Kids Explain, “What is Stress?” Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma

NARRATOR: Do you guys stress each other out sometimes? KIDS: Mm hmm. More than sometimes. Usually she just annoys me.
But sometimes we do get along.Not all the time. Stress is like you’re tired, or something. When you’re really mad and angry. NARRARTOR: What stresses you out? KIDS: My teacher. But don’t tell her this. NARRATOR: I won’t tell her. KIDS: Sometimes when people break my toys. NARRATOR: Can you
show us your angry / mad face? NARRATOR: What would be
a good way to calm down? KIDS: Go up in your
room and lay down and read. Play with my dog, or
do something to get it off my mind. Pet your cat. Take some deep breaths.Like that. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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