what's up guys good morning to you it's 7:30 a.m. on a Friday it's flex Friday so we got a lot of stuff to take care of today but I'm also going to do a full day of eating so let's get this day started all right so gonna get some work done here I start off every morning with Kido coffee I typically have two of them every single morning each one contains 25 grams of fat and to make it it's very easy all you do is take one tablespoon of coconut oil preferably cold-pressed unrefined coconut oil you can also use MCT oil I just usually stick with coconut oil then also take one tablespoon of grass-fed butter you can use any type of butter but grass-fed butter is best you can find a brand called Kerry gold at your local grocery store it might be in the specialty section so check there then all you do is pour in the coffee blend that bad boy up you get a nice froth on the top and it's amazing no sugar necessary also the butter and the coconut oil kind of has a way of cutting through the bitterness of the coffee so if you don't like coffee still give this a try right now I'm really wishing that I was at Fitness Expo in Boise Idaho it's an amazing event I was there last year and had a blast this year unfortunately I was not able to go with EAS um because I have Paxton my unborn child coming any day now and there is no direct flights to Boise I thought about going but you just can't take a direct flight to Boise you have to fly into Denver and then go to Boise and it's always a huge layover and a big pain in the ass so I was just kind of thinking wow that would be terrible if I'm at this Fitness Expo and I got a phone call after my wife saying hey I'm going into labor and there's just no quick way for me to get home so I had to pass up this year either way I hope everybody that's going has a blast I'll see you next year there so all right we're going to get this day started I got a lot of stuff to do and I'll check back in with you for my first meal all right guys first meal of the day here it's been about two two-and-a-half hours since I woke up and had my keto coffee one of the things about the ketogenic diet is your hunger sensation kind of goes away and you feel like you can go a long period of time without eating in fact I'd be willing to bet I could go at a or two without eating and feel completely fine my body is always burning its body fat for energy but that is not a good thing so I always remind myself hey you got to eat so let's eat all right first meal of the day here so this is typically my post-workout meal I train in the mornings but today is my rest day so we're having it now so we have four whole eggs scrambled with cheese on top also we have pico de gallo which is diced tomatoes onions and green peppers finally we put some sour cream on top I also took my supplement my magnesium supplement 4 to 500 milligrams of that a day magnesium is essential on a ketogenic diet also I took my omega-3 and fish oil all right got to go to the grocery store need to get some avocados and a few other things all right so my absolute favorite snack is salted roasted pumpkin seeds make sure you get the good pumpkin seeds I know when you go to gas stations they sell them there too but they don't look like that so I don't trust them good source of fat fiber and protein so we are on our way home now for our next meal let's go all right getting ready to prepare lunch we have here the finest grass-fed beef in the country it comes from a company called Anderson Reserve they're out of Denver Colorado we are working together with the keto cycle program to give all of you discounts on their fine products – that's grass-fed beef bison Buffalo they have salmon they have amazing bacon all of it is delivered next day to your door individually sealed like this and frozen so I'm going to thaw this out and we'll get lunch started you alright if you guys haven't tried grass-fed ground beef you must try it it's amazing ok um there is a big difference in the taste a big difference in the texture the smell everything about it tastes different you will have a hard time going back to the regular ground beef that you buy at the grocery store after you try grass-fed ground beef but most importantly the cattle is treated humanely ok they are fed a good diet they also do not have hormones pumped in them and they are not treated inhumanely on the way to the butcher everything is humane from start to finish that's very important to me that's why I don't mind paying extra money for it now the problem is it's expensive but we got a solution coming from Anderson Reserve anybody that gets on the keto cycle program will get a discount on that I'll be going over that a little bit later so we have our grass-fed ground beef on top of that we sprinkled some salt because I need to make sure my sodium levels are high then of course we added the avocado because I need to make sure my potassium levels are high another important electrolyte then finally added some more pico de gallo and a little bit of sour cream guys so I'm going to eat this get some more work done I'll see you at the next meal alright guys so we have one cup of chicken broth here this is very important because the number one reason why people fail on a ketogenic diet is because of electrolytes they are not replenishing electrolytes the key electrolytes are sodium magnesium potassium of the three in my opinion sodium is the most critical anytime you feel tired lethargic you have headaches cramping it's most likely due to low sodium levels why is sodium so important because when you're suppressing insulin you are able to burn fat but insulin is also the hormone that tells your kidneys to store sodium so when they don't get that signal anymore they flush all that sodium out of your body and when you workout or highly active that's going to cause you to release even more sodium so it's very critical that you replenish that that's where the chicken broth comes in there's about 400 milligrams of sodium in this I drink one a day sometimes two I also use it as kind of like an emergency if I start feeling bad and no it's my sodium levels and I'll go straight to the chicken broth um but it's kind of just a habit I'll drink one every day whenever I get around to it I also salt my food and eat salty snacks guys so Cheers alright its grill time all right so for dinner we had fresh Atlantic salmon cooked on the grill one of my favorites for the preparation all I did was drizzle extra-virgin olive oil on top of the salmon then I took garlic salt and sprinkled that on top cooked it for about 12 to 15 minutes on the grill then we paired it with some green leafy vegetables in this case I chose spinach I use frozen vegetables a lot to be honest with you I just find it easy and convenient I don't think it's necessarily bad for your health at all I do try and avoid the processed canned vegetables but in my opinion the frozen vegetables are just fine I also put the garlic salt on the spinach and then we wash it all down with a glass of unsweetened almond milk all right guys so I'm getting ready to go to bed before I do I'm going to have one more snack we've got roasted salted sunflower seeds here guys that wraps up this first full day of eating on a ketogenic diet I tried to pack in as much information as I possibly could hopefully you get a lot of value out of it I promise I'll be doing a lot more food vlogs and recipes and workout videos the response has been great I love you guys and this is going to be a hell of a journey so I appreciate you supporting me on this stuff if you have not already make sure you sign up for the keto cycle it's keto cycle calm a lot of you guys have signed up I'm very very excited to release the program it's going to be epic so keep up the good work guys much love and I'm out

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