Kid Cuisine How to Train Your Dragon Chicken Nuggets Video Review: Freezerburns (Ep692)

hi welcome to freezerburns I'm your host Greg deep frozen-food master and you're joining me as I eat my way through the freezer aisle one box at a time today I'm reviewing this it's a little old it's a limited edition though the kid cuisine limited edition toothless and viking helmet shaped chicken breast nuggets $2 for this box now this is a coordination with How to Train Your Dragon 2 but basically what this looks like to me is it's the same thing as the kid cuisine Rio 2 it's just a different shaping idea this doesn't even really look like s that's a Viking shape I don't know guys the Rio 2 nuggets they didn't look like parrots they just look like ambiguous chicken nuggets so I think it's like whatever they say it's gonna look like you're gonna say oh yeah I see it I see it's like cloud formations up in the sky what we got going on here breaded white meat chicken patties with rib meat yummy macaroni and cheese sauce macaroni and cheese sauce oh I guess it's macaroni and cheese sauce ok corn bug shaped fruit snacks we got bug shaped fruit snacks we got a toothless and viking helmet shaped chicken nuggets and we got macaroni and cheese and corn I'm going to get this out of the box I'm going to get it in the microwave when I come back I'll tell you how it looks how it smells and I'll get these down deep into my belly okay I've taken this limited edition kid cuisine How to Train Your Dragon toothless and Viking the helmet chicken nugget meal out of the microwave after 45 seconds without the nuggets and then one and a half seconds what sorry wanting to have minutes with everything here is how it looks as you can see we got a great variety of colors guys yellow yellow and brown we got yellow corn we got yellow macaroni and cheese and we got these chicken nuggets now I will say you know I knocked it before I took it out of the box the shape of these chicken nuggets this is definitely a Viking helmet I got to give them credit that's a viking helmet chicken nugget really really like it however this this one I am not quite sure what this is if I had six fingers it's kind of like this I'm not sure I'm not sure let's go around the horn here and let's taste a little bit of all of this I should mention we also have some bug fruit snacks which I'm not quite sure what the bugs have to do with How to Train Your Dragon except they probably were like sitting around in a boardroom at the people at kid cuisine and they were like okay we need to add something sugary and filled with corn syrup what do we what do we got left over oh we got some you know 10 cases of bugs okay let's do the bugs the corn is super super watered that's okay I'm okay with that I'm using a fork it strains the strains the corn juice let's see other stays it does it just doesn't have flavor it's just it's just it's like corn corns kind of like a vessel it's like a vegetable vessel of course kids like it because it's not nutritious it's just corn comes out the same way it comes in it's okay I mean you can't really mess up corn in the microwave I'm just not digging the whole corn for a frozen meal anyway all right mac and cheese this is a little compartment of mac and cheese I would say there's probably only 20 noodles here let me go for it let's see how this tastes this pasta is so overcooked that I can I can squish right through it with my from my tongue to the top of my mouth I don't even need teeth I could gum this and and break it down as much as someone with tea not to mention it's not flavorful it's a cheese sauce but it's it's not even like salt it's not overly salty Eve either it's like and I mentioned this in my last kid cuisine it tastes like the Lean Cuisine mac and cheese not salty not flavorful not great okay chicken let's go with this uh like I don't know what this shape is but let's go with this it's just isn't good guys you know it this chicken it says it's a real meal says made with white meat chicken there may be a little bit of white meat sure because this is white meat chicken and rib me that's I'm okay with it just being chicken and rib meat but the fact that this is breaded means that that is basically breading with a hint a hint of chicken on the inside what are we doing people this is kid cuisine we're feeding this to our kids this is disgusting I don't care if this is true bucks they're going to want this like animated coloring page they're going to be like oh yeah I like toothless I love How to Train Your Dragon they're going to and we're feeding this to people this is a real meal like I'm looking at this these store these on ingredients I don't recognize half of these ingredients this is horrible you know what I can't do this anymore this is horrible we should not be feeding our kids this we should not be eating this frozen food anymore I'm done with this get this mic off me I'm done

20 thoughts on “Kid Cuisine How to Train Your Dragon Chicken Nuggets Video Review: Freezerburns (Ep692)

  1. Wasn't even a mic on him lol. Must be a liberal, frozen food is unhealthy? Thanks for letting me know captain genius.

  2. A lot people including me are little skeptical since the announcement was made on April Fools Day, but it was announced on the Freezerburns Facebook page that Freezerburns will be coming back on June 1st.

  3. Fucking idiot ate TV dinners for like 6 years and then realized they're no good.. get this mic off of me lmao who is he talking to his staff??? Lmao what a dumbass

  4. Actually, the fact that you can understand half of the ingredients already means that it's a pretty good meal

  5. 2:28 It's the dragon on the front cover, dude lol…0:45 it's right next to the nugget, he totally doesn't see it XD

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