26 thoughts on “Life, by Okinawa: An alternative fitness regime

  1. i LOVE when i come across GREAT adverts!!! I watched all of this, it's BEAUTIFUL :3 Made me all emotional :'/ <3 All of it resonated so deeply in my heart :3 <3

  2. Daniel you are perfect Model.. I like your Dressing Sense and regular See ur fashion update on Pinterest.. Keep IT on..

  3. What is the name and place (in Okinawa) of that dojo? I live in Okinawa and used to practice Karate, and I am considering re-engaging.

  4. Daniel..du hattest einen wirklich grossen Sensei ,der die einen Bruchteil vom Okinawa Goju Ryu gezeigt hat… Respekt vor deiner Leistung…da Du aus Düsseldorf stammst wie ich und falls du Interesse an traditionelles Goju Ryu hast.

    Schaue dir das Dojo Go Me Kan in Düsseldorf an

    Viele Grüße

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