Leader on proposed joint Surrey health and wellbeing strategy

This plan is absolutely about prevention.
It is about helping people not to fall into chronic conditions. I will
remind you of my favourite set of statistics which is that thirty percent
of the health outcomes, your health outcomes, wider determinants of health, are
to do with your own lifestyle choices. It’s what you eat, what you drink, what
you smoke, whether you exercise and so on. Twenty percent of health outcomes are as the
consequence of medical interventions so that’s your your GP services, your primary
care services and and those at hospital. And the other 50% are all around the
environment and housing and so, things that this council and the district and
borough councils and the parish councils can absolutely influence. And
that is why we are working as a county authority in an
increasingly close relationship with Surrey Heartlands and the NHS to deliver those
outcomes. We cannot do it on our own and indeed nor can they. There is work to be
done as I mentioned in response to Dr. Grant-Duff’s
comments about how we get this delivered and how we measure that delivery and
part of that is is around the proposed establishment of a committee in common.
So at the moment the way in which services are commissioned is a bit, could
be described as a bit, haphazard. It’s done in different ways
across the CCGs and across the county and what we want to do is very much to
have a strategic commissioning approach to those services

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