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lady Gaga was recently on Oprah
Winfrey’s show and she kind of had a bad take on the current state of mental
healthcare and while she did make a good point
this conversation is a little bit more nuanced and we need to have a discussion
about it so we can hopefully have some reform in the United States and that way
you can get the mental health care that you need what is up everybody this is
Chris from the rewired soul where we talk about the problem but focus on the
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I was I was informed about this subject from the video from YouTube’s resident
doctor dr. Mike all right and Lady Gaga was recently on Oprah Winfrey and dr.
Mike made a video about this because Lady Gaga said by the way if your
primary care doctor is prescribing you an antidepressant this should not be
happening primary care doctors should be introducing you to a psychiatrist and
expert in brain medication all right so I will link doctor Mike’s video down below
he makes some excellent points and I highly highly recommend that you go
check it out all right so I’m gonna be discussing you know some of my own
personal experience both you know just from my life and my struggles with
mental health and getting prescribed mental health medications but also
working at a drug and alcohol rehab where I had to help clients kind of
navigate the mental healthcare system after leaving treatment all right so the
first thing we need to talk about when it comes to Lady Gaga when it comes to
celebrities when it comes to youtubers it’s something called appearance bias
all right so appearance bias is this bias we have
where if somebody is you know attractive or wealthy like they’re rich and they’re
famous we’re like hmm this person must know what they’re
talking about right this is one of the reasons why people have an issue with
like celebrities endorsing candidates and everything like that right we need
to just be mindful of this just because somebody has a lot of money or a lot of
you know success in their realm it doesn’t necessarily mean they know about
the topic that they’re discussing so just always be skeptical of that stuff
hell even me even my videos be skeptical do your own research fact
check it double-check it whatever you got to do alright so let’s talk about
this like I will start out by saying that I absolutely agree with part of
what Lady Gaga is saying like we have a massive problem the United States with
over prescribing and over diagnosing people like it isn’t uncommon for you to
go see a primary care doctor and they’re like oh you have problems with your
attention here’s some adderall oh you get anxious take some xanax oh you have
a little aching pain here’s a prescription opioid you know
what I mean so that is something that we have to be mindful of and I think doc
and bike is really good about talking about you know turning to medications
especially mental health medications as a last resort rather than a first resort
so as a side note not every patient with anxiety and oppression needs
antidepressants and in fact that’s the beauty of family medicine we understand
that cognitive behavioral therapy DBT all these options work very well for our
patients and because we have existing relationships with these patients
because we’re their primary care providers we treat them for years we
know what works we know what medications they do well with they have direct
access to us and it only makes sense that we continue this line of treatment
until it passes that complexity line where we do need to get a specialist
like a psychiatrist involved like dr. Mike seems like the type of doctor where
if you saw him and you were going through a difficult time and he wanted
depressants he would try to guide you on the path
of you know building some resilience you know what I mean but we do have to be
mindful of it when it comes to you know primary care doctors or even
psychiatrist over prescribing medications I am very passionate about
that subject because I am a recovering prescription drug addict I used to go
around a doctor shop and easily get medications to fuel my addiction you
know what I mean so it’s something that I think about a lot so one book that I
highly recommend is the book called saving normal all right it’s written by
the guy who was actually the head of the dsm-4 and he really does a great job
discussing how we’re over prescribing a lot of medications and we’re over
diagnosing people right and how the DSM isn’t always the best tool to use to
diagnose somebody you know what I mean for example we talked about depression
something that was eliminated from the DSM was if if you just experienced the
loss of a loved one right that is now not a factor in the DSM when it comes to
diagnosing depression right so if you lose you know someone close to you right
parent a significant other a child basically it says if you’ve been
depressed for over two weeks you have clinical depression but it’s like how
long are you allowed to be depressed about the loss of a loved one okay so
let’s talk about psychiatry okay so by the way if you are confused about the
difference between like psychiatrists psychologists therapists counselors and
all that this is actually Katie Morgan’s books okay morton is like the therapists
of youtube she does an excellent job in her book discussing the differences
between those so psychiatrists are medical doctors and they are there to
prescribe medications but here’s the thing they’re not magicians all right
like they are trained in psychiatric medications and if you have the
resources to go to a psychiatrist go ahead and do it but like I was
reading somewhere that the average visit with a
psychiatrist it’s like 15 minutes 15 minutes like how much can you really get
done in 15 minutes like sometimes it takes us longer than 15 minutes to
figure out what we’re gonna order off the menu at a restaurant so it typically
takes longer than that to diagnose somebody so with what Lady Gaga is
saying like sometimes you know it’s not too much different than what primary
care doctors are doing so real quick based on my experience so my my primary
care doctor she prescribes my medications but but she’s a very very
good primary care doctor like she will not even attempt to prescribe me certain
medications as I listen if this doesn’t work we need to get you to a
psychiatrist right like she is very humble about what she knows about and
what she doesn’t know about you know what I mean and I appreciate that about
her but here’s one of the issues when it comes to psychiatry and I’ll just give
you a quick little anecdote here working at the drug-and-alcohol treatment center
part of what I did was I would follow up with clients after they left and we
would always send them off with a refill of their prescriptions and an aftercare
plan and all that stuff right and sometimes the person wouldn’t refill
their prescriptions or they would have follow up with the aftercare plan like
we have case managers who would set them an appointment with a psychiatrist you
know what I mean and the person would miss that appointment and here’s
something that we need to take into consideration is for your first
psychiatrist visit like sometimes it can take like a month to get in there this
is from dealing with thousands of clients who told me that I Kris I ran
out of my medications I called a psychiatrist because I missed my
appointment and it’s gonna take a month to get in there so this is where we need
to lean on primary care doctors and just pray to the gods that they are accepting
what they don’t know about mental health meds and also while we’re trusting what
they do know you know what I mean um like but I always recommend that you
do your own research on mental health meds like I’m iffy about like you know
asking others like what was your experience with this medication all of
us are different we can all react differently to different mental health
medications for example for most of you know the last six years seven years or
so I was on lexapro but I know so many people who had a really bad side effect
from lexapro you know what I mean so if you asked me about my experience
with lexapro it was awesome if you ask somebody else
it was terrible so just be mindful when you’re asking
about other people’s experience so the main thing I want to talk about here is
the current state of mental health care in the United States so again when we
see celebrities talking about this stuff we need to be cautious all right because
there are tens of millions of uninsured Americans in the United States for most
of the last year I was uninsured right and this is something that millions and
millions and millions of Americans are struggling with and a psychiatrist visit
is far more expensive than a primary care doctor so when I see Lady Gaga talk
about this stuff I’m like yeah but everybody’s not a millionaire not
everybody can get into a psychiatrist immediately not everybody can afford a
psychiatrist sometimes you can’t even afford a primary care doctor visit you
know what I mean so it’s important to know what you’re working with and then
see who you can see so I highly recommend if you have no insurance at
all and you’re broke like check out your state all right you can call I believe
you can call for one one and ask them like hey are there any you know
government-funded clinics here right so there are a lot of government-funded
mental health clinics where you can go in there you can talk to a therapist
sometimes they have psychiatrists there sometimes they have doctors who you talk
to right and then like if you have Medicaid or something like that they can
prescribe you these medications so like I said when I started this video it’s
much more nuanced than just saying don’t let your primary care doctor
subscribe you medications because sometimes that is your best option so
one thing I want to talk about before I let you go is in dr. Mike’s video he
discussed the dangers of self diagnosis and absolutely please for the love of
God never diagnose herself right and I think dr. Mike was just on a roll when
he was talking like I get into and I talk and he mentioned self-help books
right so like I said never diagnose yourself but again with so many people
who are without insurance for so many people who are broke sometimes books or
your best option to start working on your mental health
for example Kati Morton licensed therapist wrote a book okay this book by
the way is more helping you understand therapy than methods that you can use to
help yourself but man books are cheap right you can go
to your library there are many websites where they sell thrift books and some of
the top psychologists in the world are putting all of their knowledge into
books you know what I mean so like me I am very fortunate to have a full time
job and have health insurance and everything like that like I you know I
get my prescriptions refilled I still got a co refill of today I have a
therapist you know but I still read a ton of books I’m constantly learning
about new coping skills and everything like that
so I do think that self-help books are extremely extremely beneficial to people
who don’t have the financial means to go see doctors psychiatrists and all that
stuff like once you get on your feet do it but never use a self-help book to
diagnose yourself but from what I’ve seen like and I’ve read so many books
like in the last year I’m almost at about a hundred books most of them on
psychology and mental health and everything I can’t think of any of them
that I’ve read that’s like hey this is how you know that you have
clinical depression none of them say that most of them are just like hey
depressed people this helps them anxious people this helps them you can find the
people who are like the leading researchers in things like trauma and
portal and personality disorder and all sorts of other disorders and they have
tools in there so what we need to understand about therapy is I highly
recommend you give therapy if you could afford therapy because therapists are
there to help you open up get down to the root of your issue
we always need somebody that we can talk to about these things and therapists are
also there to keep you on the right path like it when you’re on the road to your
mental health recovery it is easy to just start veering off the road all
right and following up with a therapist can help you get back on track and stay
on track right because a lot of us we don’t want to put in the work like
looking at yourself self-reflection going into your past there’s things we
don’t want to do so it’s easy to just Boop take off so a therapist keeps you
on track but but if you can’t afford a therapist you have to have some personal
accountability and just recognize that there are so so so many tools out there
that can help you all right so I want to end with this
I do think Lady Gaga’s heart is in the right place she has been very open about
her traumas as she’s been through she is an advocate for mental health and
everything but I just think we always need to remember that some of these
celebrities and I don’t think she has bad intentions in any way shape or form
but some of these celebrities they lose touch of what it used to be like when
Lady Gaga was like that starving artist like playing the piano at small New York
clubs like she needs to recognize like a majority of people are in that financial
status you know what I mean so when making these statements we always need
to take those people in the consideration you know I have worked
with far too many people who don’t have insurance or lose their insurance
and we need to be aware of the resources that are out there all right but anyways
double description below please as soon as you’re done with this video go check
out the dr. Mike video it is phenomenal alright but that’s all I got for this
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  2. Ouch! Didnt see the video yet. But a friend of mine ended her own life almost 2 years ago… And she loved Gaga… The last thing she posted on het social media just before she took her own life, was a Gaga song.

    She had prof. help. But not a good one, they couldnt help her/or didnt help her.

    So this is going to be a difficult video i guess…

  3. One suggestion I often make to addicts who have other mental health issues is to see a doctor a psychiatrist that specializes in addiction. I agree that your primary care doctor should know you better but they may not have the expertise needed to know the best route to take. An addiction psychiatrist is way less likely to throw pills at an addicti for mental health disorders without being sure they are necessary. Addiction science is changing so frequently as more studies are done and therefore doctors who specialize in this field are more likely to know the safest and best medications for a recovering addict. Psychiatrists are fine but addiction psychiatrists are always going to be the safest bet for recovering addicts needing additional mental health help. Unfortunately many general practitioners do not have the same education on how addiction and mental health work together.

  4. I think Lady Gaga meant well with her advice she was saying but she is only speaking from her personal experience. She does not know the struggle of being unemployed without insurance and on the brink of doing something bad. I remember when I was such in a dark hole my parents were thinking of taking me to the psych ward (which I don't even know how they or I would afford that) and I went to my primary instead and what she prescribed helped me from going off the edge. Im very grateful my primary has walk in hours where I can get help right away I think more primaries should offer that. It would also probably decrease people going to the emergency room.

  5. I've been a fan of Gaga, but I've never watched many interviews of hers. And there is something that bugs me in the way she speaks, it is supposed to be super deep and inspirational, but when you sit to think about it it isn't actually that profound. I'm not a mental health professional either, but a lot of the things she said, for instance about how she wants to fix this and that, just sounded either delusional, or based on such limited experience. Or worse, maybe of some sort of grandiosity, which would not surprise me coming from someone famous. Still, it's respectable that she's trying to help.

  6. I have found that my psychiatrist was more willing to throw meds at me and my Primary Dr. was way more strict with prescribing medications that could become addictive. Example: Xanax
    My Primary wanted me to try other meds and was against bentos. One appointment with the Psychiatrist and I walked out with a prescription for it. I also.. was diagnosed (wrongfully) within 10 mins from a psychiatrist.

  7. Lady Gaga is right, primary care doctors are primary care and when needed they refer you to the second line care (it's called like that in my country) like a therapist or a psychiatrist.

  8. Stop spreading shit about people and making fake narratives. You only hurt people and never once have you done something positive. I don't hope for your channel to be deleted or anything I only hope that you truly understand how often you hurt others.

  9. please delete your channel and stop feeding people into accepting your fake advice. you are NOT a certified psychologist and have no right to have input on this. you digust me

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