Low iPhone Battery Health? – Get Your Battery Replaced Before The Price Goes Up

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and
many of you are concerned about your battery health and what I mean by that
is how much of your battery health is remaining you start with 100% and then
over time is your battery degrades I’ve talked about this at length in other
videos I’ll link them in the description as well as right above here and what
battery health means is how much of the remaining charge is left compared to
when it was new so let me explain that briefly if you’re not familiar with
battery health that means basically if you had a this is how I explained it
before if you have a 10 gallon fuel tank in your vehicle and after 2 years of use
you now have 8 gallons left that would be 80% so what that means is the same
with battery health you start with 100% like we have here and then if we move
over to something like the 6s plus that’s a few years old we have 86
percent remaining so this only holds 86 percent of its original charge of 100%
whatever the milliamp hours were of the original battery now for the most part
that’s going to be okay that’s normal degradation over that time however your
phone may not be performing at peak performance capability and if it’s not
then you need to get your battery replaced because what will happen is it
will slow down the processor to avoid this needing more voltage or power from
the battery and rebooting so what happens if it can’t supply enough power
for you is your phone will just reboot and not perform right it’ll come back up
and slow it down so that stops happening and your phone may start to feel really
sluggish now you can turn that off at the risk of it actually rebooting or you
can just get your battery replaced and from today you now have 31 days to get
that battery replaced at a reduced rate now if you have Apple Care Plus you
don’t have to worry about this because it’s usually included with that for free
if you have a problem with your battery so this is only for people that need
their battery replace that are out of warranty and it’s $29 until December
31st for the iPhone se all the way to the iPhone X that covers all of those
phones the iPhone 5s I’m not sure that they replace in the store it’s not
mentioned on their site of replacing the battery I’ll link that in the
description below so you can check it out as well so what happens after
December 31st is the price goes up now it’s not astronomical it goes up to $49
for the iPhone se through the 8 Plus however the iPhone X will be $69 the XS, XS Max and XR will be $79 to replace the battery after December 31st
2018 so if you need to replace those batteries you probably want to do it now
if it’s not performing now if you have 90 percent chances are they’re not going
to replace it for you just because it’s performing well however if you have
appliquè plus they’ll probably just do it or tell you to come back but on the
older phones chances are they’re degraded at least down to about 90 or
80% I normally would recommend around 70 to 80 percent or if your phone is
telling you need you need to I know if people with their batteries at 50 to 60
percent that’s still performing like it should with peak performance capability
so it’s not really an issue for those people but for some other people it may
be a big concern now when it comes to managing your battery I’ve created other
videos about that and it’s less complicated than you think
I’ve talked about that at length you can check those videos out as well and
hopefully this helps you get this done if you need to get it done you’ve got 31
days or so remaining by the time you’re watching this video so hopefully that
helps you out go get that replaced and it will take
three to five days or you can send it in so apple says three to five days
normally it’s about a couple hours in the store it just depends on the store
and how busy they are all they have to do is pop out these two screws open the
top up replace the battery it’s actually pretty
simple to do and replace it in the store put it back together and then hand it
off to you you don’t generally lose any data but they usually ask you to make a
backup ahead of time you could also send this in so if you don’t have an Apple
store nearby you can send it into your local Apple store and they’ll take care
of it for you so that’s usually the best way to do it if you don’t have anyone
nearby but the problem with that is you’re going to need your phone so
you’ll have to have a backup if they’re an older iPhone and Android phone or
whatever you might have you’ll have to use and they don’t provide a loaner so
you’ve got that little issue there so hopefully that helps let me know if
you’re getting your battery replaced in the comments
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thanks for watching this is Aaron I’ll see you next time

100 thoughts on “Low iPhone Battery Health? – Get Your Battery Replaced Before The Price Goes Up

  1. Hey Aaron! My iPhone 7(128GB) battery wear level is 82% shall i change or shall wait degrades to 80% or lower?

  2. I bought my iPhone se 2 months before and my battery health is 96% now what should I do? Please give me a good suggestion.

  3. I feel that the percentage given on the iPhone is not accurate. I have an iPhone 6 that says 77% on iOS. However, it barely lasts an hour on usage. And when it is plugged into a Mac computer and checked with CoconutBattery, that application says it has about 40% battery life left, which seems more accurate.

  4. My 6s plus has 82% battery health so I took it to get a battery replacement but my phone has a small crack on the bottom left corner of the phone (not on the screen) but when I took it , they said if I wanted my battery replaced they would also have to charge me for a new screen cuz that small crack would mess something up. So in total I would have had to pay like $230… so I said f that

  5. I have a 7Plus and had 81% battery health left and went to Apple a few days ago to get mine replaced for $30. Battery is at 100% 🙂

  6. Got my iPhone 6plus done, cost £37. Phone is faster, camera seems better and screen is brilliantly bright.

    On a side note it's worth more second hand with the replacement done.

  7. my iphone 8 is still on 99% battery health but after the update to 12.1 it is discharging on standby 6% per hour tested it without using it hole day without simcard and internet connection still it is draining the battery on standby, restored it thrice already no luck :{

  8. my 6s plus died on me at 8% at 82% battery health. i turn it back on for fun to see if it really died and it turned in and showed 22% battery left😂

  9. Hi Aaron, my iPhone 7 Plus has 2 years and the battery performance is at 84%. I guess I’m not eligible to Apple replacement program. Or I’m wrong?
    Always the best channel for this kind of information. 👌👍

  10. I’m the first and only owner of a 6 Plus I purchased in September 2014 (50 months ago) and it’s still at 80%…

    I took it to an Apple Store and they ran a test and it has 2,200 cycles on it – guy working there says highest he’s ever seen was 1,600 cycles 🙀

    I’m just going to keep it as is and not replace the battery till the 2021 lineup.

  11. Apple and other phones' batteries can be replaced much cheaper DIY. There are videos on youtube that show how. Apple care will upsell you a new motherboard or new phone.

  12. I just got the battery on my iPhone 7 replaced. It was at 77% after a year while my wife’s is at 93%. Waited only 2hrs. I’d suggest getting the replacement sooner than later because once the holiday rush really sets in, wait times will undoubtedly get longer.

  13. Just got my battery replaced in my iPhone 7 Plus last week. It took 1 hour in the Apple Store. Just curious if anyone knows it they are resealed like they would be from the factory meaning would it still be considered IP 67 water resistant rated. By the way you make great videos thanks for all the good info.

  14. Apologize if this has been asked already: does Apple require an iphone to have a minimum battery health percentage before they’ll authorize replacing it?

  15. I just took in my daughters 23 month old iPhone 7 in for a check up, I was approaching the end of my AppleCare contract so I figured I’d have them look it over the battery was at 85% which is borderline for replacement so they would have to get approval to replace the battery after a few minutes online it was approved.
    I left for 2 hours came back to get phone and found out it didn’t go well after battery replacement the home button was inoperable
    So I left with a new iPhone 7 for no cost out of pocket….I’ve had 2 iPhone 6 batteries replaced without incident under the 29 dollar program.

    Apple has always stood by all the products I have purchased which is a lot and is the main reason I buy all of my electronics from them
    Their customer service is second to none!

  16. Launch day iPhone 7Plus battery 84%. Definitely getting replaced because I can’t afford the new expensive iPhones tears

  17. I took my iPhone 6 in to get it replaced and they told me they couldn’t because the phone was bent so when they took the display out it wouldent go back in without breaking so good luck lol

  18. Last week just before this video, my 2.5 year old, 6S battery showed, performance throttling active, health at 82% but still shutdown early (20%) when I tried to use it in cold weather ! Booked appoint with local (UK) Apple store, left it for 1hour with them and new battery fitted for 25 UKP. Excellent service. Phone like new again. Thanks for all your videos…

  19. Question for anyone; I have a fairly expensive gorilla glass screen protector on my iPhone; do they have to remove the screen protector to replace the battery?

  20. Jeez. Look at all the comments with people worried or asking if they should/need to replace a battery with still lots of life left or not much. Use your head people. And those worried why their new phone after a short time has degraded the battery, well… again think. How are you using the phone? How many times in a day do you charge your phone? Are you using your phone while it charging? Ask yourself these or similar questions & you should answer your own question(s).

    “Should I change my battery with 90% left?” “I have a new phone & after a few weeks or months, I’m at 95%. Should I replace it?” WTF!?! Think people. If you have a new phone, why would you think you’d need to replace the battery? Or if your phone is more then 2 years old & battery health shows below 85% of course you should change it.
    This whole battery health thing has people so paranoid about nothing.

  21. I have an iphone x , in just few months ! I guess around 3-4 months ! It came to 82% !!! & then a month later 62% !!! & now a year later its 51% !!!! Can i anyone tell me is there a memory problem changing battery ?

  22. I just replaced my iPhone 5s battery a few months ago. It was fine at first but after a few weeks when i had updated it it started to to drain fast. I don't play games on it anymore but only for music. Battery drain while not in use too. It use to take awhile for it to charge but now it charges very quick. maybe its the cable. If anyone knows anything please let me know.

  23. The battery health beta that apple introduced in iOS 11, it’s got a flaw, I restored my iPhone from my previous iCloud backup and to my amazement I have 90% battery health instead of the 89% I had before the restore. That being said apple has implemented a way that your battery health beta percentage is not legitimate and being It can be restored back to what it was or better, meaning the battery health beta is just a major flaw and not 100% accurate at all! It was implemented to worry the crap out of owners so they will keep shelling out money 💰 to apple for costly battery replacements! 🤦‍♂️

  24. Aaron, I couldn’t believe it either that my battery health beta was at 89% before the restore and after the iCloud backup restore, its on 90%. Which tells me we should do a test of backup for a really long time ago on a iPhone and see if the percentage is basically backed up into iCloud also? Could iCloud be saving your previous percentage as before your backup? If so what is consumers reaction on this? I’ve contacted a lithium ion battery supplier and they told me they last 2-3 years! So why are us consumers replacing our batteries every year? I just got my iPhone 7 in June of this year and it was 100% and I haven’t charged or did anything out of the ordinary as I follow your videos, but it was at 89% 3 days ago and since I restored it from my iCloud backup, it’s at 90%. This should be investigated!

  25. I just went to get my battery on my iPhone X replaced and the guy told me that the speaker would have to be replaced along side of getting a new battery (which would be another $80) has this happened to anyone else?

  26. I have 51% life on my iPhone 6and I have to charge to 100% 4 times a day or so. I usually just always keep it plugged in or use my portable charger. I’m getting an iPhone 8 in a few days but sorta want to keep this phone to see how low it can get. I’ve heard you can see the battery go down consistently ever second when you reach below 20 percent.

  27. I have an iPhone 10 I just bought it before like two months ago and it's on 97% now !! , should I go the insurance company? And will they replace it ?

  28. My iPhone is a few months old, around 3-4, and my battery health is already at 92 percent, last week it was 97 percent, I don’t know what to do…my best friend has an iPhone 6 and she uses it a lot more than me, but still has 100% should I do something about it? The battery health goes down too fast

  29. My 2 year old iPhone 7 is at 79% and it still says normal peak performance but it also says I should get the battery replaced 🙃

  30. I must have used the shit out of my phone. I have an iPhone 7 at 90% and I’ve only had it for 8 months. My iPhone SE had 91% battery health when I replaced it after I had it for a year.

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