth closed. [laughing] That’s me, I’m in the cup! Alright, y’all, Lori and I are prepared. Alright, get ready, y’all. – On your mark…
– Get set… go! Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go! Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go! Oh! [thudding] You got it, you got it, get on up,
you got ten seconds left! Go on over to the next station! Go, go, go, go! Go, go, go, go, go, go! Pull it, pull it, pull it! Come on, two out of three,
two out of three, come on! Oh! [laughing] We got two! [blabbering] – It turns out–
– But wait a minute! Kenan was having
such a good time in there, let’s just kind of wheel him around! Oh, this is so much fun! – Pass him over here!
– I slipped! [screaming] There’s more bread over here! Look out, look out! – That was–
– I got some in my mouth! That was orange soda! Yes, this is like
the grocery store bread! – Let’s do it!
– Watch out, watch out, watch out! [screaming] [laughing] [blabbering] Yes, yes! – Ah!
– Do you like orange soda, Kenan? I l– I l– I like it now! [laughing] – Good job!
– Excellent! Give it up for Lori Beth, you guys! [cheering] Thank you! In this physical challenge,
all you need to do is throw these giant lint balls and get them to stick
to this lint roller. All you need to do is stick
five lint balls in the roller in 20 seconds,
you guys get $200 and stay in control of the game,
you ready? – Yeah!
– Alright, 20 seconds on the clock! – On your mark… get set…
– We lost! [laughing] On your marks, get set, go! Oh, we got one, we got one! We got more, we got two,
we got two balls on the lint roller, looking for a third
and a fourth and a fifth! Oh, we got three! Two more and they get the $200! [cheering] Four, one more, one more, one more! [cheering] One second left on the clock,
one second left on the clock! – Whoa!
– Yes, yes! Gimme some, gimme some,
gimme some, gimme some! You guys got $200,
five lint balls on the roller! – Yes, sir?
– You know, you oughta show how extreme this is! – Uh-oh.
– Yeah. – Is that full of water yet?
– Yeah it is. OK, why don’t you just come
over here, Lori Beth and just demonstrate how that works. I don’t have any goggles! I don’t have my goggles! I don’t have them! I didn’t have my safety goggles! That was pretty satisfying! That was nice, right?
That was nice, there we go! – OK, alright, you ready?
– Alright, you guys got this! – OK!
– On your mark, get set, go! Come on,
we’re working on our first balloon! It’s coming up there,
push hard, push hard! Oh, snap, we lost some balloons,
we lost some balloons! We’re coming back! I’m OK, I’m OK! Come on,
we got nine seconds on the clock! Hold a steady stream, Kel!
Hold a steady stream! Pop it, pop it, pop it, pop it, pop it! Oh, oh, oh, oh, snap! [cheering] You guys got one balloon
in the last second! I got one! But hey, good try, guys! Give it up for them, guys! Good try, y’all! Alright, guys,
come on back, come on back! Good job, don’t slip, don’t slip,
don’t slip, you got it? There we go, there we go,
come on back, guys! And give it up for Lori Beth, everybody! Yeah, alright, alright!

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  1. At one 1:11 when Liza said dollars it sounded exactly the same as when she does her intro for the dollar store with Liza videos 😂😆

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