Lisa Nichols – How To Manage Stress

Hi, I’m Lisa Nichols and
welcome back to this place. I love to call a safe Haven, a safe Haven to explore what
you think, but more importantly, a safe Haven to explore how you
feel about what you’re up to. Gladiators operate at a
different level. Unicorns, we play by a different set of rules
and we need a place to come to take our capes off, to unscrew a
unicorn horn, sit them down, and to just breathe and to really look
at how do I navigate this life of mine? How do I navigate it to amazing? How
do I navigate it to breathtaking? How do I navigate this life
of mine to contribution? How do I navigate this life of mine called
non-negotiable today I want to answer the question that you had. How
do I navigate through stress? Oh, well, first of all, I want to clear up the misconception
that I don’t have stress. I’ve hear heard people say, Lisa, you
seem like as if you never have stress. Well. Um, I operate at a very high level of
productivity and I believe that anyone, if you’re operating at a high
level of demand, then you do have, an opportunity to touch stress on a daily, I’ll just say on a daily,
how do you manage it? I want to give you four techniques
that I use to manage stress. Number one, when I have a number of things on my
list of to do’s and I’m highly stressed, number one, move some of your
by when dates. I love to go. I can get that done by the end of the day. I can get that done by
the end of the week. The reality is sometimes there’s more
space that you can give yourself or I like to say more grace that you
can give yourself by moving
back your by wind dates. So if something can be done by Friday, but you already have nine
things being done by Friday, then move a few back to
Monday or Tuesday. Number two, when you look at the things that are
on your to do list so often things unconsciously fall in that
urgent box. I need to do it now. Well, I consciously move things
from my urgent to important, urgent and important. Don’t
occupy the same space. Some things are important and there are
very few things that should be urgent. If you have too many things
in your urgent category, you’re naturally gonna
live in a high stress. So there are very few things, very few things that live
in urgent in my life. A lot of things live in important. And it’s important to recognize that when
you operate in a constant of urgency, you actually are driving your
stress up on a consistent basis. The third thing, I said it
as a part of number one, make a list. I know you think that
your head can remember everything. It can’t make a list. I make a list for everything and
then I actively cross the lists off. And so I make big goal items on my list
and then underneath are the sub actions that I need to do to get that done.
And so if it’s, uh, something like, grocery store under the sub list, I’ll say Costco and you know, then Vons or Ralphs in
case, to let me know, I want to go to two different stores
to get everything that I want. And so make a list, get it out
of your head. And then finally, four times five, four times
five, write that down. So when it comes to breathing, I
want you to think four times five. Your body cannot experience stress
while you’re taking deep breaths. Isn’t that amazing? Your body cannot experience stress
while you’re taking deep breaths. So four times five, breathe
in to a count of five. Hold it to a faster count of five. Exhale to the count of five, five times a day. Breathe into five, hold five, exhale five, five times a day, four times five. And you’ll find that chest by doing that,
you’re taking your stress level down. We get to live an extraordinary
life. We get to be high achievers. We get to serve many, and we get to do it all
with grace and ease. Now I want to blanket this
entire conversation about
stress by inviting you to not even use the word
stress. Instead of saying, I’m managing my stress. Say I’m inviting in grace and ease
because energy grows where energy goes. So while the word may need to be used, especially if you’re in the
space where you’re stressful, you may need to use it. But I wanted to invite you to use grace
and ease and what you’re going toward versus what you’re running away from. So as your sister in
prosperity and in possibility, Let’s continue to have more grace and ease as
unicorns, gladiators, and change agents.

55 thoughts on “Lisa Nichols – How To Manage Stress

  1. How do I navigate my life to breathtaking.. what a beautiful question/statement something I am aspiring to and on the journey towards, and part of that includes inspiring others and trying to be like you and other sucessful motivators. Much love. Tony T.

  2. Grace and ease ♡ taking a deep breath and knowing that we can move the task for the next day, not putting pressure on ourselves, the point is to enjoy what we do, be mindful and present instead of rushing through task after task… we came here to be happy, to be free, to enjoy every minute of our existence ♡

  3. 😢😢thank you my sister in possibility you're such a blessing when are you going to have a concert in Durban SA

  4. Lisa please help me I don't know what to do…. I haven't slept for 2 week…. The neighbour's upstairs make extremely loud noise all day long they stop at night. Downstairs they start to make noise at night. I'm in the middle….. I'm so tired and stressed I can't relax. Try to talk to them try to call the police. Nothing is working. Please help me. I can't leave my house. I don't work and I have nowhere else to go please help…. I'm going to die. Can't take it anymore please helps me

  5. Energy grows where Energy goes!!! That’s power right here. Make a list is just the thing to do, Take it off your mind!!!

  6. Moving toward grace and ease while embracing the reasons to deep breathe. Stress will lessen its squeeze! Thank you

  7. #BOL you are such an amazing inspiration to my life. I’ve started my self awareness journey when I had my first child 5 years ago and boy I’m like Lisa, where have you been?! Every word just points to the areas I’m striving to expend in. I’m listening to you and taking notes. I’ve been indecisive about my life and propose. I know I’m suppose to be doing important things and proactive but just haven’t had the right coaching. With you, I feel my energy lifting up. You are so amazing. Thank you for coaching me.

  8. hey lisa,you should know that you are a chip.Listening to you is implantation that speaks and protects the mediocre thoughts.I appreciate you queen.

  9. Lisaaaaa, I love you, I wanna see you, the now you and what it has to express, so please can you try one episode without it being scripted, thank you.
    Ps: a follower for over 3 years.
    Like if you agree❤️❤️.

  10. I’m inviting in grace and ease thank you God! Blessings to you Queen Lisa. Sending love from Chicago 🙏🏾❤️🙏🏾

  11. Yes Yes Yes! Another great lesson. I learn from you very day. I put everything on paper and only do the top 3 things needed to move me forward that day. This allows me to hustle with ease. Thank you for sharing 😃

  12. Thank you Lisa, that was timely for me ,i surely got a sister in prosperity and possibility, when are you coming to Kenya the land of athletic?I take the opportunity to invite you

  13. I know your success story. You are my inspiration. I do not know English very much, but I was very happy that I found your channel.♥️

  14. Father continue to Bless my sister Lisa u favor, 😊as she is continuing being obedient to you in helping and lov

  15. Lisa, I just found your videos and I have to say that thank you. I've had so many issues and problems in my life that cause me to stress and shut down. I've suffered a lot and you've shown me that I can take a stand with my issues. There's still so much in this world that I don't know and I'm scared to see where my future stands; not only with myself but with my family. I hope that your positive energy can flow through me so that I can continue to spread my smile through this world.

  16. I loved this soooooooo much. Can I ask you a question lisa? I wanted to know if you have any advice for motivation for people who have had a good upbringing. I am by no means a well off person but my family was a big crutch for me. They helped and supported me in whatever I did and still do. However, I have been facing a challenge where I lack motivation to do well in work, school, and anything else. I dont think its depression but a lack of (caring) about myself or anything that pertains to my future. I found that most people around me and people I look up to face a major struggle or opposition that gives them ambitions to do better. But what about people who never encountered a serious struggle or opposition? How would you suggest I motivate myself?

  17. I invite grace and ease into my daily life as I go through graduate school. I invite grace, ease and strength to be present with me as I remain committed to being a supportive mom to my son ; a mom who is emotionally available to him as he goes through this challenging time as a freshman in high school. Thank you for this powerful phrase Lisa. It is now my mantra.

  18. My name is Etsegenet from Ethiopia am about to graduate from top university by software engineering but , my life calling is to help teens and youths to have wisdom I need your mentor ship or if there is something you want to say to me am really up to it dear God gave us you to see you and follow you thank you so much!

  19. Lisa #BTOL You are a light that 9 have felt connect to. You breath life into the words I am learning to Express and was not able to before. Lisa How do you move from survival mode to serving mode. I have been in survival mode that it's been my comfort zone but it's not fun being here i want to thrive. How do I learn to figure out who I am when I have always put other first doing what I have to that I haven't figured out my likes and trust myself again? Serving others with loving heart with a balance to ensure it's not falling into putting other first over me all the time.

  20. Great tips!! I especially love how you say we should think of it as handling with grace and ease! Genius🌹❤️ Thank you for being you and sharing yourself with us❤️😘🌹

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