Lose the Stress, Just Be Late!

– Do you all know somebody
that’s always late? – [Audience] Yes! – Is anybody in here that’s usually late? (audience laughing) You know, people get
annoyed by late people. But let me tell you something. There’s a recent
scientific study that says that people who are late are likely to live longer and be more successful. (audience applauding) ‘Cause see, I think what
that means is because late people are less stressed, because when you late, when you show up you say I’m sorry. (audience laughing) But the truth is you really don’t give a damn. (audience laughing) (audience applauding)
That’s why you late. You ever tell people you
know that gets somewhere late all the time, you tell
’em the time is earlier? – [Audience] Yes! – So they’ll get there on time? – [Audience] Yes! – They ass still gonna be late. (audience laughing) I don’t care what you do. See now me for example,
I’m always on time. (audience laughing) The cue card lady busted out laughing. (audience laughing) (audience applauding) I’m the star of the show, you supposed to let me
say what I’m going to say. I said now me, I’m always on time, hah! (audience laughing) Well okay. Sometime. (audience laughing) ‘Cause you know I have
a slogan here at the job that everybody goes, Mr.
Harvey’s late, he’s running late. I say go ahead, start without me. (audience laughing) Anyway, a lot of people who
work for me, they are late. I have people who work for me. And they’re never stressed though. I’ve noticed that about my
employees that come in late. You work with people who come in late, they all never seem freaked, ’cause they walk in,
they use phrases like. What’d I miss? (audience laughing) What’d I miss? (audience applauding) What you mean what’d you miss? So where are we? What’s going on? Here’s the one that get me. So what y’all talking about? The hell you mean what we
talking about, this a meeting! (audience laughing) We have an agenda. We’re not fixing to start
over ’cause you came in. What we talking about? Yo job! (audience applauding) (audience cheering) Let’s do some hey Steve. (laughs) (upbeat music)

87 thoughts on “Lose the Stress, Just Be Late!

  1. I have to doubt that scientific fact being 100%. Because my mom is always late because she forgot to turn off the iron or curling iron and she just NEVER I'd ready for anything.
    She is recently retired from teaching. She gets up at 430 am everyday. School doesn't start till 8 am. She has plenty of time but is still late to school and everything else. She is one of the most stressed person I know. Me I'm late maybe 2% of the time and I can get ready in 15 min. My biggest stress is traffic and getting dressed because I'm disabled.

  2. My black husband called being late collared people time. I had a step sister that was always an hour last. We did talk about telling her things started an hr earlier than they really did.

  3. If I'm ur manager you can be late if you want to. I've fired my brother before so try me if you want to… I've been without car and money and still made it it to work on time more then 5mins. There is no excuse unless someone died period and in that case in not coming in….

  4. 1:39 That was the nervous laugh. Reminded me of the Beyoncé “ somebody’s getting fired… hey heyyyy” 🤣🤣🤣

  5. Hey Steve I need your help I have a sister that was caught up in a scam of forgery which is a felony offense now she wants to pursue her career as a nurse it happened back in 2007 she has worked in nursing homes since then but now she is ready to tackle her ultimate goal help her find answers please. Life after getting charged with a felony.

  6. Omg this was spot on I’m late everywhere because i can’t stress myself out over something so small. I get there when i get there lol i have so much peace too !! It’s a great way to live !! Don’t stress on what’s already going to happen.

  7. Completely incorrect. Citing one study doesn't make it the be all end all of a conversation. If you're constantly late, no one will want to be your friend or employ you. If you just say 'I'll be there when I be there', it shows you're at least self-absorbed if not sociopathic or narcissistic, and shows you have no kind of ethics regarding others.

  8. Little tip don’t focus on being late ! Secondly the moment, you feel you getting lazy , just jump and start doing what you got to do quick ! Don’t allow your thought process to be comfortable with being late or convincing yourself you gonna be on time, when you know you won’t !

  9. I'm always late , you said the truth be late that's mean less stress don't think what you're employe will say just live a moment . 😍

  10. I’m late everyday on purpose and that makes me a happy employee who knows what he’s doing. Just got named employee of the month! As long the job is getting done, who cares!?

  11. Here’s a tip for being late: bring donuts or something everyone likes. Cause then no one will care if you’re late cause you brought them food

  12. One time I ran up to a lamb and screamed "MINI WHEATS." A little poop came out and he fainted. Should I call my cousin?

  13. Just got to work an hour later today 😂… And all I say is I'm sorry but I really don't care 😂 😂

  14. My husband is like that. Always late and carefree! I’m over here stressing trying to be responsible and on time and he over there without a care in the world. But, somehow he manages to get things done on time and on point. It’s so annoying.

  15. when im going to school and im late im just like "well, might as well get breakfast" lmao but I do show up to class with a coffee for my teacher

  16. I used to be late but after I got fired from my first job that changed everything now I'll be at work before the manager

  17. I’m often late and it’s stressful during the ride and when entering the door 😂. But beyond that It feels good to sleep 30 minutes longer. I get more stressed when I’m 10 minutes early, I just hate waiting. I guess that’s also an explanation as to why late people are successful they don’t wait for things they need, they’re active and daring. I always got A’s and knew students who came early left the last and still got B’s and C’s. Teachers and maybe bosses will put up with it easier if you’re excellent at your work.

  18. I'm always late…and should not have listened to this scientific, enabler, foolishness!! All you need is one supporter to condone your bad behavior..😂😂😂😂🤦🏾‍♀️

  19. After 50 yrs of jumping for everyone else's schedule, yeah I'm not going to worry about a minute or two. But I also look ahead and get things done.

  20. People who are always running late, are creative! We think of excuses, and interesting ways to multitask, we are optimistic and get a lot of things done when its crunch time or when we are finally down to the wire

  21. I like Steve talks a lot of sense but this is incorrect. Lateness persistently is a sign of no integrity. No integrity means life don’t work. When life don’t work then tell me what your stress levels really like?

  22. If you know people who are late, do not stress, just start eating your meal with those who show up on time! Do not give a d—- if they miss dinner, the movie, the event, etc. just state without them.

  23. I want to be on time!! I’m always very sorry but people get so annoyed because they think people that are late don’t care. I do care very much.. I’ve been working on better judging time management

  24. I am someone who is chronically late. I have struggled with time management all of my life and I am constantly working on it. I have lost jobs, friends and the respect from people I worked hard to earn it from because of my chronic lateness.

    I know that a lot of people think that those who are chronically late are inherently rude, inconsiderate, selfish, lazy, and or are disrespectful. Because lets just face the facts here – no matter what the reasons are for why someone is always running chronically late, it is a terribly annoying inconvenience to those who are left waiting on them… It's easy to assume that a person who's always running chronically late,
    thinks that the world revolves around them, and that their time is more valuable than yours.

    Unless you really are dealing with someone who thinks like that – please let me assure you that those who tend to be chronically late are not doing it as a reflection of how they feel about you or the level of respect they have for you. This is about them and their internal processing system. As a person who has been chronically late my entire life, let me tell you that some of us literally cannot accurately judge how long a task can take us, which gives us a propensity to losing minutes, sometimes by the hour fulls.

    Many of us see ourselves as multitaskers, and can actually believe that we function better under pressure. However, research suggests that people who believe they excel under the pressure of multitasking are not very good at it. (Obviously.) The habit exists because we are less capable of blocking out distractions to focus on a singular task. The act of multitasking can overwhelm us, which results in losing track of time. Those of us who incorrectly multitask will also fall prey to an irresistible temptation to do just one more thing before hitting the road, which also contributes to miscalculating time.

    Another thing…I for one have a brain that is constantly racing 24/7 and it tends to disrupt my whole life by way of procrastination, which has regrettably been the culprit to my being tardy quite a few times.

    I sincerely sympathize with the aggravating stress and difficulties that my lateness has regrettably caused others. I recognize that I have a problem, and I will always have to try my hardest to overcome it. I hope this helps those who are "chronically punctual" understand a little better… Trust me, it's not always a true sense of arrogance or a desire to exert power – it's often much deeper than that, and can be very difficult to cure.

  25. Really ? imagine if every person who works for an AIRLINE , doesn't "give a damn" and just says … well ok… .. Let us know how that works out "fer ya"

  26. Guess I'm good!!! #GodBeTheGlory #DontGiveADamnAboutNoStress #StillHandlingBusinessTho 🎉🎉💯😂

  27. If you’re always late, it just makes me stop inviting you places. That’s rude and I’m not about to constantly wait around on you, especially for long periods of time

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