Larry and Sue Hill’s Story | Vanderbilt Health Stories of Impact

(gentle music) – As a early child, at 18
months, I contracted an infection that caused me to have
to have sulfa drugs, and I received an overdose. I recovered pretty quickly, and I was able to live a normal life. Eventually, I ended up going to work for Department of Energy at Y-12. But any of these, it really
affects you later in life. And so, in my 40s I started
showing dysfunction. I eventually was able to get on the kidney transplant list at Vanderbilt. I got a call at 8:30 in
the night from Dr. Langone, and he said, “Its a near perfect match,
don’t have a wreck.” – Its always an exciting moment. Patients who are lucky enough
to receive a kidney transplant have a lot more hope and
better quality of life overall. Our outcomes here at
Vanderbilt are excellent. And, he did well I mean,
there was really no hiccups with his surgery or his followup since. – The recovery was somewhat hard. Adjusting to the medications. Adjusting to a different diet. Once we got through that
is when you really realized what a wonderful gift you had received. I don’t think there’s any
greater gift that you can give. – We decided that we should figure out some way we can pay this gift forward. I noticed how people really
work together at Vanderbilt. We thought, how can we be a
part of the transplant team? So, we got in touch with Tim,
the estate and gift planning, and we decided to provide a gift that would help with research. – You know, I think every
patient’s a part of the team. They have to be, because they’re invested. The patients who have the
ability to leave money, either through a will or
through direct donation, are making a greater impact
than they could ever recognize. – Making that commitment that says, “I want to be part of this, “I want to take action and not
just sit back and receive,” makes a difference. – I feel fairly good that Sue and I are a very small part
of the transplant team. We’re not going to go back to
medical school at this point. So, maybe this gift will
help others down the road. (gentle music)

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