Life Sucks – Stress.

I’m Max. A state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting
from adverse or very demanding circumstances. When the world hits, it won’t hold back. As soon as you see the thing that’s gonna harm you then
it’s best to post up as fast as you can because it’s gonna hurt. More work, less rest, as always. More chores manifest, as always. So sore, so stressed, as always. Max sits in his room, trying to record
audio for “Life Sucks – Stress”, then there is an ass-load of people on Twitter
calling him a lying and fake piece of shit because he made a fucking video acting as a mean
person and a tiny amount of his fans took it seriously. Then theres a few people on YouTube calling him
out and trying to expose him for said video, because it unintentionally drew attention
towards the individuals in those videos. Then there’s the handfull of incredible yet
vulnerable friends on Skype & Discord, constantly messaging him for help because
they are dealing with a cataclysmically horrifying and destitute set of potentially fatal issues involving
the worst that life could ever bring to a person, like abuse, disorders, death,
depression, self-harm and suicide. Then there’s his dad disgorging poor
names of his mother in the adjacent room. Then there’s his sister crying and brutally blasting
music in her ears to hopefully blanket the yelling. Then there’s his dog barking at the noise that the
retarded man keeps bawling throughout house. Then there’s his gorgeous girlfriend
sobbing in the Skype call in front of him because she sometimes seems to
believe that her face is hideous no matter how rapturously and
unbelievably beautiful she actually is. And even when all of that is not enough there’s still all of the bills he has to pay, all of the
computer and Internet issues he have has to fix, all of the work he has to do, all of the favors he
has to hold, all the friends he has to support, all the famility he has to visit, all the idiots
he has to ignore, all the people he has to talk to, and all of the everything that ever entered
his eyes and ears that has to be dealt with I’m gonna kill myself. Of course I’m not, I say it to make me feel better. But that may not be the case for some of you. Even when enough is enough, it’ll still
keep piling up and flooding out, until an overflowing calamity of barbarically,
catastrophic strain scorches your hypothalamus, driving in slews of adrenaline,
blood pressure and a fast heart rate. It’s fight or flight time, but it’s too late
to be a Neanderthal hunting animals, so instead we contemplate suicide. Isn’t that just what we need? And even if that’s not the case, you won’t dare
hesitate against the notion that stress sucks. My heart desperately wants to
vivaciously force its way out of my chest, while my throbbing brain
begs to explode on command, as I take in all of the information
vividly resonating around me, essentially putting its lips to
my eyes and saying: “You are fucked, Max”. No, fuck YOU. If my mind is strong enough to make my
arm want to shove a letter opener on my neck then by that logic, my mind is strong
enough to keep that on from doing that. Mental stress is just like physical stress.
If I can’t do that push-up, do I kill myself because of it? Of course not. I can rest and try again, I can keep pushing
until I make it, I can learn how to do it properly, I can seek help, I can use supports until I get it right,
I can do a fuck-ton of things. Just like I can do now with my mental stress,
which is why I did it with this video. Do you realize I could have just sat
in the corner of my room, and sobbed myself to sleep instead of
doing something with my pain? Do you even realize how many famous quotes
there are of turning your weakness into strengths? Do you realize those successful people aren’t blowing
shit up your ass, they’re telling you what they did? A girl was sexually molested by her stepfather while
her mother was in the hospital with breast cancer. That girl is Ellen DeGeneres. A boy is brutally being at school
and swiftly sent to the emergency room to get treated for a cerebral hemorrhage This has become normal for him. That boy is Marshal Mathers. I can go on all damn day! For any of you who don’t believe me and
aren’t willing to see it that way, fine. Just fucking close this video now. Let yourself loose while the rest
of us keep moving forward. Excuse my French, but fuck that! You guys get what I’m saying? I’m recording this video right now because I’m so
fucking stressed and maybe because of that I’d be able help one of you. My damage is for your advantage. Because for me, I am at my absolute
weakest and worst when I am under no stress. It’s nice to relax, but I imagine y’all are
the same, if you’re still watching. If we had no conflicts or problems,
then guess fucking what? We’d be vapidly bored out of
our anguished minds so much so that we would
realistically kill ourselves at that point. Stress, challenge, conflict, struggle. It’s good for us. It’s make us better ourselves. It allows us to evolve. It turns our weak bodies and brains into
some of the most powerful tools we have. So as you’re facing that demon within you, smile at it, because it wants to help you. You just gotta do something with it, all right? However just like physical stress,
if it’s way too much weight, it can crush you and it can kill you. Lucky for you, you’ve got everyone else
here on Earth who’s going to lift it with you. And suddenly it won’t be so have anymore. Y’all do the same for me
and I’ll do the same for you. I expect you ought to do the same for
each other, so don’t worry about a thing, ’cause it’s going to be okay. Hi there! Hahaha, I’m just realizing as I’m typing this
that this footage may be a bit patronizing. Sorry about that, I just wanted to make it
more interesting, not treat you like a baby. My deepest apologies. Anyways, this is the part where I’m supposed
to express my gratitude and love for y’all. THANK YOU FOR WATCHING. I’m trying to think of better ways to end
these videos than just “Thanks! Love you! Bye!” But in the meantime, take the fucking thank you. On the topic of stress: it really
does go hand-in-hand with fun. Otherwise life would be boring without conflict.
That’s like the whole point of movies, books and videogames. And life. To persevere. By the way, on the “Skype and Discord” part, do not
be afraid to speak to me. I love talking to you guys. I just need it to be understood that I can’t answer every
message or invite. There’s thousands of you and only one of me. But of course, I’ll do my best. Take care everyone. Until next time. Toodles!

100 thoughts on “Life Sucks – Stress.

  1. I’ve just tried to draw after a year, I’m really this stressed by drawing? Maybe..

  2. What if I just don't want to go on?
    I don't want to die, but I don't want this life either.
    I didn't ask to be born, I don't want to go throught all these, My girlfriend is beautyful, and I keep going day after day, because I know that if I die she'd be devastated and I don't want to make her feel that way, but everymoring I just want to get back to my bad, everynight I wish to die in my sleep.
    I don't want to commit suicide, But i don't really feel like living.
    I saw all the video, and many others, yes for a brief second I feel relieved, but then the reality strikes me back and I'm reminded that no matter what I do nothing matters.
    I could go on and on and write and endless comment on why life is an highly overrated phenomenon in the universe, that our very existance is due purely to luck.

    But what would be the point?

  3. Thanks for saving my life with your videos. You're like a therapist with actual experience with what i'm going through.

  4. Family if you can call it that, Friends looking at you like you're a book on its last chapter and everything life throws at you to become lower than you ever wanted to be. Stress is in all of that. There will always be more always more, and the more you take the less you become.

  5. you are so talented and you deserve more views and you made me feel so much better about myself I've subbed and I wish I could get a million more people to sub because more people need to see your videos they are amazing

  6. What if im just tired of living and dealing with life ? Why doesnt life give me a break ..or better yet leave me be ?

  7. Iv been feeling really stressed latly my parents push their problems and hate for each other onto me and blame me and its waring down on me and I dont know how to release the thoughts or feelings in a healthy way and no I cant talk to any body cause my friends would think im weird and we cant afford psychology as far as im aware

  8. Fuck life, man wish you all my luck i might be popular i might have friends, but i don't apreaciate it, i would give everything to you
    I subscribed, liked and everything i can right now…

  9. I'm seriously depressed, got work and school tomorrow. I'm very suicidal. I don't know how or where to get help, maybe I just I don't know… I try find the strength to keep going but nothing good ever happens and even the occasion that it dose, I fuck it up because I'm so riddled with mental problems and bitter right now. I really don't know what to do.

  10. I get stressed aLOT but it doesnt show so when i say i am stressed people say i am using it as an excuse to be lazy

  11. I literally enjoy when my head filled with stress. It feel so good i love it. Yeah i am probably insane massochist.

  12. This is only the second video I've watched of you, and you made me tear up in both of them! I fucking love you man!

  13. We have been living a life where when we get a day off to recharge we regret every second of it and wish we had done some of the work needed to be done

  14. how should i feel, drained in every way there is always something that stops or at least tries to stop me from becoming happy or at least love myself. Like right now, I worry about how a boy liked me,saw me and then unliked me… just like that, I am really that unlovable? I expected everything he was even if he has made man mistakes…and ..he left me …

  15. Im currently on my death bed. Im afraid. Im alone. Just taking it day by day to hang on and survive. Its so hard taking on this battle alone.

  16. you should call the cops on your dad or something for child abuseI woul've done that a long time ago if i were you

  17. I'm tried mmo drama I'm tried talking trash over me i just want die for those brainshit human on internet I hate my life I bitly hate myself I can't sleep cause negative thoughts my head crying threw bed

  18. the people who can't take this video and are getting mad at are the ones that are basic but at the same time there are more of them than the rationally smart people, and yea at first I was all stressed with being late for school, but then I just thought to myself why does it matter about being late, you aren't going to die from it, so with that I take it day by day if I have a lot to do I work on one thing at a time and I don't worry because in the end if I make a mistake than I leant for the better, like I agree with the video but at the same time I don't feel like this but I can accept it and that's why I don't get mad at it, i know it's real and others do too but the difference with me and others who get mad they can't accept the truth of things

  19. Jesus Christ saves forget all the religious disinformation, He alone sits on the throne and feels your pain. He’s the true God in human form went through the worst humiliation any being or in that case God could ever go through on your behalf just so you wouldn’t have to pay the price of your sins which is eternity away from the most glorious treasure in existence. This life is a vapor, there’s no need to worry! Every hair on your head is numbered trust in what he has done alone and you’ll be saved. John 3:16 is true. Open your KJV Bibles and study. Don’t let the enemy Satan get his grip on your mind, you’re made for much greater purpose. In the end it’ll be all worth it. Use your pain to spread his message of forgiveness if they repent and believe. Get saved open up your blind eyes from darkness to light. Choose wisely!

  20. Thing what makes me happy is seeing people happy but when I see people happy I won't to be like that but I know I can't ever be like that…..

  21. Dude I literally want to hug you so badly. Thank you so fucking much for these videos. I love these, they’re so relatable. Thank you so much. I want to give you a hug so fucking much dude😢
    “I’m not going to kill myself, but I just say that to make myself feel better.”
    i felt that

  22. I’m having a panick atack right now cause I have hours of things to do and no time and I have no one and I just want to end it cause I have nothing and I can’t tell anyone cause no one understands I can’t do it anymore I’m done. I’m so stressed I’m so tired I’m so sick of life

  23. I:
    Self harm
    Ask for help but everyone tells me I'm just overdramatic
    Stay up till 1 AM to finish my homework
    Cry about what hell is gonna happen the next day
    Think everything is agony
    Have suicidal thoughts

  24. No, conflict is really bad. We now have enough weaponry to end civilization and maybe humanity. And so called "progression" is killing entire species including us. All because people want to "get somewhere", "achieve something", which in the end is simply for their self glorification. Yeah, so go ahead, stress yourself and others (by making them feel uncompetitive) to work even harder.

  25. Max, you should make a video on what makes you happy. Maybe that would make you feel a lil better but anyways XoXo lol cya you sweet sounva fuck

  26. I love you max, thank you for just being you. My heart is at ease knowing that there's someone somewhere else whose going through the same thoughts.

    I love you max, thank you.

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