Kyäni Wellness TV: Episode 040–The Power of Tocotrienols in Fleuresse

Hello and welcome to another episode of Kyäni
Wellness TV. I’m Patricia Morrone, Licensed Esthetician
here at Kyäni, and a member of the Scientific Advisory Board. Today I’m continuing our videos on the Fleuresse
Complex, which is a complex that makes the Fleuresse line extremely special and it’s
at the core of every single product that’s in the line. So we’ve already gone through the first three,
which is the Swiss apple stem cells, we went through the cosmetic-grade blueberries, noni,
and now, we are on to the last, but not least, tocotrienols that make up the Fleuresse Complex. I really love talking about the tocotrienols
because it is what makes up the oil loving part of this line. So in our skin, we have the acid mantle that
has all of the water components, then we have the oil components, so we need the oil components
in our skin to keep that pH balance and keep the acid mantle healthy, which is what protects
our skin from the environment. So not only does it do that, it’s considered
a super vitamin E; stronger than the regular vitamin Es that are out there on the market–the
tocopherols. Tocotrienols have been shown to be super. So, I’m calling them the super vitamin E! They are highly effective in preventing free-radical
damage, they’re going to heal and hydrate our skin. We talked a little bit about that hydration
from the oil. Research from Davo’s Life Science found that
tocotrienol was far more effective than the common agents like kojic acid in reducing
melanin formation, and I’ll explain what that means. Kojic acid for one is derived from mushrooms;
it’s a very well known ingredient in the aesthetic world for reducing surface pigmentation that
the sun produces–age related pigmentation, makes our skin look brown and with spots and
we want to fade that down because when people were studied, they actually they felt their
opinion that pigmented skin looked older than even fine lines and wrinkles, so kojic acid
is really well known and with this research, they found that tocotrienols were way more
effective in reducing the melanin formation, which is basically reducing the unwanted skin
pigmentation. Then kojic acid, a really well known. It was also found that you needed way less
amounts of the tocotrienols to get to those results, so something always new to learn
in skin care and in ingredients. Tocotrienols are definitely a super star. I hope you liked the video you watched today,
and please share this with others, leave your comments below, and subscribe to our YouTube
channel to continue to get more information about this fabulous line. I look forward to seeing you on the next video!

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