Learn How To Fix Your Physical Injuries and Become Pain Free!

9 thoughts on “Learn How To Fix Your Physical Injuries and Become Pain Free!

  1. This isn’t cheesy at all this is what the world and mainstream especially needs ! Great video man I’m interested in all this stuff you have my support

  2. I'm definitely all In for this. Loved the functional patterns videos you shared. At first I was skeptical of their videos, but even I have tried out some of the techniques and it showed some relief with my anterior pelvic shift and tilt.
    Can't wait to see your future videos

  3. Cannot wait to see the videos you produce on Naudi Aguilar and really bringing the sustainable answers to biomechanics. Love your videos, keep doing great shit bro! Stoked to see what's next

  4. Thank you for what you are doing, thank you so much.

    I have had knee pain since 2015, a torn meniscus. My last MRI, 2 months ago, showed that the affected area has almost no meniscus left. Incipient arthrosis they call it, like, about-to-damage-your-tibial-cartilage arthrosis.

    It’s been a four and half year journey by now. I will spread the word about this channel. It needs to grow.

  5. Your awesome for actually acting on your empathy for others and taking your time to share all this info with us.

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