Lower Face Lift Exercises

Hello. I’m Dr. Serene Lim. I’m an Australian
cosmetic and complimentary GP. Today, I want to show you how to lift up your face because
as we age, this part droops down as the hyaluronic acid, the collagen and elastin disappears
from your skin and forms a little ridge here. You actually want to lift this whole area.
Sometimes when you have fillers put in or procedures done, you might find that this
area here also doesn’t work very well. We actually have to activate these muscles, the
zygomatic muscles. This area around the mouth, too, needs to be exercised so that you don’t
have these little wrinkles happening as we age. First of all, I want you to focus on these
cheek muscles. The whole idea, once again, is to depress it so that it’s relaxed and
then contracted against resistance. These zygomatic muscles here, you can actually secure them by putting your hands here and then you smile. You lift up your cheeks. Once again, you don’t want to actively contract other muscles so look at the mirror. I know that when I do this, these muscles start to contract. You do one at a time. Lift this part up. This is particularly good if you have an asymmetric smile. Sometimes when you smile, one is actually a little bit lower than the other side. When you lift the side up this way, you can actually secure a really lovely smile that’s symmetric once again. You’ve got these muscles here. Now, a good way to do that is also to secure it like this, pull it towards the center and then smile this way. There’s the buccinator muscles here as well and you use it when you actually start to blow out your cheeks. To make it
actively work against resistance, you want to press on it and blow out against it like this. Notice when I do that these muscles start
to contract so you need to secure that to make sure you don’t get wrinkles down here. Obviously, you do the same with the other side too. These muscles here often are used so much especially when you’re drinking from a straw, pursing your lips, then you start getting these lines happening. Don’t do this too
much and don’t do any exercises that tell you to purse your lips. Try to avoid that.
How you actually relax these muscles is by putting your lips together quite firmly and
blowing out against resistance like this. As we age, this part contracts and depresses.
Some people start forming these lines here like a deep cleft. You can also try to improve
this area the same way. Sometimes, if you don’t want to use your
hands, you can also do it a bit more gently. Finally, just under your chin here, this part,
where you often get a double chin. You notice if you put a thumb under here, close your mouth, but lift your tip of the tongue and push against the palate. You can find it contracting. Don’t do any exercises that causes an extension of your neck like that because the facet joints get affected. It’s much better to do this exercise and just focus on this area. You don’t have to move your neck to contract these muscles. Thank you for watching. My next video will focus on massage, the whole eye and cheek
and jaw area.

100 thoughts on “Lower Face Lift Exercises

  1. Very well explained exercises. The exercises to fill in the upper lip lines and the hollow area under the lower lip are especially great because I have not found any so far that address these areas.
    Can you also show us an exercise that reduces the philtrum area? This lengthens during aging.

  2. Hi Dr. Serene, I've been doing some exercises from other videos, I wanted to soft my nasolabial folds and I noticed that my cheeks started to sink. Did I do something wrong? I hope you can help me. Thank you very much.

  3. that makes no sense to me. Why would lifting the corner of your eye prevent the underlying muscle from contracting? If anything it would just make it overcontract to compensate, and you'd then be working out your wrinkles there…

  4. once again how often do we do these unless we have to buy the rest of the info just a tease but of course that is what advertising is about no info just an intro

  5. Hi Dr. Serene, received you text. Thank you.  I have been doing the eye lift and the lower face exercises.  What a difference!!  Thank you!

  6. Hi Dr Serene. Do you know of any exercises for the marionette lines that go downward from the
    Sides of the mouth?

  7. dr serene  . i m sunny i from india pls help how i remove my orbicularis oris fat how to this fat lift on my chicks pls give me ans.

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  10. Dr. I really like ur vedios. Especially the way u explain abt muscle work. Being an occupational therapist I really appreciate your vedios n facial work out. Loved it.. Thank u for unloading such needful vedios..

  11. thank you so much for posting. i tried these exercises on one side of my face to see if they work. had to stop and let the other side catch u they are great how many times should each be done and how often. namaste

  12. HI! I'm in love with your exercises 🙂 It's really really LIFT FACE… just incredable. A have also wuestion to you. It is possible to shorten philtrum length with your exercises? Thank you

  13. loved your exercises! But do you think that it makes any difference between doing a pumping movement, like you do, and doing just one movement, holding it for some minutes?

  14. u must see the videos belong to peta (username is facerobics) on youtube only in 3 weeks  i saw my cheeks, chin ect.  lifted up i am 35 yars old..  i searched and saw lots of different videos and collected all exercises  a tried all of them  so i separated the best ones   i also knew that how can i do the best when i do the face exercises it means it is important how u touch your face with your hands when u do excers. it is very important to prevent to occur new wrinkles … i also apply white clay with lemon juice (1teaspoon white clay and 1 teaspoon lemon juice) i mixed them with a few drops of water on my face and  i wait 20 munites two times in a week your face will glow ,lift and get soft like a baby u can put one aspirin in this recipe for acne finally i wanna say face exercises are so useful for the face in the beggining i coul not do the right exercises but now i found the best ones i also found new exercises myself with triying i do everyday and i saw the difference only in 3 weeks
    note: when u do exercises it is important how u hold your face with your hands… the right excersises and u must feel a little pain when u do them ( bec there are a lot of muscles on your face like your body.. the face exercises mean that your face sagging muscles lift up for these movements) sorry for my eng. hopefully anyone who does not know about the face exersises understand the important rules of the exercises after my words 🙂


  16. I started doing the exercises one month ago. Today I met a cousin who I haven't seen in two months. The moment she saw me she said, "You look amazing! Your face is fuller, and you have bigger cheeks." Her remark made me feel great. I've already noticed that my face is lifted, and my cheeks are fuller. A friend of mine also told me the same and he asked me what I did to my face.
    I will continue to do the exercises. Thank you so much!

  17. Hi Dr. Serene: Can you show some exercises for the forehead, and the furrow lines. I have a very deep line in the center and have tried different exercises and devices for over 4-5 months and can't see any results. Any suggestions? Thanks so much

  18. Hi and thank you for helping all of us😃. Do u know any good facial excersise to lift the cheeks. And firm your face . Thank you.

  19. Hello Dr. I have had tooth-braces for a long time, and they have made my facial muscles very tense and sore, especially on the right side of m face. My face hurts just by pressing certain muscles nd I can't seem to relax them. What would be the best way to release the tension? Do you recommend muscle relaxants like botox for a quik relief, or acupuncuture, or just a lot of massaging?

  20. Hello. DrSerene. The right side of my face is lower and bigger than the other side. I am not sure it is because of my bone or muscle. Can I use your method?

  21. I can't hear you at all. I have to hold my speaker at my ear so when I do that I can't see what you are doing. plz speak louder. I think you really know how to improve the quality of wrinkles and eyelids that droop if only I could hear and see you at the same time. Anyone else having trouble hearing her? I can hear all other videos just fine so I don't think it's my phone speaker.

  22. Hey Dr. Serene. How to have a higher nose than your lips? Because my lips are to pointy like the tail of a duck. Can you help me please please please.

  23. I've been searching tons of sites. I like this because the Dr. actually demonstrates the exercises in a clear, concise manner. I also like how she explains the muscles/anatomy. Have a beautiful day everyone!

  24. Wow, thanks. I've already started the acupuncture around my nasolabial area, so I'm gonna add these exercises too. This is great for those like me, who can't even entertain the thought of a facelift or injections let alone actually pay for them. I certainly can't .New subscriber here 🙂

  25. muy buena doctora , Soy de Neuquén Argentina ,podría hacer los vídeos traducidos en español ?
    muchas gracias 😍

  26. I had a full, round face when I was younger even though Im thin. But now my cheeks have dropped and I look sad. I hope these exercises will work for me.

  27. Thanks sweetheart, very informative video and the way u were explaining. …brilliant. …really appreciated 😊

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  29. Thank you for the exercises! Could you give some examples of facial exercises that could affect the facet joints? I am concerned that some of the exercises I do are causing more harm than good. There are some exercises such as looking up at the ceiling and blowing kisses; pulling lips over teeth, placing finger on chin, moving neck forward, and then contracting and relaxing muscles around the jaw and neck. Are these affecting the facet joints? Thank you.

  30. its visible that she has undergone surgeries….look at her right cheek …its more lifted upwards….than the other one…Aging starts from eyes first….and all her face areas and neck areas are sagging except under eye area….it proves that she has undergone surgeries…So misleading video ma'am

  31. Just wonderful, been searching for "all natural face lift" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about – Jenrooklyn Facial Mummification – (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my brother in law got excellent success with it.

  32. Docteur vous êtes superbe! Do you practice ? J essaie..difficult to move muscles. ..as you ! I try again and again. ..merci de France

  33. I have been doing the first exercise for a long time and it indeed lifts my cheeks. I do it around 4 times a week

  34. There's this problem with my face , when I smile or do any facial expression for 1 second it leaves a wrinkle that last for days, so I just decided to minimize my smiling. It's just unfair that there's people literally 20 years older than me but don't get this problem.

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