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All right, we have [the] great pleasure of having Sergeant Tony [Hakuna] from the Army National Guard, Oregon farming Oregon Army National guard he’s going to go over with us his go bag. Which is his medic kit, woody What do you call those kits by the way Tony when his car our medic bags? Would you have go kids individual go kits [that] are? Specifically for the cls people we [train]. [what] [is] it for people that don’t know cll us means combat lifesavers, okay? And they are our regular Joe’s that we train in the areas of learning how to bandage stop the bleeding basically stop the bleeding start the breathing process of the AbCs and CpR around and breathe and bleeding stuff is going to kill you out. There is the Is the Terrence come on [engineers]? Okay, come on in Terrence Another another military guy here and [tarik] who are you with? Sergeant Mitchell with a 50 second minimum care attachment good enough, so tony’s going over his medic bag with us I’m going to do a little youtube video. We just did some suturing nice. How long did we sit here for a hour hour? He’s ready was just going over some stuff that I wanted to you know get some Refresher on a lot of stuff of everything so he’s ready to rock and roll I’ll try do my best. [I] think it was that bag with you all the time this bag was with me all the time uh not when I was with the navy I had what they called the the unit 3 which was a different a small little Trifold Medic bag now what who’s whose bag? is that what is the company the company that makes this bag is London Bridge trading company and These are awesome bags these are their um the first ones that came out with called their specops banks the it is it set up specifically as a as a Medical bag or just a multi-use packed it said for simply as a medic okay? Good with this comes two little other cases one with a red handle is marked for your um Your meds that you would have to Dispense ie or your lidocaine Whatever you’re up to whatever is authorized [to] be [ivory] okay, okay, and then the other one has a blue handle on it and that’s for your airway, and you can put your laryngoscopes in there and your Et tubes, and [everything] like that, and they nest inside there They live inside looks I put inside this specifically this specific bag. [I] try to just make it make my bag as lightweight, but have enough stuff with me for what I’m going to need so so gear management is sort of individual at some degree and With the with the gears are coming out with that we have to wear into the field now. They they have adapted For the medics they’ve adapted a little It’s called the molle system, and you have a little each person on there under their chester II that they wear will have a first-aid pouch with okay, and it’s and it’s identified by a little tab on the top okay, and It has in it you have blood stoppers. It’s like a blowout kit. It’s like a blowout kit. Yeah, it would be an immediate immediate [go-to] kit right and in general as a medic if you’re going to Help someone you’re going to use their [on] [board] blowout kit before you dig into your gear right okay, and so everybody’s carrying Some medical [image] cameras on some sense of medical stuff on so give us a tour. This is a cool looking greg So what’s on the outside here? The outside here is just the outside compartment. I saw you have some pockets first I’m just going to guide you a little bit oh, yeah, what he got down below this I have my trauma says here yep, and I have a carabiner and Your little ear protection clip to this and then on the [other] side over [here]. I have another carabiner Yeah, and if we if we had somebody had o2 and they [needed] [a] key I carry an extra key got near a chewkey So also these little straps that are snapping down here if you can also jump with this bag And this is this is where that I want matt formatted for you to jump okay when you if you have to do any parachute Ops and stuff In here is [like]. I carry all this stuff that I have in here. I kind of like you [know] wow you know Accumulated over the years you’re talking to a bag man, so I’m agatha big and I have my israeli dressings Gonna have my I believe these are my Four inch you have six inch for bigger wounds four inch for like your your minimal arm [moves] or lower leg wounds yep I have some [car] bats over here what I mean [verka] rats are like another quick use bandage They can also be improvising to a sling okay? Flashlight, [what] do you got for a flashlight? [I] have this is just a little Led light that I have yeah And [when] I but I also carry on you know you get these at the store for you know anywhere from 25 to 40 sun dollars it’s amazing. How expensive flat lighting exactly and then I also have in here. I have some Kerlix gauze And some individual sizes in a straps And a straps you have [a] nice Setup of insulins here. I got like clamps Needle nose needle nose forceps and everything like that bunch of scissors different sizes Iris scissors and everything cool Some nice finger split finger Splints and everything here over here. I have this is [a] nice bag. Oh, I love this thing It’s like I have some more curl wax here a bunch of bunch marker bats because you can never have too many of those – yeah never [too] many of anything actually so and Here this is You’re always going to be out of what you need the best. This is a cricoid kit. Yep, okay? I’ve has that one. It’s a nice one. Whose is that that is I believe Smith’s okay? emergency cricothyrotomy kit nice and then these are the famous hema, con bandages, okay [which] were actually developed here a village here by a doctor here at this [hospital] and a doctor who put white [kiss] [you] yeah, and One of the best hospitals around that I’m as far as I’m concerned been with them for eight years Also had the pleasure of working with Dr.. Peru who was on the other camera there? He is a former navy message myself and We bumped into one another Recognize one [another] when he care to work yeah exactly, but so these are these [are] nice these are nice Yeah, this is the first size they came out and the ambulance crews used those [Cj] around here they do and it’s like work great, so You got a fair amount in there, huh? I also have a Sherman chest seals or on any chest trauma, so this is one of many different commercial [quebec] seals that have come out and the problem with chest seals the problem with these are is like you have a person’s got a sucking chest wound okay and for those people that don’t know what a second chest wound a second chest wound is when you have a penetration volunteer to your upper torso that ie within the lung cavity and it Punctured your lung allowing air to get into that space okay, and by that it creates. What’s called a pneumothorax [all] right and it Compresses will compress. What’s left that lung into the other side okay into the other side making it virtually? Your your breathing is labored, okay? So what we do with these chest seals is you want to place them over the the site of the wound okay? but before you do you ask the patient to breathe in and Then breathe out breathe in as much as they can even though it’s going to hurt and then breathe out exhale out all there They can and then slap it on and just like get it in place What it does that creates a vacuum steel into the chest? Not allowing a moon not allowing air to get in but it allows the air to escape on Italy and [Alysha], okay. Good enough but with these you [have] you run the promise like you’re out there running operations a guy goes down You’re going to be sweaty because [you] got all its gear on and you want to make sure Justice on sweaty chest you have that you have a dry area so it’s going to stick okay another method for If I will if you don’t mind again yeah, this is See the plastic seal on this yep, okay, you take the plastic seal off Slap it over the wound okay You tape down for [saw] or take down three sides leaving the four side open to act as a flutter [belt], right? So you’re doing a field expedient? exactly you’re doing [a] flutter valve by using your Packaging and taping three sides down and on these chest seals you have a flood about it’s like a little Looks like a little piece to rubber balloon. It’s just a little um What do we call a tiny penrose drain yep? Okay? So I think inside every medic or corpsman. There’s a little macgyver Exact do you agree? [oh] yeah? It’s like you just you come up you [got] [an] [odd] improvise You will come up on your fellow medics and stuff like this, and [you] look at the [er]. And what they’ve done Wow, that’s awesome. I’m gonna write that down right and you guys are always good about sharing Oh exactly, but that’s this compartment and a look at your main concern are your soldiers? My name is my soldiers I think you know I’ve been doing this for about 19 years and I love my job and You know I’m all about code all right. Let’s see what you got there within this stuff I’m just going to wear in that written that isn’t the main main compartment Okay
This main compartment here was when these guys come to us brand new where I told you get those other two little bags For airway and your your medications yeah, and they can fit [right] in here in either pocket, okay? what I do is I streamline my bag, and I just Take out this Up here. I’ve got some extra pan. I’ve got some of this [H&H] compressed gauze. Yeah, okay for bandaging [he’ll] compress camouflage okay, and I’ve got some house. We’ll have a panel a marker panel [aviation] parking so so doesn’t need [to] [evac] so we need to evaC somebody and we set up a Casualty collecting point we can throw this out and the lastest what is the method of marking sight [you] either use smoke? Flares or you can mark your panel or a marker panel sweet a lot of us carry these on this Four by fours up in here. I’ve got hand cleaning Purell Magill Forceps Magill forceps Yeah, we are all issued these and these are for Airway airway Only if you can see something in the airway you can get at it like with how they teach in CpR. Now is when you’re doing a finger sweep. Don’t do a blind finger sweep if you can see the object So you’re not going to use that McGill unless you can see what you’re grabbing? Exactly unless you can see what you wrote I even have my own a little field medical suture case Nice set up with everything. I would need a little pocket here You could put your your sutures in here [here] and everything so everything I would need to go And you definitely have the suturing skills up Thanks to hair doctor here In this lord portion I set up my IV banks okay. I’ve got I carry 500 mills right now You can’t carry a thousand mills in this bag now just to reiterate this is One if you need to start an IV here you’ve got this [decent] got this package only to go stuff [but] [I] got my I got at least two 18 Gauge Needles I have a The Ivies the IV starter kit. I’ve got two alcohol pads [four] [by] [four] or two by Twos couple 2 by 2’s And in my IV line, gotcha x and I notice you’ve got a Sam splint samsonite in here Love these got a couple of knees. I also have my gloves in here yep, and Use gloves all the time right gloves all the time Up here. I have some more IV stuff a Couple more IV set up here that some more banana splits. Well challenge. Well. I have this is my very own [oh] That’s another scope up thomas. Cope that was given to me by my pa He gave all the medics one. That’s nice. I’ve got my little Big moment on Nate, Er Yeah blood pressure cut [off] pressure cuff. Yeah for those of us in the medical field it’s a nice bag. [I] love it I love it. I carry Collected whatever you got your I’ve got marcaine. I’ve got lidocaine with Epi. I’m at Regular Vitae cane I’ve also got some sodium bicarbonate along will you people away you supper? Over so it doesn’t sort of lidocaine doesn’t sting so much for other people I’ve got some sutures in here, but I got right [here] these are I got to get these [out] [of] these expired, but these were this is toradol and then a pentagram ah I Tell you if you’re not a that’s incapacitating. That’s nice – [hey]. [it] is it [knocks] you out and then toured all over pain He’s toured all for a number of it. You know where I keep my scalpel owes my extra needles. I would need any alcohol pads, I also have some What else more bandages? I have some op sites. [yeah] and those are primarily used for when you do an IV you put it over the IV placement, so you can keep an eye on your your site yep to make sure nothing happens to it and Yeah, that’s it in a nutshell what I have in this bag, so nice job That’s a very nice bag and you’ve got it to set up really smartly okay, so this is a totally cool bag and the good sergeant is remembering another feature here that he wanted to share and on the Inside of this bag [is] you open it up? I can actually open it up and [show] you so you’d have some little More little pockets on the inside here come in handy [for] stuff. I always forget about these pockets Medics are kind of bad guys aren’t they they are so you have two pockets here, okay? and I’ve got a bunch of moleskin in this pocket, okay, but you can also utilize these pockets for Your water bladder your water bladder, and you’ve got an outfeed port you Have an outfeed port right here where you can bring up [your] hose, okay, every thought yeah So as well let it dangle [a] [doubt] over here, but yeah, you can use them for anything but you can put you can stuff like your Casually blankets they’ll reflect that again Tony that bag is for the company a company is London bridge trading in the name of the bag is this is called the spec Ops bag okay, and you like it as a medic bag level isn’t many thing and Very many many of your colleagues use that same bag yes? I have quite a few friends that are medics and they use the same bag and were issued the same bank such as myself the other bag that you’ve seen in their bags that I’ve seen have [been] the stomp to buy black on your unit is my unit is the Battalion 116th Cavalry, okay, and Getting ready to [you] guys are in your workups right now [in] our cups right now I’ll be gone as the 16th of august and start my work ups and Then come home for a while Family then we go back and what is your deployment roughly? The timeframe is your [infernal] plumber is going to be a year a year And it’s not going to be a year when we hit country all this training that we’re doing actually the training starting in Camp Shelby, Mississippi starts our Is our mode? [load] training so all that training we do Prior to going over into theater counts on our timetable Gotcha well thank you for your service Tony. Thank you, sir We appreciate where now you had one more little tip that you were saying when you’re loading that gear on on your bag It’s like I’ve had my medics come to me and they say well, what are we what? I was supposed to go in these I said listen. You load them up how come So they’re comfortable for you if a lot of you guys have trouble remembering where you put stuff I? know Will tell you to label it labeled each pouch. You know tape it to the outside, but like you know IV IV setups? bandaging material Suture material whenever you whatever you want to set it up to be So you know where to grab it so as soon as you open it up? You know what pocket you need to go to you Go to that pocket grab the stuff and [you’re] good to go good enough add that to your gear my friend Grab it sir I’m serious no it’s my way of saying. Thank you to you seriously And you put that in your bag and put it to good use They don’t answer I will thank you be safe. I will I will be safe

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  35. London Bridge Trading Co
    Tactical Field Care Medical Pack Review

    London Bridge Trading Co. LTD

    London Bridge Trading Company Tactical Field Care Medical Pack

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    NSN CT: 6515-01-565-0188
    NSN OD: 6515-01-518-8536

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