7 thoughts on “Lilian Aguilar’s Fitness and Health Journey – Excerpt From the Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate

  1. Good for you Lilian!! I can really relate to your background. No doubt you have worked very hard to be where you are, congratulations! Keep it up😊

  2. Hi Lilian! This is awesome that you stepped up to that silly meat-eaters' challenge that you couldn't do well in a bodybuilding show because your protein does not come from dead animals and animal products. I love it when folks prove 'em wrong. The thought that animal protein is necessary for muscle growth is absolutely not accurate, but from decades of animal agriculture advertising, most people still believe it. I know a guy who is kind of vegetarian, and sometimes at a meal, he will say he needs some protein, so he orders an animal or animal product, thoroughly convinced that it is necessary. He has not educated himself about protein from the plant kingdom, but he is not alone. I have been bodybuilding for 51 years now, and, while I began the journey as a highly carnivorous eater, I have been vegan for many years (although it did take me a while to wean myself off the common misinformation about the necessity of eating animals). I have no problems at all with muscular strength and performance as a vegan, and besides bodybuilding, have been pedaling recumbent cycles cross country for about ten years. I evolved to maximize my health and functional longevity, so was very serious about it. I have no regrets, and i congratulate you for your victories in life, and for telling your story here! Way to go! Thanks for sharing! See ya' …

  3. Awesome. Isn't it amazing what happens when we eat the diet we're designed to eat? Humans are herbivores, and every one of these success stories corroborates that fact. (Edit: left a word out.)

  4. Thanks for sharing!! How much protein and fat do you consume? Ive sucess the Campbell course too , but high carb low fat make me hungry all the day. So ive increase fat, reduce carb and now feel great.

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