Kyäni Wellness TV: Episode 014–The Power of the Açaí Berry

Hello and welcome to another episode of
Kyani Wellness TV my name is Dr. Andreas Boettcher member of the Scientific
Advisory Board here at Kyäni, and in this episode, I’d like to share with you six
proven scientific benefits of the acai berry. Now, we’ve got a lot of information that
I’m going to be sharing with you over the next few minutes, and I’m going to
run through them quickly. And of course I’ve got my notes here for me to keep me
on track and to make sure that I hopefully give you the value the new
information that you need to continue maintaining the quality of your health
and well-being. Now before we talk about the power of the acai berries, I mean,
you see the popularity of this berry exploding everywhere. In fact, you will
see nearly on every street corner here in America, some form of an
acai bowl somewhere. And as I go over the information that I’m about to share with
you, I do want to caution you a little bit about the popularity and how it’s
being utilized and most of all how it’s being consumed today. Now I’m going to be
sharing with you six proven scientific benefits that validate the power of this
proven berry, however, I want to caution you in consuming the
ever-popular acai bowls and the acai smoothies that you see. and here’s my
word of caution to you as you consume them and as you think about them, because
it’s a bit misleading in my opinion and we think that we’re actually doing our
body a lot of good. However, when you look at the true nutritional content, and I
strongly encourage you to wherever you go for your acai bowl or acai smoothie,
take a moment to google the actual calorie content and the micronutrient
macronutrient breakdown that you will find in these so-called
marketed health foods. And I say “so-called” because when you look at the
average sugar content that you find in your average acai bowl it can be
anywhere in upwards of fifty to a hundred grams of sugar alone. Now if it’s
a hundred grams of sugar and there’s four calories per gram that’s over 400
calories just in sugar. Now I’m not talking about the healthy sugar, because
you know that if you watch any a part of Kyani Wellness TV I’m a huge proponent
of consuming fruits in their natural state. I’m not afraid of consuming them
because they’re rich in phytonutrients antioxidants polyphenols, anthocyanins bioflavonoids and rich sources of fiber that had helped
counteract the effects of fructose! Not to mention, fructose is metabolized
differently in the body; it’s metabolized by the liver, so it has actually little
impact on your blood sugar levels. Thus making it a safe alternative even for
diabetics to be consuming sugar. In fact, there are studies that show that
consuming fruit for diabetics can actually help lower their need for
insulin. And of course, check with your doctor. Make sure you’re monitoring your
blood sugar levels at all times, but I want to just make sure that I give you
this little bit of word of caution before you go out and run out to your
favorite acai bowl place or acai smoothie, as I share with you these six
proven benefits, because in my opinion, it’s this sugar content that will kill
the nutritional value that you will often find in these superfoods. And again,
I’m not afraid of sugar. My personal opinion is that you want to keep your
fructose anywhere between 25 maybe 50 grams per day. You want to
keep it on the low end and it’s so easy today, especially because fructose is
hidden in so many products, high fructose corn syrup, making it so
easy for today this average person unknowingly to consume in uppers 100 200
grams of or even more of high fructose corn syrup without even knowing it. It’s
hidden in condiments, it’s hidden in drinks, it’s hidden in beverages, it’s
hidden in sodas, its hidden in so-called performance athletic drinks,
and I think you probably know who I’m referring to. So just a word of caution
as I share with you these six proven benefits. So let’s talk about number one:
They are incredibly high in antioxidants. And what are antioxidants? I think in
last week’s episodes I talked about free radical damage. Free radicals are
basically unstable molecules that are missing an electron that gobble up your
healthy cells tissue and DNA resulting in premature accelerated aging oxidative
stress and damage. They’re linked to over 90 plus degenerative
diseases everything from autoimmune condition to arthritis, inflammation, to
pain to cardiovascular disease, to cognitive decline, Alzheimer’s, dementia,
Parkinson’s, and even cancer is one of the leading causes of cancer today is this
unstable unhealthy molecule that accelerates the degenerative process.
Well, your antioxidants are the only means in which your body has to protect
itself against these free radicals and what antioxidants do is they donate a
healthy electron to this unstable molecule so that it helps to complete
the molecule and thus null and void its negative effects and negating the
potential of them to causing havoc in the body. We need to be getting
our six to ten servings of fruits and vegetables per day, and most of us, if
we’re honest, are not doing that consistently every single day and these
are our only sources of consuming these powerful superfoods. And the
concentration of antioxidants in acai is believed to be ten times higher than
that in red grapes and estimated to have 10 to 30 times that amount of the
anthocyanins that you will often find in red wine. And I know we many of us that
are watching us enjoy a good glass of wine and we also tend to drink them
thinking that we’re doing our body good with the antioxidants and you’re not
necessarily wrong. I’ll do an episode on alcohol at another point in time in the
future, but knowing the acai berry has 10 to 30 times that concentration is pretty
powerful. Not to mention, they help slow the process of free radical damage that
deteriorate and develop ailments over time. Here’s the
thing: It helps the body to remain more resilient to the effects of free
radicals and they’re thus are nearly beneficial for every bodily system
including cardiovascular, endocrine, digestive, neurological immune, and so
when it comes to anti-aging, good things come in small packages. Unfortunately,
acai berries are not something that you typically find in the grocery store. So
supplementing becomes very important I’ll talk a little bit more about that
in just a moment. Alright let’s talk about number 2: It
also helps to boost skin health. The early signs of degeneration and aging
are reflected in our skin. And as my wife Patricia, who’s an aesthetician, works
with patients all day long and maintaining healthy and beautiful skin,
it’s the first thing that we show the world. Well it’s also the first sign of
free radical damage and deterioration. So many people have used the acai
berries to get rid of scars, stretch marks, crow’s feet, and dry skin.
So making sure that you’re consuming plenty of antioxidants helps your body
to repair the damage to your skin cells, maintaining healthy collagen, and making
sure that you’re getting the most out of your nutrition. All right, number three: It
helps with cognitive function. It doesn’t take long for us to realize
that Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, dementia, are on the rise. In fact, we probably all
have someone that we know or personally in our family that is suffering from
this horrible, unfortunate condition that I think in my opinion is preventable
through good, healthy nutrition, healthy exercise, taking care of your brain, and
so forth. So we want to talk about cognitive function. Eating foods rich in
antioxidants is a way to help improve your focus and your memory. Inflammation and oxidative stress are two major causes of cognitive
problems including loss of memory, dementia, and other
age-related mental disorders. In fact, acai pulp fractions seem to have a
protective effects of brain cells which have implications for improved cognitive
and motor function. Studies have shown that the anthocyanins have been shown to help reduce the negative effects of cognitive
impairment and degenerative diseases. Here’s why, because it turns off the
inflammatory pathways that damage nerve signals in the brain. Acai berries help
stimulate mental functions, and help someone think more clearly, and maintain
high energy levels, and deal with various effects of psychological stress better.
It’s known as a powerful adaptogen and look adaptogens help our body to manage
stress. And we all have stress in our life. It comes in basic three
different forms: there’s physical stress, there’s emotional stress, and of course
there is chemical stress. Acai berries have been shown to have
adaptogenic properties that help reduce the effects or help you to manage
healthy levels of a stress response. All right number four: it might, now I caution
with this one, help you to control your appetite. Now here’s the thing. It has the
ability to modulate various hormones that control blood sugar and levels of
feelings of hunger, fullness, and satiety. So it can help with ghrelin and leptin,
which are two major hormones that determine whether you’re hungry or not
hungry, and it has the potential to give you a
sense of fullness, which may reduce your appetite. It’s also been shown to help
boost proper digestion and controlling the amount of insulin in your blood,
thus curbing cravings. It might be helpful in part of a healthy weight loss
program and plan. Alright number five: It helps to stimulate healthy digestion.
Acai berries are one of the richest sources of fiber that you can find. They
have natural digestive cleansing abilities, helping the liver and the
kidneys process and remove waste and toxins from the body, it is very powerful
as a liver cleanser and it also helps to prevent the accumulation of harmful
substances and undigested matter from staying lodged in the colon where they
can cause constipation and other digestive problems. Well, we’ve got a lot
of benefits from this powerful little superfood, yet
there are many out there in the internet you can probably google them right now,
that are telling you stay away from fruit, don’t eat them.
I honestly think that’s some of the worst advice that you could possibly
give anyone in today’s malnourished society. When you think about the average
American 80% of their diet is processed chemical-laden food that are
nutritionally bankrupt and do nothing for your overall health and well-being.
Number six: It helps to protect against heart disease and diabetes. It’s
considered a strong anti-inflammatory food, it has positive effects on blood
lipid levels, and can help protect the heart. Here’s the thing, consumption of
acai berry helps lower inflammation, which is the root cause of coronary
heart disease and hormone-related problems even including potentially type
2 diabetes. Now again I want to be very careful. I’m not claiming to treat or
cure anything. We don’t treat or cure anything here at Kyäni. Supplements don’t
do that. Your body’s its own doctor it’s the physician within and what we focus
on is giving your body the nutrition that it needs at a cellular level so
that it help can maximize your health potential. We all have a health potential.
It’s our job to protect it through our choices in the foods that we eat, in the the supplements that we use, and of course engaging in regular exercise.
Here’s the thing, acai berries are surprisingly rich in monounsaturated
fats like oleic acid, which found in heart-healthy extra-virgin olive
oil, which helps the body use omega-3 fish oils to help lower inflammation and
make cell membranes. So it’s very important and it’s a component in
what we call the Triangle of Health. We have our Sunrise product, which
is rich in acai berry and wild Alaskan blueberry and other powerful super foods
and fruits that you are likely not getting, but in combined in conjunction
with our fat soluble antioxidant formula, which is Sunset, rich in those omega-3
wild alaskan-sourced salmon that we use for those omega-3
fatty acids in conjunction with the most bioavailable potent form of vitamin E–
tocotrienols. They have a synergistic effect and it is the reason behind our
Triangle of Health to help give you a scientifically based product that is
part of a system to help provide it in one convenient way for you to get some
of the most valuable nutrition that your body can use. In 2011 there was a study
done by the Medicus Research Center in California that have investigated the
effects of asahi on metabolic syndrome. This is a term that’s often used to
describe or define various factors in cardiovascular disease and of course
type 2 diabetes. After measuring fasting plasma glucose
insulin cholesterol triglyceride exhaled nitric oxide metabolites and plasma
levels before and after the study, subjects on average experienced
improvements in fasting glucose and insulin levels and a reduction in total
cholesterol and borderline significant reduction in LDL cholesterol levels,
which is the bad cholesterol. So they basically concluded acai might help
overweight adults lower their odds of experiencing heart disease and diabetes,
although more studies are needed and of course on a much larger scale. So again, I
just want to give you more information so that you have the tools that you need
to make the best decisions for you and your family. And of course this is one of
the key ingredients, and why we’ve decided to include this in our powerful
Sunrise formula this is rich in the water-soluble antioxidants, polyphenols,
bioflavonoids, and of course the adaptogenic properties of many of our
other ingredients. I’ll be breaking these down over time here on Kyäni
Wellness TV, so that you can get a full picture of the power of the Triangle of
Health, and in particular, our Sunrise products. So you’re either watching this
video because maybe someone shared this with you, you’re just simply learning
more about acai berry. And so one of the things that I want to encourage you or
challenge you with, is to bettering your health. In fact, I just did this with our
housekeepers and if you watched last week’s episode I shared with them
Sunrise, they took it for a little while, they ran out, they missed it, they felt
like crap, they wanted to consume it again, they bought some more of our
products, and they are now feeling much better because of some of the powerful
properties here. So in essence, they’ve accepted the 90-day challenge and I also
challengef my housekeepers to start exercising on a regular basis and it can
be as easy as walking out the door 15 minutes and walking back in doing that
three to four times the week. Because it takes time to realize some of the
benefits and the power of supplementation. They’re not the end-all
be-all cure-all. You can’t out-supplement a poor diet. You will hear me saying that
often. If you’re having a poor diet you most definitely need to be
supplementing, but also even if you are healthy, because our health is our most
precious asset and we all produce free radicals, we’re all under stress today,
and we all are managing inflammation throughout our body and our
nutrition is our only arsenal or army to help fight and combat the negative
effects of these potent premature aging and degenerative causes to many of what
I feel are preventable diseases today. So here’s my challenge to you: Take the 90
day challenge of the Triangle of Health. It’s easy to use, easy to consume,
provides you the powerful water soluble antioxidants that you need,
as well as the rich fat-soluble antioxidants combined with the Power of
our Nitro Nutrition, maintaining your cardiovascular health,
maintaining a healthy blood pressure response, and making sure that you’re
delivering the nutrition and getting the most from your nutrition at a cellular
level. Combine this with a great fitness program with great nutrition and let’s
discover what’s possible for you. So I look forward to your comments and your
suggestions below for any other future episodes that we have here,and until our
next episode, best in health. We’ll see you again soon.

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