Kyäni Wellness TV: Episode 036–Healthy Skin, Healthy Living

Hello and welcome to another episode of
Kyäni Wellness TV. My name is Dr. Andreas Boettcher, member of the Scientific
Advisory Board here at Kyäni. I have my beautiful wife and lovely esthetician
Patricia Marrone here today to talk to you about the Power of the Fleuresse
skin care line. Stay tuned. Well thanks as always for joining us for
another episode of Kyäni Wellness TV. As you see, my beautiful wife Patricia
has joined us, and what we wanted to do today was to talk to you about the power
of the Fleuresse skin care line. This is both for men and for women as you’re
about to find out, and I personally love it, because I do find it incredibly easy
to use. Now we’re gonna be following up this
video series with some more detailed breakdowns on the Fleuresse complex and
each of the individual ingredients, but we thought we’d just give you kind of a
high-level overview about the Fleuresse product line and what makes this so
unique. Why don’t we just start with that first question, Patricia. Which is
the Fleuresse complex. What is it about this product line that you, in your opinion, in
your expertise, and in case you don’t know, member of the Scientific Advisory
Board here at Kyäni, has been a practicing Licensed Esthetician with
her own private practice, seeing thousands of patients, and really, truly
an expert when it comes to helping in achieving beautiful skin. So, Patricia,
what is it about this product line, and thanks for joining us. Patricia: Well thanks for
having me today. I am honored to be here and happy to
talk about skincare. I pretty much live and breathe it as Andres will tell you.
I’m a little bit, no pun intendend, a little bit of a nazi when it
comes to skincare at home reminding him of things once in a while, but overall I
have to say he’s he’s made leaps and bounds and it has a lot to do with the
Fleuresse line, because it is very easy to use that even a man can do it. Andres: Ya,
and let me just, while we’re on that topic, let’s just talk about it, because
she has been giving me products for years and they will sit on my counter
and I honestly can’t remember what they do, what order I should take them or
when or how much I should apply. So what I love about this is that it really
is quite easy– you just use a little bit of Cleanser in the morning and evening,
and then you put on your Serum, put on a little bit of your Eye Crème, and then
put a little bit of your Day Crème on and done, out the door. Patricia: Don’t forget the sunblock. Andreas: Oh yeah, thank you
see I stand corrected don’t forget the sunblock at the end of that. We’ll talk
about that a moment. And then of course the only difference at night is then
using Night Crème. That’s it.
So let’s talk about, what the Fleuresse complex in a nutshell? Patricia: Pretty
much superfoods for the skin is how I would describe it. So we have four
components to the Fleuresse complex. We have the rare Swiss apple stem cells
extract we have noni extract, cosmetic grade blueberries, and then with
all of those together, then we have the oil loving part, which is the
tocotrienols. So four really powerful components, which we break down in
another video telling you exactly what those do, but that makes it unique and
special and different. It’s the only line of its kind that has that combination of
those ingredients to really arm your skin with what it needs to combat the
daily oxidative stress that it’s under 24/7 no matter where you live, even in
climates where you don’t have as much sunshine. If the Sun is up, it’s behind
the clouds, it’s out, and it’s shining through and breaking down your healthy
cells, so to have something to protect those cells on a regular basis will thus
enhance the ability of your skin to age more slowly,
which is always pinnacle. Andreas: Ya know I’m all for that. I’m pushing 50, so I’m looking
for every edge that I can to keep up with this young lady here, but when we talk about what
cleanser, why use a cleanser like this as opposed to maybe
just soap and water? Patricia: Well one, soap is very high in alkaline,
so what that means is your skin and your body, we all have an ideal pH, and when we
use things that are too high and alkaline, it’s gonna throw that pH off
and cause excessive drying, and dry skin is going to age more quickly than
hydrated, balanced skin. So I like what we did with the Cleanser. Having a creamy
cleanser with a little bit of gentle alpha hydroxys in it, so it’s going to
go on the skin with just a little bit of dampened fingers, go on the skin,
manipulate for 30 seconds to a minute or so, let the gentle alpha hydroxys take their moment to exfoliate the dead cells off the surface,
because as we age, the build-up of dead cells accumulates more because our
skin’s metabolism is slowing down. So that gives us
that dull appearance. Let the Cleanser do its action, get rid of those dead cells,
give your skin a little bit more glow, and then it’s preparing the skin for
all the rest of the products to come, so you do have to make sure with this
cleanser, because it’s concentrated and active that you’re going to cleanse that
thoroughly. Lots of splashes. I prefer using actually
a clean, fresh washcloth every time or even some gentle flat cotton to remove
that completely before you move on to your your Serum step. Andreas: Yeah,
very important for sure. and when we move on to the Serum, why use a Serum? What does it
do, and why does it matter? Patricia: Serums, in my mind, they’re kind of
like the game changers. We’ve prepared the skin really
nicely with the Fleuresse Cleanser, and now we’re gonna go in and we’re gonna feed
the skin. The Serum has the highest amount of the Swiss apple stem cell extracts in there,
and so we want to get that on the skin next. It’s going in there, it’s helping
repair the skin, nourish the skin, it’s gonna give you a smidge of
hydration, but most of us are gonna need a little bit more, but when you do skin
care is going in layers, so after the cleansing, you’re going to do thinner
products first, so that would be a serum, anything that’s a lotion or cream, those
come afterward. So this is gonna have a really good penetration. That’s why it’s
also the step two. Andreas: Got it. Very good. In terms of the Eye Crème, and I know for me, puffiness under my eyes has been something that’s been plaguing me of
late, and I want to say that it’s gotten better.
Why is this Eye Crème in particular helpful for that, or why use it in
general as well? Well it has the Fleuresse complex in it again, so all the
components and the power that that has, but it also has its own unique
ingredients, so I’ll pull one ingredient out that sticks in my mind it has
retinyl palmitate and retinyll palmitate is a very safe
ingredient to have into a skin care formulation, especially around the eyes,
it’s a gentle enough form of the vitamin A that your eye should be able to
tolerate that very nicely, and it’s kind of a cousin of retin-A, but in a very
much more acceptable form for the delicate skin. So it’s going to
create the cells to turn over differently than an alpha hydroxy, but
it’s going to create that division so it’s going to plump up the mattress of
the skin around the eyes. A lot of times what happens
when we’re aging, around the eyes especially, it’s getting thin. Gravity’s
pulling the face down, this skin is getting a lot thinner, and when we can
make those cells divide and keep that skin thicker for longer, the eyes are
going to appear to be slowed in the aging for the crepiness that’s coming.
So we want to reduce how fast the crepiness is going to start by keeping
the skin thick. It also helps to reduce the appearance of darkness around the
eyes and that’s two fold with this eye product. Not only the retinyl palmitate
it’s gonna help to keep the skin thicker to make the darkness not show through so
well, but it also has a reflective property with the mica, which is going to
instantly brighten the area around the eyes. And with the retinyl palmitate, even
though it’s a more gentle form of vitamin A, I do still recommend for those
with very sensitive skin try it just underneath the eyes in the morning every
other day for a week before you introduce anything new. Make sure that
your your eyes agree with the product and get acclimated. These are
concentrated products, if you’ve not used active properties in skin care, take it
one product at a time, seven days on one product, seven days on the next, and so on. So I
really do feel like it’s a really great formulation for an Eye Crème, but just
step into it slowly and then when you want to do the top part of the eyes, wait
till you’ve done the bottom for several applications just to make
sure that your skin is used to it, then only go underneath the brow bone.
Don’t go on the actual lid itself, because as especially for our nighttime
applications, which will come during week two when you’re trying to do the top as
well, products migrate as we sleep, because our body heats up. So just keep it away from the actual lid itself. Andreas: Yeah, you know, one thing I did
notice when I started using this, I actually loved the uses before I shoot
the videos because I really feel like it wakes up my skin. It’s like my eyes just
kind of open up and I feel like it brings a brightness and a tone to it for
video and or if I’m speaking on stage or wherever I’m going. So when we talk about this, how
does the Day Crème do something like that? I’ve even noticed in
the Night Crème that it really goes on thicker at night and it’s still on my
skin in the morning when I wake up. I noticed a
difference taking it off with the Cleanser in the morning– let’s just bring
it home with these final two, and then we’ll break down in future videos each
of the individual ingredients. Patricia: So, in going through the progression of the
skincare line after you’ve done one week of each, you finish
your Eye Crème application, then you’re gonna go on to your Day
Crème for daytime, one-pump should get you through your face and your neck. If
you want to be a superstar and also treat the decollete, which I feel like is
an extension of our face, you’re gonna be doing the same. You’ll cleanse, you’ll do
the CRM, and then you’ll do your Day Crème on top and the Day Crème is
formulated with some really strong antioxidants, vitamin C being one of
those, which is going to help to brighten the skin, combat oxidative stress from
the free radicals in the environment, and it’s essential for collagen production.
So with using something that helps brighten during the day is where we
would place this product and then of course after that you’re going to be
putting on your sunscreen. We call it a sunscreen because nothing blocks a
hundred percent. All of us know it is sunblock as well, but essentially we’re
going to be putting that as our last layer of defense every day after your
Day Crème, and then if you’re out in the afternoon and you’ve applied your
sunblock say in the morning before you left the house, but you want to walk the
dogs in the afternoon, go on your bike ride, exercise, hint-hint we should be
doing that! Then you’re gonna make sure you reapply your sunblock on top again
because it lasts for a couple hours and then your skin and the environment break
it down and you need to reapply. Otherwise you’re not protecting your
skin fully. Andreas: Yeah, well thank you, Patricia! I learned something new,
I hope you did. Decollete– that’s a big word. I didn’t know this was
called the decollete. So I hope you enjoyed today’s video, thanks again for
joining us. Oh we got, wait a minute, hang on, I got a little ahead. Okay, take it away. Patricia: I’ll let you shine with anything else, okay. A bit of marital banter.
So Night Crème is gonna be in place of the Day Crème at
night. You’re gonna go through the whole system again and put the Night Crème as
your last step. If you feel like you have extremely dry skin and you really want
more hydration, no problem with putting the Day Crème on and Night Crème over it
for daytime before your sunblock, and same at night if you want. You’re welcome to do
so, but I recommend doing it as its suggested first, and then you can adjust.
Maybe in the winter time you need to do the layering and in the summer you don’t.
Maybe in the summer you’re doing your Serum and then your sunblock and you
don’t feel like you need the Day Crème because you’re super
oil-rich in the summer, if you live in a really humid climate. So
just know you can you can tailor them up and customize a little bit according to
your region of where you live and also your skin type. Andreas: Okay very good. Anything
else? Patricia: I think that’s it! Andreas: Okay I just want to make sure I learned something else about applying
the Night Crème after the Day Crème and sunblock during the day. I never have
done that, so thank you for that. So I appreciate you joining us as
always, I hope you loved today’s episode, and if you did, we’d love it if you’d
subscribe to our channel. Post your comments and your questions below, and know
that Patricia and I will be coming back to you with more #healthylivingmovement
information to help you and your family live its true health potential. Follow us
on social media, hashtag healthy living movement, and we’ll see you again in
another episode! Patricia: See you next time!

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