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Walking on that court, is, “Alright, this is my sanctuary. Let’s play,” [Music Playing] I’ve found nothing is as explosive as racquetball. It’s a way to keep my mind going all the time. The one-on-one kind of battle. Everybody can play. It’s not boring. Racquetball exhausts your body. It’s “stop”, “go”, your heart rate is up and down. It’s not on- just on your toes, but on the tips of your toes. So it keeps you going. It’s fun. And it’s always a challenge. [music continues] Well, the league breaks it down into A, B, C, and
D. And it’s nice knowing that as a beginner, I’m not gonna walk onto the court and be playing against a professional. And those that have a desire to kind of step up
a little bit, and play a little bit more competitively. I get to interchange them with the more experienced player. Whatever your level is, you’re gonna run into folks.
And a lot of them that can challenge you. The league coordinator brackets everything out for you
so you know who you’re playing next. No one’s sitting down, complacent. No one’s getting cold.
League sessions are usually two hours long. So, you play multiple players. By the end of the night,
you’ve done five games, 20 minutes each, with five different opponents. Uh, so you got a pretty good workout in. [music gets louder] To play racquetball, very- very inexpensive. The first step is to go to the front desk and tell them you want
to play on the league. You pay $20 and that guarantees your spot. There is a weekly leader board. You can see well, “Am I rated the first or second?” You’re always measuring yourself up against your friends. The nice thing about LA Fitness is that I know
that they have good courts, they keep them up. Floors are immaculate. The walls are kept immaculate. I personally think LA Fitness is place to meet, for me. We get to have fun. We get
cardio workout. We get great fellowship. So if you’re a racquetball player, if you’re even
a little bit interested in playing racquetball, uh, a membership for LA Fitness is the way to go. [music continues]

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  1. Outstanding, and completely true. A fantastic cardio and core workout, huge fun…never boring!

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