Lock it Up: Medicine Safety in Your Home

(AMBULANCE SIREN) Connie Jung: “Every year
thousands of children are hospitalized – and some die
– after taking medicine not meant for them. Hi, I’m Connie Jung,
a pharmacist at FDA. Accidents happen: Colorful
pills and sweet-smelling liquids can seem like
candy to children, and improperly discarded
medicated patches have sickened – and even
killed – curious toddlers. But sometimes it’s abuse,
especially when it comes to teens. Have you ever heard
of pharm parties? That’s “pharm” as in
“pharmaceuticals” and it’s just one way kids share
pills they’ve taken from others – often right out
of the medicine cabinet. You can help protect kids
from drug-related harm by locking your medicines up. You may think a toddler
can’t reach your medicine; or that your teen
would never pop pills. But you could be wrong. So don’t chance
it … Lock It Up! For more about how
to protect kids, go to fda.gov/lockitup

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