KT Tape: Plantar Fasciitis II

This next application is for plantar fasciitis which is a condition where
pain occurs in the bottom, or plantar, aspect of the foot. This can be caused from overuse, restrictive ankle range of motion, poor fitting or
poor supporting shoes, and this is one way we can tape for it. Positioning for this application is to place the ankle in full
dorcy flex or to flex the ankle up. I am also extending the toes and placing them against
the table to hold them in extension. For my first piece of tape I am going to tear off an I-strip and
then create an anchor down by the logo end of the tape (right here I am trying no to touch the tape with
my own hands that can remove some of the adhesive) And from here I am placing that anchor down with no
stretch; and from here, holding that anchor in place I am going to place moderate to full tension
on the tape- so a good stretch on there. As I come up over the heel I can now lay that piece down
with no tension, especially the end of the tape or the anchor. And now I am just going to rub that on,
you can use some of the paper- make sure that’s adhering by creating some friction- some heat. The second part of this application is to tear off another I strip. I am going to (again) tear an anchor
off the logo end of the tape. Then if the point of pain is by the heel or just ahead of
that- that is where you will want to lay this tape over. I am going to anchor this on the outside of
the foot anchoring it down with no tension. From here I’m going to put full stretch on that
tape as I come up across the arch. Just below the anklebone I am going to ease that tension off and
then lay the remainder of the tape with no stretch. So again- no stretch on the anchor, full stretch across the arch, and as you get up to
the ankle bone (the malleolus) I’m going to ease that tension off, and then no tension. If this does not reduce the symptoms, or if your
symptoms (the pain) moves back towards the heel slightly- you can now take a third piece of tape- again forming
an anchor down by the logo end of the tape, and place this overlapping that first piece by half (again-
no stretch on this portion of the tape). Full stretch across the bottom of the foot- – as I come up the inside or medial portion of the ankle
I can ease that tension off right below that ankle bone- – that malleolus again, and then lay the remainder
of the tape down with no stretch. Ok, now I am going to give that a good, vigorous rub with
the paper just again to create some friction and some heat and that creates some good adherence of that tape to the skin. And that’s one way to tape for plantar fasciitis!

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  1. Odd that there's no comments here, yet you have numerous comments on your other videos for KT tape application. I guess I'll be the first to comment here. 🙂

    I use this method of taping for my PF problem. I also add an additional strip (the 1st step as shown in the sprained ankle video) to give additional support to my anterior ankle prob). I'm an aspiring long distance runner. The PF is healing and I'm able to continue my training (mindfully). KT tape is amazing!! Thanks for the video!

  2. Thanks for the post. We have another PF video that is older, but I guess people haven't found this one yet. Great modification on the app- looks like a good one.

  3. @alvarez8888 The easiest way is to watch the video's. they call out when to stretch and not stretch. If you have any other questions please let us know. thx.

  4. @tommy1012007 Great question. Just adjust the placement of the 2nd and 3'd strips over the point of pain on the heel. thx.

  5. As a LMT in sports medicine and KT tape certified (origin kinesio Tex.com) the trigger point for this ailment goes all the way up by the knee where the calf muscles originate.

  6. @tommy1012007 The foot apps are harder because it's a hard place for tape- but make sure you rub your hand over tape once applied to get the edges down/ and activate the adhesive. Take extra time on this step- makes a huge difference. On average the tape lasts 1-2 days on the foot. Does that help?

  7. hello, I am surfing of Plantar Fasciitis, i need some more recombination how use K Tape ( used it just when am going bed )?

  8. Hello,my Plantar Fasciitis is very painful,it's a shooting pain at my heel,what i want to know is is it okay to use just regular athletic tape,because i can't find any KT tape in my country.
    Thank you

  9. HELP! I have a very sharp pain on the outside of my shin. Feels almost like shin splints but on the outer side of it . Could it be Tibialas anterior strain and If so what taping method could I use. When I have shin splints KT Tape is a miracle! Also my planters faciitis and IT band strain! Thank you!!!

  10. Sounds like you may need a custom application. Go to our website and visit the "ask an expert" forum and one of our pros will help you out.  Let us know how it goes!

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  12. I have pain at the back of my heel going up the back of my foot. It does not extend into the arch of my foot or up to my ankle at all. Will this application help with heel pain the is in the back of the heel? Or should I try something different?

  13. Hi, why are the tapes different colours? Do they Carey out different purposes or is it just to make them look good? And also can you get the tape wet?

  14. Mr Chris Harper. For how long KT Tape last on the skin?? Yesterday I went to a local Chiropractor to have my left foot taped for Plantar fasciitis and left shoulder for Capsulitis. The tape Dr used peeled off the same night… I think a finger bandage would of lasted longer lol… A completely waist of money and time. Need help!..

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