Lecture 34 : Employee Counseling & Wellbeing (Contd.)

Okay so welcome to the next session that is
do you remember about that we talked about employee counseling program and how it could
be make more effective and the kind of all the seen procedures that is to be followed
by the organizations and will we looked into the issues a little mental health what are
the status in India and what makes of it. Now there are issues that organizes are facing
is like the stress and I have given a very common phenomenon today and the world of work. What we are going to discuss today is what
kind if counseling activity can be provided to induce the system because the sister is
there it is going to be a effective system and that is why system management has become
very challenging activity for the organizations you know that as far the development program
or management development was the part of the development program or the management
development program most of the alikeness this kind of program. They send people to attend this kind of programs
they become aware about the kind of systems they are assessing and how to coop up with
the challenges of justice. So in this system what we were discussing
here is issues in the lecture 2 systems like what causes systems so what factors which
are responsible what happens if you are in the stress what changes happens and what are
the outcomes and what kind of influences we have planned. So that what kind of introvances can be planned
so that it makes you more effective right so with this introduction. We are going to start the counseling for stress
management fourth session. What does stress mean some definitions of
these are such factors in the environment which is going to affect you and ultimately
which is going to affect physically as well as mentally right so these environmental stresses
belong to organization belong to the environment may be belong to the family it may be related
to the context of the situation or there could be number of environmental forces at the individual
level at the organized level at the environment of the situational level. All these factors are going to affect you
and they are going to affect you in the different way probably they few are going to be under
stress right and then you have to see that how they are going to respond to the challenges
of the individual environmental forces right that is very important and that is why we
need to see that how you deal with the stress right may be the situation coming with the
organization and policies okay or may be yourself. For example you are taking too much work and
you are not able to do it in a given time and you know that your boss is asking for
you to do that complete the job and you can adroit so you are responsible for taking up
this which you can adore so you are going to be stressed so how you have to deal with
this one suggestion I can say that you cannot do it do not take it otherwise you will create
a stress to you. Similarly there could be factors related to
the thing organizational level supervisor are responsible for that how there it could
be a factors are responsible how to identify how are to deal with various stresses which
you are to stressed to and that is the thing we are going to discuss right because you
will find the people have different kind of stress dealing with the stress. So people are going to be have in four different
way when it comes to the dealing with the stresses which is coming out now are been
in the right outer the environment so there could be individual reasons so which is very
important to understand that I say the individual how I am going to deal with a stressful situation
which is coming to you may be because of any kind of reasons depending upon kind of resources
that you meet. The kind of personality you have the kind
of attitude you develop okay there could be a number of factors which are going to help
you to see the tools and techniques that can be used to reduce our stress right and that
is very important when you are going to react to distinct stress you have to use those tools
and techniques that we will discuss to ensure that you are able to get rid of this kind
of problems. Because it causes lot of as I said to the
individual not only it act as an physical health it acts also as mental health. Start discuss of the key terms that is that
will list as so the stressor is something which is causing stress in any kind of environmental
conditions right so these environmental sources basically cause you to experience a hardy
stress to they are known as stressors. So second is eustress is the kind of positive
stress that results from meaning challenges and difficulties and the expectations of achievement
right so see if there is no stress probably you will not work at all okay so some kind
of stress would be a part for you to work effectively right now let’s look at the
relationship become the stress in performance and why you needs to behave with that. So suppose this is a stress. You are increasing their kin of performance
now the relationship that you can have between the stress and performance is going to do
something like this it means the optimum level of stress which leads to hard level of performance
beyond the stresses it will move to that it is going to reduce your performance. So what I want to say here is that eustress
is the positive stress which helps you to scoop up with the challenges and you are able
to deal with the situations that is coming on with the environment right. Then we will discuss some other term like
the stress it is negative stress. Okay that is what the stress actually is then
so if there is a high stress there comes the negative here and in this case what happens
you will not be able to deal with the problem okay and then there could be lot of issues
related that one. And these stress actually is the stress okay
in which is their because of stresses with their right and finally we have. Job strain the strain is the outcome of the
stress right so since you are going to make the requirements of the job in a organization
and environmental forces are there to accept you so you are under strain what are the people
it is going to be effective you are going to take it all on your physical and mental
health okay. So the person has stress whatever outcome
is there that are known as strain okay because if you are not able to make these demands
you are going to be affected more right and that is why we call it stress and stress is
eustress distress and job strain these comes must will look into. Now look at this if you look at this figure
two questions that have been asked are you stressed at workplace? Then how to recognize it? So it is very well part into understand that
whether you are stressed out into identified that is so how is stress Yes and there is a example it is very common
it is at he burned place burned out or you want to burned out burned out in different
situations it could be an outcome of stress where because of certain reasons you are not
able to perform well so in such case of burned out what happens your performance literates
your de personalize or not able to maintain your relationship in your place okay. The certain jobs which is causes more burned
out like you are an apologize ina call center okay otherwise doctors are burned out you
know because the things that they are doing okay your feelings will be discharged okay
you depersonalize yourself okay your performance derives or a figure of time because that kind
of work you are doing okay so the burned out is another situation that now if you look
at this graph you can see very clearly that to a certain level of stress that is good. But beyond is it is bad right you are always
need to keep some kind of stress so that you can perform so certain level your performance
arouse and beyond that it goes down and that is very important to understand the concept
of stress and burned out. Now moving further. What are the things happens or how to recognize
they have a stress and this lets looks at the picture we can observe it very clear okay
here this animal is able to identify seems that their sight I think there is a stress
because the certain condition sometimes in terms which he is feeling okay he finds that
is legs are bound he is losing certain things and are all kind of things happening so he
realizes that they have certain problem with him and that is very important and that is
very which gives certain things in terms of performing or his health all kind of things
and that is very important that is why we need to look into these kind of issues very
seriously right. Look at the stress related conditions one
by one what happens in this stress and actually helps you to recognize whether you have a
stress or not okay you feel uneasy you have worries you have loss of appetite okay sometimes
the energy level goes very high also you know sometimes all stress inside to do lot of things
okay you lose loss of appetite okay your immune system gets affected you know and the stress
you know sometimes you lose your physical elements also .
Your heart beat goes up your immune system goes down and metabolism goes up right and
that will be related to the hypertension and some kind of things have lose motions and
all kind of things that happen this might be causable right then this is acute this
is chronic you have exactly acts a depression things sometimes says the resistant was down
some irritable losses sex drive high blood pressured diabetes okay so do not be a definite
what I try to tell you is that this kind of problems might happen if under stress because
a stress results in certain stages in the physiological mechanism which might led to
the blood pressure sugar level and this kind of things. Are even the depression okay then lot of hormones
which may be possible for these kind of things I took levels find yes that is not very disturbing
but if should become certain chronic level if you move from a acute to chronic level
this definitely needs certain influences to look into so that you are able to solve this
kind of problems. Moving further if you look at some of the
models especially at the workplace what will it happens and this model is known as effort
reward imbalance model of the workplace stress so look into the relationship between the
effort and the reward we are putting lot of effort because there is required lot of effort
to the organization okay and you expect better reward but that is not coming up o if there
is a imbalance between your effect and reward then you feel stress. You feel that something that will expect because
you are working very hard is not coming out in terms of rewards in terms of demands okay
this could be modulated by what to overcome it okay that is an another important factor
is high effective okay so this is one theory the other theory is you say. That demand control model of workplace stress
okay and there are two factors that is job demand and job control and if you look at
this four quadrants okay that is look at this model that suggests when we experience stress
who experiences stress that depends upon the distinct to which you are able to have control
or the way you are going to decide certain things how to do it when to do it to the better
control better all I good. If you have less control then it is not good
so if you have better control then it leads to lesser stress if you have low control then
it is not good similarly if the job command is very high then you are going to have high
level of stress so if you have low control job and stress this job command is very high
then you are going to have high stress that is what you clled all these stress right. Similarly if the job demand is very high but
you have able to control yourself you have very high control immure job then you have
to use this that is good because that will help you to coop up with the challenges okay
and then you will be able to perform that is call you stressed but if there is low job
demand and you do not have high control and there is different less stresses in such case
what happens your performance is not going to look at. But both of them are low then suppose if you
do not have control over the job demand is also not good as I revealed then you become
passive so this model suggests depending upon the demand and then control the kind of stress
you are going to is to be high or low then what next to be done we just to be look into
right. So it is very important that those who are
able to travel with stress it is important for the organizations managements or even
HRD professionals to see that how they are going to manage such stress interval so any
kind of activity program okay which is initiated by organization which focuses on the ways
of stress related to stress you know that lot of organizations today are for meditation
programs or yoga’s that is also away to look at how you are going to reduce the level
of a stress that helps you to reduce your stress. So let we discuss the techniques related to
the stress for any kind of stress management information any kind of activity offered with
HRD department to assist it implies to reduce the level of stress is called a intervention
or stress management intervention. Now what we have to do is to identify what
are goes there organize stresses okay we talk about these kind of stresses related to work
situation and organizations but the organize stresses are very important similarly work
with lot kind of stresses also so we will talk about the factors which causes a stress
especially if you look at the organize related factors okay which are related to the job
you are not able to do it or you do not get support okay. The structure and control process is different
who is going to supervise how much supervision is there and the roles and responsibilities
and how much control you have worked in the job that is also important then what are you
able to relate regarded with performance or not so that is what going to cause stress
performance such that there are the chase systems are there okay policies related to
govern a performance rewards okay carrier promotion so all kind of things. Also little stress then supervisor is the
most important cause you know that there is a statement saying that people could live
supervise they are supervisors and that actually suggest that a stress to be an factor the
positive leadership qualities that is if you have an effective leadership probably you
will be able to better manage the employees and you will not create any kind of stress. Leadership is an important factors now if
you look at some of the work related stressors okay then if your role is not clear what you
are suppose to do what is expected from you right or if you overload yourself the best
remedy is you should have the ability to say no right in order to avoid the state of overload. Occupation creates more stress as I told you
like if you are in a cause into job nursing jobs or doctor jobs it just creates more stress
because of the nature of the job they will be dealing with the public okay because then
you have lots of stress so sit has to be depends upon the nature of the occupation that you
are inadequate then what kind of resource you have to perform a resource inadequacy
if you have less resources probably it creates problem. Then workplace basically conditions you have
workplace conditions both physical as well as psychological climate it should be good
physical environment like lighting then ventilation and all these kind of things based on all
this should be good you need to create a good aliens and that is what important similarly
to create a culture of support so that we need not to create any conditions so we have
been talking about to working conditions it includes both. Then you have leadership style what kind of
leadership style is obtained the managers and then what kind of monitoring system we
have or you have to do close monitoring systems or all the time implies a one managed and
monitored what they are doing or you understand that your employees are good and if they no
need to be monitored must so they will take care of themselves so you go for less supervision
and that results in better performance as I said. Which we are going to provide them that result
in which we are going to in less supervision and that results in better performance they
will take care of them which are in sequence reward or not let us provide sequence organize
good because our security reduces the level of stressors are exactly that is associated
which results so people think now they are happy as because they are not worried about
this kind of things so they think about how to do and how not to do their performance. So these are the work related stresses was
very important so people able to understand when it comes to assessment then diagnosis
that what causes stress so that it is related to the organize factor or the environmental
factors. Now look at the consequences what happens
under stresses okay so we talked about the antigenic factors now we are going to talk
about the consequences of stress so these ar the psychological consequences you may
have anxiety depression low self esteem sleeplessness frustration family problems burnout okay so
these are the psychological conditions in which are going to be there provided you have
going to assume the stress. As stress goes beyond at the level going to
asset you individually then you are going to have this psychological problem anxiety
is very normal but if this anxiety most of the times becomes deep then you may get into
the pressure severe depression then you will lose your self esteem then sleep is disturbed
you will not be able to sleep you have seen I have seen people under stress sequence people
will take pills to reduce stress right then you feel frustrated all the time. You have frustrated with the family problems
as a members and others and that creates lots of problems in the society and the family
and then you feel going down it could be related to the nature of the person are doing hard
hours and what kind of things will happen this may be the cause now these are the psychological
issues which will happen to the individual if he is under a stress. Similarly there could be several issues to
the individual like you know that people under stress excessive smoking taking drugs okay
you met accidents okay you may lose your appetite okay and you may as you listen these kind
of activities and you might have met many people of aggressive activities and you might
have met many people because of the stress and fear of losing job workers become violent
aggressive and they even started damage in the property and how to clues. And lot of example that you can find out and
this could be related to stress because at the point of time the job is taken that right. These factors are responsible for these kind
of activities and then in some point of kind the job I taken that why these factors were
responsible and then this kind of activities given here and then the people has to figure
the problem that many who are under stress then lots of changes specially the psychological
methods. So what does it happens if you look at the
physiological mechanism the physiological system actually especially the glands it secrets
hormones there are certain hormones in the certain amount okay if they are going to create
hormones from the excessive amount you can have all kind of problems okay because you
have under stress then these kind of problems might happen to may lead to high blood pressure
muscle tension headaches also ulcers sometimes it may not be realized that it this could
be the reason for stress yes it may happen. Or some other diseases like your immune system
gets disturbed you may have musculoskeletal disorders okay you may feel cramp on your
legs body okay when in larger extent you can have certain problems related to the heart
also okay and several kind of things I mean their certain things that could be released
where the body which is not good for you okay so if you are under stress certain hormones
which are released were in the body system manner which may cause this kind of problems
okay. Because these are that reasons which is more
that leads to stress this system is maintained like a physiological process the morally the
physiological process so if you are under extreme stress this kind of physiological
processes is registered okay and that causes such a hormones to be released in the excessive
or not. Which creates lots of problems for the individuals
s if you look at individuality which is going to affect mentally your behavior gets eustress
your physical you face lots physical stress okay go to the basic cause is the stress right
now if you look at organize consequences yes. You will loss activity performance compensation
is less okay you are going to spend more on your health cause okay and there will be more
medical expenses because if you are under stress you have uncertain physiological stress
which you go to the doctor he will be able to treat the physical problems then unless
you are cured for stress the problem may be lapse or it may again come up or you are going
to face same problems. As you see certain peoples see in some classes
have this kind of physical analysis which was identified to require their basic problem
they continue to have those kind of problem which is very, very important to relate these
kind of things with their stress and that is why you know that organizations have these
kind of stress management program and this is very popular among the people and they
go for this kind of things And that is what I have been talking about
look into the performance okay if you look at human performance the peak performance
goes when you have optimum level of stress which stimulates you to perform well okay
if you have a very low stress too little stress in that case you can perform better okay you
understood you are not driven by motivated enough to perform well. But if you look at this optimum level of the
stress then it I good then it create a stimulation you are motivated in terms to do better performance
then ultimately you have this over stimulation and then over stimulation is there it is very
bad too much stress is not good and have this stress you have to call relative stress. Now what is important is to offer certain
stress management interventions which is good okay like you need to educate people so that
they are able to identify what are the various process of stress what happens when you are
under stress and helps you how t avoid and coop up with this kind of things okay they
need to be addicted to certain kind of things what could be the various ant serials of stress. We have planned about work related factors
that is more important the kind of stress in workplace then what are the consequences
also we have discussed about various consequences related to individual and the organization
right now it is going to part in that you have to plan intervention how who are going
to scoop up with this how you are going to challenge those or coop up with this challenges
which has been created by the stress. What are the activities you need to do or
plan in general I am discussed about the requirement of this similar case that you need to plan
in certain interventions that we need to look into right so you need to develop certain
skills okay some of the examples are taken here like you will need to better manage your
time you should be more effective and in this kind of things so this kind of things will
help you to manage your stress in a better right so which is very important as you list
out some of the issues s related to this. So now if you look at this you need to identify
what are the stresses at the first stress okay then as a cognition that is cognitive
approval of the stresses that you are able to identify what causes stresses and the next
level what could be you coping strategies right now if you look at the interventions
that could be planned at the individual level like going for meditation exercise relaxation
positive approaches understanding those things in a better way in a prospective. Setting goals is going for time management
in case of organization you can go for restructuring we can design the jobs so that person feel
less stress okay you make sure that your selection placement program is looking better otherwise
seem to you try to do them the working condition required in running development so they are
better equipped with knowledge and skill to perform well. Right so these are the industrial and organize
interventions that could be planned and similarly you are some make sure that your demand and
the job demand that the person criticize okay I similarly also make sure for the authority
is going to lose certain things okay and take care of these kind of things in terms of relations
and practices which is in term concerned to the individual right. Then it is this kind of interventions are
planned then you have to perform to see that how who is going to take care of himself in
terms of blood pressure heart rate okay and other kind of heart related problems it also
used to help him to improve the quality of life so you would not be even if to feel less
in the intervention right and you will not have some psychotically complaints like the
problem may be the physical or may be psychological and that is what we manage psychotic problems. For example you might be feeling cramp in
your legs muscles so you go for some kind of treatment but the reason may be something
that is psychological right similarly it is if you are going o plan these interventions
definitely it improve activity and this kind of things for the organization you have less
kind of stress causing less realize accident would be less right it would help to do improve
the performance action right less burned out and this kind of things right. So if you look at the interventions it is
very important to plan this kind of intervention of the individuals so that you can be filled
out. Look at some of the examples this is related
to what relaxation this work like balance just look at the eating habits right this
is slave right this is something else meditation anywhere meditation was specific. Now look at some of this is related to what
can you guess it now this is what we call assertiveness you have to be assertive polite
right for in your statement that is very important these both of them are very Grammatik this
is exercise so these are some of the examples that I have given you with these pictures
to explain what kind of interventions can be planned at the individual level by the
organization for the individual of the organization So you get addict to work it out and then
ultimately we have the model for this means you have to focus on the individual identify
what is problem is okay so that he is able to help to coopup with the situations and
perhaps more focus on the stressors because always you are able to remove the stresses
from the environment due to continue those stresses so it is very well very important
to look into those stresses which might cause this kind of problems. And then we have to see how effectiveness
interventions for managing stresses are which is going to help you so yes they have been
definitely helping people and that is why lot so stress management interventions have
been conducted by the organizations help people t reduce the level of stress and similarly
the alternatively to reduce the stresses so they need to go for it is having behalf of
all kind of things restructuring creating culture and causes and system which supports
people right. So that it could be good for the organizations
so So if the system guidance look for the specific
or to the individual and analyze the problem look at the focuses solutions especially it
is to offer a intervention and say that whether it is rated to some individuals it is for
the organizations or the group is suffering this kind of problem and accordingly you are
related to low feedback for this kind of activities can be taken out thank you very much.

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