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– Hey Killer Bs. It’s Pahla B from PahlaBFitness.com and on tap today, I’ve got
a great weights workout for women over 50. You guys we are all standing
and all strength today, which means that there’s no cardio, therefore, no jumping and no transitions up and down from the ground. Now you are gonna need at
least one pair of dumbbells and during the warmup we’re
gonna talk about exactly what kind of weights will work for you. And yes, that means that there’s a warmup and a cool down too. When you’re ready for this
one, I’m totally ready. Let’s go. (mystical music) Alright you guys, let’s go ahead and get moving and grooving and that means that we’re
gonna start with our warmups of arm circles and high knees. Oh my goodness, that feels good. I am intentionally going nice
and slow with this today. Here’s what the day looks like. We are all strength all the
time (laughs) and I apologize. My cat is in the other room,
making all kinds of noise. She’s got her crazy pants on today. So we might enjoy a little
bit of Agatha zooming around while we are working out today. Don’t let that distract you
from using excellent form. Here’s the great thing about warmups for a strength training workout like we’ve got going on today. You don’t have to really
get your heart rate up. Honestly, this is much more
about lubricating your joints, making sure that your muscles
as well as your joints, your tendons, your ligaments,
everything is moving through its full range of motion, ready to pick up heavy things and put them back down again. But how heavy should you go? My friends I have created for
you in the description box, there is a link to go to my website and get my free information resource that talks all about how to
make your workout work for you. In a nutshell, let’s go ahead
and do some arm crossers with booty kickers. In a nutshell, if you are losing weight, today’s workout is perfect for you. Make sure that you have moderate weights. You take everything at a moderate pace. You enjoy yourself, have fun. And when you’re done, you
call it good for the day. If you are perfectly
happy with your weight and you’re actually working
on maintaining your weight, shaping your body, gaining some strength, maybe working for some sort
of athletic competition like a 5K or a half marathon, this workout is perfect for you, too. Depending on what kind
of a day it is for you, it might be a moderate day
or it might be a push day. One day a week, you’re gonna push. And that means that you’re
picking up very heavy weights. Moderate days, you’re
gonna take it moderately. Just like my weight loss friends. Moderate weight, moderate pace. Enjoy yourself and when the
workout is done, you are done. For me personally, here on screen, I am calling this a push day. I am choosing weights that feel very heavy and very challenging for me. If this is a push day
for you, let’s go ahead and do some welcome to my homes, you should do the same. Making sure that you set
your intention to push today. At some point in time, during a push day, you’re going to regret it. You’re gonna wanna drop your weights. You’re gonna wanna go
down to a moderate pace. You’re gonna wanna go
down to a moderate weight. But I will encourage you
to challenge yourself the whole time. There’s only one day a week
where we need to push like this. The rest of the days, we
can go nice and moderate, nice and gentle and if
you’re doing body shaping, you even get a day off or
two days of rest per week, depending on what your
workout works for you. And make sure that you open
up that description box so that you can learn all about that and have it handy for
you at any time you want. My friends, here’s what it looks like. I got the handy dandy Gymboss
set for one minute of work, and 30 seconds of rest. We’re going to do one exercise, three work intervals in a row. Basically burning out
completely on that one exercise before we move on. And we’re gonna get
started with basic squats. For me that means that
I can actually pick up pretty much the heaviest things I’ve got. My lower body is my strongest part. So I’m getting my big boys here. When you are ready, we’re gonna go ahead and get the timer started and get started with plain old squats. That means that you’re
gonna have the weights here on your shoulders, feet
about hip width apart, you’re gonna push your hips back before pushing your hips down. Come all the way down
as low as you can go. If this is a push day for you that means that we’re pushing. We’re using excellent form. (exhales) And we’re making sure that we get the most out of every single squat. Now I didn’t wanna try and
have to count today (laughs) that is not my strong suit,
even on a push day (laughs). So that’s why we’re using the timer. When it beeps, we get 30 seconds of rest, which after this first interval
might feel kind of long. You know, we’re not super sweaty yet. We haven’t pushed ourselves
extra hard just yet (exhales) but that 30
seconds is a great time for you to rest and
relax, shake out your legs and get ready for more. Because we are doing three
work intervals in a row, (timer beeping)
this, ah here we go, 30 seconds of rest. I’m actually gonna keep
my weights in my hands just so that I don’t have
that extra up and down. This 30 seconds is a great time for you to catch your breath. If you do wanna put your weights down, get a sip of water and
bring your heart rate down just a little bit. Even with no cardio at all, your heart rate’s gonna come up today. This is meant to be work. That’s the great thing about a workout. It’s always work, no
matter what your goal is (timer beeping)
When it beeps again, here we go, right back to squats. Thinking about excellent form (exhales). Your head is up, your chest is out. If there was a mirror across the room, and you had something written
on your shirt (laughs) you should be able to read it (laughs). I love that visual. It helps you really think
about keeping your head facing forward, looking forward. And your chest up and out
rather than curling down into these squats. Making sure that your hips
are pushed back so far that your knees don’t go
over the tops of your toes. That the work is coming from your glutes and your hamstrings. You’re gonna feel it
in your thighs as well and that’s totally fine. But when you’re down here in the squat, you should be able to wiggle your toes. Your weight is back in your heels. (exhales) When it beeps again, (timer beeping)
there it is. 30 seconds of rest. Awesome job. It’s amazing every time (laughs) to me how high my heart rate really
does get with strength work. That’s the thing about a push day, it should feel like a push. This should feel like by the time we get to that end of that work interval, that you don’t really wanna
be doing this anymore. That’s exactly what push feels like. Now if you are using moderate weights, (timer beeping) for a moderate workout,
here we go with squats for the third and final time. If you are using moderate
weights for a moderate workout, you might find that
that 30 seconds of rest feels a little excessive. I’ll encourage you to
take the rest anyways. There’s nothing to be
gained from pushing yourself on a moderate day. And there’s everything to be
gained from pushing yourself on a push day. My friends, having an
intention for your workout and then following through
with that intention is one of the best ways
to get what you want out of your workouts. You know sometimes, me, I, personally, I say that I’m gonna do a hard workout and then I start working
out and it’s hard (laughs) and so then, I let myself
be more moderate with it. Now sometimes it’s not a big deal. Again depending on your goal.
(timer beeping) 30 seconds of rest. Coming up next, we’re gonna
do military press ups, which means I’m gonna pick up something a little bit lighter, still heavy for me, still a good challenge for me. But not my big boys ’cause
this is upper body work. Feet are soft, or excuse me,
feet about hip width apart, knees are soft but strong,
core is pulled in tight, weights start here at your
shoulders with your palms facing out away from you, elbows are wide. When it beeps, we’re gonna
come up into press ups, which means that we’re
going to press up both hands (timer beeping)
going up overhead with those elbows staying out wide until they are straightened
all the way in a full extension up over head. (exhales) any time we pick up something
heavy up overhead like this, in addition to thinking about your arms, thinking about where your shoulders are, thinking about not shrugging, thinking about getting your
biceps right next to your ears. You really wanna make sure that your tailbone is tucked under and your core is pulled in tight. Lifting something heavy over your head, your body is very likely to ask
your lower back to help out. Don’t let it help out. Make your core do what
it’s designed to do. (exhales) Making sure that you’re breathing. (exhales) And working at a pace
that feels good for you. It’s why we have the timer going. I’m not trying to get
a bunch of these done. I’m trying to get enough
done that it feels like work but not so much that I can’t keep going.
(timer beeping) Excellent job, except for right now ’cause we got (laughs) 30 seconds of rest. Again, I’m just keeping
the dumbbells in my hands. I would much rather have them in my hands than spend that time at the
beginning of every minute. Trying to pick them up again, trying to find my set, trying to do what I’m gonna do. Having weights in my
hands for this 30 seconds is actually keeping my
heart rate up a little bit so depending on where your heart rate is, you can decide what’s the
best decision for you. (exhales) Making sure that you’re taking a nice (timer beeping)
deep breath. Here we go again, getting set. Palms out, and press up. Really focusing on your core. Thinking about where
your body is in space. Thinking about where your elbows are, having them out wide is very different from some press ups that we do. I very often do what I would consider regular press ups meaning that we have our elbows pointed forward and we twist our hand and
our arm as it comes up. This military press up
is actually a little bit of a biceps curl too and a
little bit of triceps work, even more so than it would
be in a regular press up. This is, even though it’s very simple, working lots of muscles. We’ve got the chest and
the shoulder, the upper and middle back all working
together with your arms, (exhales) which I am totally (timer beeping)
feeling right now. 30 seconds of rest and thank
goodness for it, you guys. This is the magic of this kind of workout, this kind of burnout work, where we stay on the same muscle group, we stay with the same exercise
for three sets in a row. It’s tough. This is going to feel like a push even if you are doing a moderate workout. When it beeps again, we’re
doing those military press ups for the third and final time. Make sure that you need a sip of water that you got a sip of water that you are breathing
(timer beeping) and here we go. Palms out, elbows wide. (exhales). Brace your core before your hands go up, and there they go. Awesome job. Now here on round three, you’re noticing, I’m noticing that my
shoulders want to shrug that my arms don’t really
wanna lift all the way that my core is getting tired. That my lower back wants to volunteer. Notice all of these
things and ask your body to use excellent form anyway. If you cannot use excellent form, if you just can’t get your arms up, you can’t get your core
pulled in, drop your weights. Go with something lighter. That’s what this workout is teaching us. Where is your limit? This is definitely mine. My arms are shaky. My core is asking not
to do this work anymore. My shoulders, starting to burn. (timer beeping) 30 seconds of rest, okay. Okay, I’m debating, actually
no I’m not debating. Here’s what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna put these weights down. I’m gonna grab one of my heavy weights. We’re doing triangles next. And the thing about triangles is that it’s working your abs and your hips my abs and hips are
stronger than my upper body. So we’re gonna have
feet just a little wider than hip width apart. I’m actually gonna be alternating the dumbbell from hand to hand. The hand that goes up
over head is not gonna have any weights in it so
that I’m not distracted (timer beeping)
by that work. As we’re rolling that dumbbell
down the side of your leg, your hip is jutting out. We’re getting down as
low as you possibly can. And then we’re squeezing, squeezing from your abs to pull up. And then I’m switching the
dumbbell from hand to hand. Now if you are doing a
moderate workout today with moderate weights, you might very well have a moderate weight in each hand. Oh my gosh, totally grunting. I apologize (laughs) except for the fact that grunting is good for you. If you are doing a moderate workout, having a moderate weight in each hand is the right amount of challenge. If it starts to feel
like too much challenge, you can do exactly what I’m doing, one weight in one hand at a time. If this is a push day,
make sure that one weight or two weights is the
right amount of challenge. Make sure that this feels like a push. You might get halfway into an exercise and realize, oh gosh, (timer beeping)
I can totally do more. 30 seconds of rest. If that happens, go ahead
and finish out the set like we just did, but assess, could you pick up something heavier, grab something heavier. Do you need something lighter? Pick up something lighter. Totally okay to reassess with each set, especially because we
are doing three in a row. You might find by the
third one that you have to drop weights, that’s totally fine. Your challenge is your challenge. I’m getting ready, ’cause here we go with interval number yeah, interval number
two, as soon as it beeps. (timer beeping)
Core is pulled in tight. Thinking about that hip, pushing
out, out, out to the side. Thinking about where you feel it in your inner and outer thighs, using your abs and hips
to pull you back up from that triangle position. The reason we have our feet so wide is so that you can push your hip out. When we do side bends,
it’s very similar to this. But I always warn you to
keep your hips in one place. Having your hips moving means
that your hips are working. Abs and obliques still
totally helping out with this. I mean, I know you feel that. There’s a whole lot going
on in your torso right now. This is abs, obliques, your entire hip, glute and inner thigh
complex, all kinds of muscles working for this one. In addition, I mean, I feel it in my arm but it’s not the focus, which
is why I don’t have the weight in my top hand up here. If I had a heavy weight
in my top hand, I know (timer beeping)
that I’d be focused on that. 30 seconds of rest. Okay, you guys, coming up
next, it is the third time with those triangles. Assess how you’re feeling. Can your abs take more? Can your hips take more? If they can take “more-more,”
grab something heavier. It’s push day, if it’s push day (laughs). If they’re having a tough time,
drop to something lighter. If it’s a moderate day for you, of course, you go moderate the whole time. (exhales) Okay. I’m getting myself ready. I’ve given myself the pep talk. But here we go, with
our third time through. Awesome job. Making sure that you’re breathing. When we do ab work like
this, there’s a real risk of accidentally holding your breath. I find myself doing that when
I’m doing ab-centric work. It’s why I like to work
my abs and something else. It helps me think about
all the different muscles. But I’m still kind of
prone to holding my breath. (exhales) Making sure that you’re breathing, making sure that you’re
thinking about excellent form. No matter if today is a moderate
day or a push day for you. Excellent form is how
you’re going to get the most out of this workout. Sloppy form is truly never good for you. Letting your core out, not thinking about where your body is in space and time. Not really focusing on your workout but just kind of (timer beeping)
going through the motions. 30 seconds of rest. It’s honestly, never the
best thing for your workout. When it beeps again, we’re
doing bent over rows. And this is actually our last exercise and I’m debating how heavy I can go. I’m gonna start with my big boys. Let’s see. Because this is actually
both an upper body and lower body exercise at the same time. We’re in a bent over
position which means our core is pulled in tight, our
back is super duper straight and we’re pushing our hips out
to hinge our torso forward. You’re gonna have your
dumbbells, or excuse me, (timer beeping)
your palms facing your body the entire time. Rowing those dumbbells up to your armpit or wherever you can get them to. I may or may not regret this weight. This is tough but it feels doable. So really thinking about squeezing from your shoulder blades, rather than shrugging your shoulders up with the top of your back, you’re using the middle of your back to squeeze your shoulder blades together to pull these dumbbells up. Your elbows are really
driving the motion here. Thinking about pulling
your elbows wide and back. (exhales) Remembering to breathe, holding in your core the entire time to keep your back straight. (exhales) And squeezing from those
glutes to make sure that you are holding on to this bent over or hinged forward position. (timer beeping) And 30 seconds of rest. Okay standing up nice and easily. That’s what’s really tough about coming up from that bent over position is that if you just kind of slouch out of it, you’re in a position to start with where if you’re not engaging your core, your lower back will
help you stand back up, make sure that your core
is engaged the entire time while you’re standing back up and releasing out of that position also. I’m gonna go ahead and get ready for it. I’ve noticed that (timer beeping) here we go. Core is pulled in tight,
push your hips back. I’ve noticed when I used to
work with clients one on one, that you can use excellent
form throughout the exercise. It’s actually when you’re
picking the weights up or putting the weights down
or coming out of a position that you are far more
likely to get injured. Because your mind is already
on to the next thing. You’re already thinking about oh, what’s the next exercise? Or where is this weight gonna go? Or oh, thank goodness, I
get to put this thing down, rather than focusing. The exercise itself, I know that you’re focused
while we’re exercising. I know that you’re thinking
about holding in your core. I know that you’re thinking
about using your glutes. It’s that couple of seconds in between that can really get you. So my friend, excellent form in and out of the exercises also. (exhales) Okay. I’m almost
(timer beeping) 30 seconds of rest. (exhales) I’m almost debating dropping weights. I can make it all the way
through the interval though so I think I’m gonna go ahead and do, this is the third and final time. I feel like I can make it
through one more interval. Assess yourself though. This is our final exercise. My whole body feels shaky and noodley. If you feel like you need to drop weights, drop weights my friends. Making the workout the exact
right amount of challenge is so important and honestly, (timer beeping)
it’s a learned skill. Here we go into position,
thinking about your core. I’ve been working out for years. I’ve been doing challenging
workouts for years. I know what my limit feels like. I know what it feels like when I’m not pushing myself hard enough. I know what it feels like when I’ve pushed myself a little too hard. I know where my challenge is. If you’re relatively new to,
not exercising, necessarily. But if you’re relatively new
to whatever kind of a day this is for you. If you’re new to pushing, if you are new to moderation, you might really have to work
on getting that balance right. And I want you to know
that, I mean, obviously, I hope you don’t injure yourself. But getting it wrong is part of the learning process (laughs). It is. It’s how you know where your limit is is to accidentally push past it. It’s how you know what’s too little is to accidentally use too little. (timer beeping) 30 seconds of rest my friends. My friends, I’ve got
one final thing for us. We’re done but we’re not quite finished. You knew this was coming. I’ve got a finisher. And what this is is a little bit of almost cardio-ish, strength work. We’re doing snatches. And I’m actually gonna put
one of these weights down. We’re gonna go alternating snatches. We’re gonna start with
the weight on the ground in a bit of a half squat,
half dead lift position. Your back is super duper straight. Like let me show you from the side. When we pop up, you’re using your hips to pop that weight up overhead. (timer beeping) It looks like an arm exercise, but my friends I promise you, this is all hips and glutes. You will be able to pick up
something much, much heavier if you are using proper form. If you are using your hand or your arm, you’ll notice that this
weight feels heavy. When your butt is doing this work, the weight, honestly,
kinda goes flying up. I stood up. The weight kinda goes
(laughs) flying up over head without you even thinking about it except that you’re thinking
about your butt doing the work. (exhales) Making sure that you’re breathing. (exhales) This is it. We’re just doing one interval with this. So the next time it beeps is the last time it’s going to beep. (exhales) Really feeling this in my
thighs actually right now, coming down into this full squat. (timer beeping)
And switching. Woo doggies. (exhales). I felt that everywhere. Let’s go ahead and get
all of your dumbbells all of the way out of the way and then turn my timer off. (timer beeping) And let’s cool it down. Ah, starting with those arm
circles and some tappers. Oh my gosh. What a nice job you did today. I’m so proud of you
finding what works for you, learning exactly how much to push and when is the best part of figuring
out how to get your goals. I know you have ’em. I know you want to look and
feel and be a certain way, whatever that is for you. And the way to do that is to
put your workouts together with some thought and some intention. And I do hope, if you didn’t already that you will open up the description box and get that information resource so that you can get
your goals, my friends. Now here’s the thing. If today was a push day for you, you might like to add some ab work. Here on screen in just little
bit, I’m gonna have a little like a 10 minute weighted
abs workout for you that can just push you
a little bit further on your push day. If today was a moderate
day workout for you, this was absolutely, positively enough. You did a great job. I do, however, have an
extended cool down for you. Let’s go ahead and do some arm openers hah, and some arm crossers. And thank you so much. Nice big hug. A little pat on the back. Good, good job today. The extended cool down. It’s about five minutes long. It’s all standing. It’s just a really nice
way to stretch this out a little bit more. I try to keep these efficient for us but if you like and have the
time for a longer cool down it is absolutely worth your time. Now on the bottom of your
screen is the letter P, that’s an invitation to go over to Patreon where you can make a monthly pledge that helps me make free
workouts for all of us. And then on the other side of
the screen is a picture of me. That’s actually a subscribe button. Make sure that you click that and the bell notification
(bell chimes) so that YouTube will
let you know every time I put out a brand new workout. And thank you so, so much for
working out with me today. Make sure you subscribe and
I’ll see you in the next video.

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