Let’s learn Goal 3 “Good health and well-being for everyone”! [Hello Kitty Supports the SDGs Goal 3]

Kitty Hello, this is… Kitty What, this again?! HELLO KITTY “GLOBAL” CHANNEL, here we go! Kitty: Hello! May I ask who’s calling? ED: Hello, Kitty. It’s Natalia Kanem, I am the Executive Director of UNFPA. Kitty Nice to meet you, Dr. Kanem. Kitty Uh … UN … FPA? ED: Yes! That’s correct! We are UNFPA, the United Nations reproductive health and rights agency. Kitty: Reproductive health… Which Global Goals are related to reproductive health? ED: Our focus at UNFPA is particularly Goal 3 and Goal 5 Our work contributes to the other Goals, too. Kitty: If I remember correctly, Goal 3 is “Good health and well being” and Goal 5 is “Gender Equality,” right? ED:   Right you are, Kitty. For example, for Goal 3 we work to keep pregnant women and babies healthy. Kitty:  Wow, mums and babies! Babies, their mere existence brightens all our lives…! ED: Indeed, all around the globe we want mums to thrive, babies to be born safely. Our wish if for both mum and baby to live well afterwards. However, I’m sorry to say that is not something we can take for granted, Kitty. Kitty: Umm… what do you mean? ED: Well, for example take a look at this. Children whose mothers die during childbirth are also more likely to die before their 2nd birthday. Kitty : Oh, no… ED: So sad! There is good news though! With improved services and access to basic health care, pregnancy and childbirth outcomes are getting safer and safer, even in rural communities where there’s no doctor. In the past 25 years pregnancy and childbirth outcomes have improved, but we have to pick up the pace. We still have a long way to go. Kitty: It looks like things are improving gradually. Thank goodness…! Kitty: But there are some special efforts being made, right? Is that your work? ED: Yes, it is. Two things to know: First, UNFPA has “heroes” helping women all of the globe; and second, we have “special kits” for the heroes to use. Kitty: Wow! So what kind of hero is that? And what is the “special kit”? ED: Would you like to see for yourself? Kitty: Yeah! I would love to! ED: Great! I’ll set it up right now, Kitty. Kitty: Thank you, I’ll get ready! ED: Thanks Kitty, I think you’re going to learn a LOT! Bye! Kitty: Bye! Kitty: oh, Meet there…where? Oh no! Dr. Kanem, please wait! HELLO KITTY “GLOBAL” CHANNEL ! Kitty: Looks like the destination is Bangladesh. I think I’m going to go right away.Ready, set, go! I’ve arrived! This is Shahjalal International Airport in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It’s not as hot as I thought it would be. And the humidity is not bad. But, wow, there’s a lot of people! In Bangladesh, the city and the people seem to have a lot of energy. That looks tasty! Anyway, I have to find the hero that Dr. Kanem was talking about! Kitty: Please subscribe to my channel!

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  2. キティさんの中の人、このために英語で収録してくださったのかな…?言葉が自然なように感じます。

  3. SUP KITTYY HERE 470-396_5813 See What happens Ho when you get finish talkin to me my little sister what s to talke to you 🌀👍 See ya!

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