Make Eating Healthy EASY With This Mindset Formula

Hey everyone welcome back to my channel I am making today’s videos short sweet and really easy to follow Because I want to share with you my tips of how to stay on track with your healthy eating if you’re already a subscriber hey Welcome back. Thanks for watching another video, and if you’re new to my channel my name is Rachel ask I am a nutritionist from Brisbane, Australia I also own a gym called eat run lift and a blog of the same name Make sure you hit subscribe if you haven’t already so you don’t miss out on my future uploads and you can go and check out All the other tips and tricks that I have already uploaded on my channel to follow this video Effectively you will need a notebook and a pen or you can use your phone if you’re not watching the video on your phone already anyway The reason for this is we’re gonna be working through some stuff to figure out why it is that you’re falling off track with your Healthy eating all the time instead of just me giving you generic tips. We’re gonna figure out the root of the problem I’m actually drawing a little bit from my mindset coaching program. Which is part of my 12-week online challenge This is a method that I use personally, and if you want a kind of heads-up of where I am at the moment I haven’t had a cheat meal in nine months I mean I could if I wanted to but I’m in ketosis, and I want to stay in ketosis So I just don’t have a cheat meal. I don’t think cheat meals bad things, but I think if you’re eating stuff which is not productive to your goals And it’s not going to help you get you where you want to be or it’s not nourishing your body or it’s something That’s just you know it’s not good for you You want to be limiting limiting that to a certain number of times per week? It’s all about having a majority of your diet as healthy nutritious food That’s actually going to look after your body my first step. Is don’t beat yourself up about it You don’t want to be feeling a lot of guilt and shame for Falling off track with your healthy eating and not being able to get back on because yes life does get in the way sometimes That doesn’t mean that you should let those same excuses come back over and over again like yes There’s always gonna be situations which get in the way, and it hard to get around sometimes But if you are having the same thing making you fall off track over and over again That’s when we know there’s an issue if you know you’re always Reaching for the the chocolates or something and around like 3 4 p.m.. That’s when you know? There’s a little habit there that you need to break, but other than that if you fall enough track And you just feel like you can’t get back on top of things Do not beat yourself up for it feeling guilty over It is just going to lead to more negative thought patterns So gonna break that now the point number two we’re taking out the notepad and we are going to figure out why this happened This is a list that I want you to add to every time you have fallen off track or every time you do fall off track if it does happen again in the future because We’re gonna see if there’s a recurring theme here some common examples that I see from clients are things like stress at work Or stress at home, or it was sitting around in the cup, and so I decided to eat it anyway So if you just focus on the one last time that you fell off track and weren’t able to get back on top of things With the healthy eating jump down what that reason was before I jump into the next point I would love it so much if you guys would give this video a thumbs up for me It does actually help my videos out a lot, so I really do appreciate it now We’re up to step three and we’re gonna take that one obstacle, which you wrote down in the previous step And what we’re gonna do is write down three things that we can do to which rest that next time it happens So for me something that I used to notice was I was a stress eater, and I’d feel stressed So I had one salty food. I had to remember food is not my therapist food is there just to look after my body so three things that I do now when I am stressed ah go for a walk or Go and get acupuncture or just spend some quiet time just sort of in reflection Thinking through things I’m bad at slowing down I’m the first person to admit that but I know I have to and I know That there are other ways to manage stress other than eating now. It’s time to set some specific goals for yourself I always advise not setting up physical goals of looking a certain way But setting goals that you can measure and you can achieve so Maybe you do want to lose weight set that as a number goal or maybe you want to be able to do a certain number of push-ups Which I love setting those kind of girls like training goals because it makes you actually work towards it So you want to set something other than having a goal body to make this work? We’re gonna set a big lofty goal in twelve months And then we’re gonna break that down with three smaller goals that are gonna Help us get to that big one So you jot down your 12-month goal then we’re gonna jot down a two-month goal Then a full month goal then a six month goal And then you’ve got twelve Ideally these three little goals need to be building blocks to work your way up to your 12-month goal point five to make sure that You I’m not falling off track is to read says your cupboards Go through the pantry go through the fridge and make sure that there’s no junk lying around you can give it to someone else if it’s someone if it’s like a housemates food or like a relative something don’t touch it just Learn some most self-control. I know that sounds easy to say you can do it. I can do it You can do it, but if it’s your food and the fridge or the pantry reassess What’s in there and don’t eat it to get rid of it I? Used to do that to just give it to someone else who’ll eat it point six is to talk to the people you live with And explain why this is important to you you don’t want to set yourself up for failure by having other people sabotaging your goals So you really need to explain to them why it’s important? And why you’re doing what you’re doing Point seven is it’s time to plan out a new routine So when it comes to eating healthy and staying on track with eating the right kinds of foods for your body? I know it can be really difficult sometimes especially when you’re first starting There’s a lot of information out there it can be tricky, so it’s about finding a routine for yourself You don’t have to make all these big changes at once in fact I do advise against that I feel like it is better to take small little steps and change little things at a time So I’d love you guys to plan out a week of eating on that notebook or in your phone or whatever you’re doing this is Going to give you a nice guideline to work along if you’re looking for some advice I do have a nutrition guide available I know I hate putting pictures and things But really that’s what I made the guides for so The nutrition guide does talk about food and it splits it up into different body types as well so your ectomorph Which is usually tall and thin and tries to gain muscle your mesomorph? Which is typically your hourglass shape which is the body shape that I have and your endomorph? Which is the body shape which usually find it a little bit harder to lose weight? and they tend to be a bit more pear-shaped if you can you should also plan out when you’re eating because Sometimes what can happen is we get so busy throughout the day, and then by the afternoon We have super super hungry and that’s when we go crazy and Tend to starts coughing down whatever we can we want to avoid that from happening and making sure that we’re eating Apart from intermittent fasting. I’m not referring to that at all. I’m just talking about general healthy eating It’s important to make sure that you’re eating enough calories at the right times of days So it make sure you’re eating when you wake up the morning You know you’re getting your breakfast ting you’re having your smacks you having your lunch You don’t want to be eating nothing all day, and then coming home and destroying the cupboards at night You know those people that you hear on who are always like oh, you know I was so good all day I ate an egg and a rice cake and then I ate a whole pizza and a bunch of like chocolate and everything for dinner Those people aren’t eating enough food when you eat enough food And you satiate your body You’re not gonna go off on some crazy fruit attack because those sort of episodes where you just decide that you don’t care about eating Healthy anymore, and you just scoff down whatever They’re the kind of things that can lead to you just choosing worse and worse meal options as you go like it becomes easy to choose the bad breakfast it becomes easy to skip lunch and Then becomes easy to order at dinner once you get a good routine in place that will drastically reduce the amount of times that happens Step number eight is to look for meal Inspiration that you like you don’t have to be eating salads all the time if you don’t like salad There are other ways to get your vegetables in there are so many places on the internet You can do this YouTube Pinterest blogs I myself have a blog which has a recipe index in it too, and so you can check those out I’ll link that in the description box for you and in my final step We’re taking out that notepad again or the phone and we are going to make a commitment to ourselves This kind of commitment is going to be different to everybody so this could be something like For me personally mine is I am going to look after myself the best possible because I wanna keep my PCOS under control Maybe yours is that you’re gonna choose the healthiest options that you can because you’d really like to reduce your body fat percentage or maybe you want to be able to keep up with your kids or Whatever your reason is there needs to be a commitment there without the commitment what’s the drive and where’s your motivation coming from I get people messaging me all the time asking how to get motivated and I think motivation is absolute BS. It’s more about habit You’re gonna have motivation in the start to kick you up the butt and get you going That’s when you’re going to build all these beautiful habits into your day into your week And it’s the habits that are gonna sustain you if you want to share your commitment in the comments section below I would love that I’m gonna go through and be reading them as well I just think that’s a really great way to make it tangible when you’re actually having a type out and share it with strangers It means that you’re really really serious about it But I hope you guys have a new action plan lock down after this video, and if you haven’t yet Please give the video a thumbs up before you go and hit subscribe if you’re new I’ll catch you in my next upload or you Can jump over to my Instagram and catch me on there? I’m constantly posting food and workouts and things like that in my stories if you’re looking for some more inspiration bye guys

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  1. It's difficult when you fail after fail and you tell the other person time after time: "This is my goal", and never reach it =( Also my way of achieving my goals is step by step, usually, and my boyfriend goes straight to the point and just cuts it out. So it's a bit more difficult to talk about it to him. But usually I tell him, the same =D and he does bug me and sometimes it helps, other times it makes damage. It's ok to fail and I'm the first person to smack me down for it and I think I need to get better at that first (your first step =D) Love your videos <3

  2. I once saw something on reddit that said something along the lines of "eating something your body doesn't need is also a form of wasting it." Since then I haven't eaten anything bad just because it wasn't being eaten 🙂

  3. If I don't eat enough calories in a day could this cause me to gain weight? I lost 60 pounds and kept it off for about two years by eating one meal a day which was dinner and some stacks so very low calorie. Now I have gained about 10 pounds I haven't changed my eating habits. So I'm confused where this is coming from.

  4. I am trying to lose weight by counting calories and during the week I eat healthy but on the weekends I tend to eat lots of bad stuff (or just too much food) which I feel is stopping me from losing weight efficiently…Do you have any tips? (I am 18, 1,50m and I try to eat about 1200kcal per day…)

  5. Thank you for this really informational video! I think the problem with me is I tend to forget all the amazing things my body is doing for me and how much it loves me to be fighting to keep me alive continuously and that the least I can do is treat it right: eating healthy 90% of the time, drinking lots of water, reducing stress, exercising or just being more active. 

    All of the emotional eating, the bingeing, the cravings: they seem so irrelevant and small when you consider just how much your body does for you each day, and asks for nothing in return. It's your duty to treat it right.

  6. I love that your latest videos seem much more natural and less scripted and staged, it's so much more fun to watch you like this 🙂 xx

  7. What are your thoughts on using prescription meds to reduce cravings? Three months ago, my doctor prescribed me Naltrexone to reduce both food and alcohol cravings. Since then I've lost 25 pounds, cut out drinking alcohol completely, and I no longer crave snacks at night, which used to be a big problem for me. I'm still eating what I would consider normal meals, just in smaller portions. I'm exercising about six hours a week, same as before taking the pills. I haven't noticed any side-effects from the medication at all. It just seems too easy. Do you think there's a downside to what I'm doing?

  8. Whenever I turn down an unhealthy snack or sugary treat people give me
    An insulted/annoyed face and reply “why?”

  9. I'm 99% sure I have PCOS but I have no idea where to start, I don't have a regular doctor that I go to and the two that I've mentioned it to have been no help, can you recommend other professionals that I should go to to help me figure out how I need to deal with it? xx

  10. I could not have stumbled across this video at a better time. It has been hard for me lately to stay on track and stick to positive patterns. Thank you for the inspiration x

  11. Hey! First I love your channel, I always get excited when I see you’ve posted a new video. You’re so encouraging and motivating. I do have a question. I used to drink coffee for breakfast, lunch and dinner. My energy and mood depended heavily on my coffee. I realized this was not a healthy habit so I’ve switch to herbal tea and I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t add sugar. However my question is – is tea with caffeine unhealthy? I drink green tea or black tea in the morning and with my lunch and then I drink a tea with a chamomile base before bed. I want to be as healthy as I can and I feel a difference ever since cutting out coffee, soda and energy drinks but I want to make sure I’m not doing damage with the tea I drink.

  12. Love this, very informative and interactive 🙂 It really helps you focus on finding what the primary source of the issue is and fixing it at the core.

  13. I use to follow you a while back before your videos were strictly about health and wellness. Im so glad you decided to make that your main focus now because those were always the videos I was most interested in. I love you and your style and have officially resubscribed!

  14. I've tried these types of strategies (gym goals, identifying triggers, talking to relatives, tracking progress), and it usually works for a few weeks, after which I get fed up and can't carry on anymore. I think the problem is that I don't really want to give up sugar, or even to have my goal body, I just 'want to want' it.

  15. Thank you for your videos, they are so helpful and motivating. I don’t follow the same diet/exercise plan as you but I have brought tips & inspiration from you into my routine and it has helped tremendously.

  16. So I am more pear shaped, but I find it easily to lose weight, but I also find it easy to lose weight. What the heck could my body type be?

  17. just typed up a menu filled w all my tried & true recipes, printed it out & put it on the fridge … used a cute font, sheet protectors, etc. :] it's been super helpful with meal inspo & guiding me in the right direction when i forget to eat or prepare food or w/e. so far so good my goal is to stay on track w sustainable diet & exercise.

  18. My problem is that i wanted to have lunch with my family in a while and they ordered without telling me…it was not keto friendly…then i stopped going out cause no resturants have keto friendly food, i even stopped visiting my friends because they don't eat keto and always order out…i think i am depressed 🙁

  19. Thank you Rachel! A great video, probably do it after my final exam 😊 gonna lose some weight to get myself employed 😂

  20. I watch a lot of videos like this but this is the first to give me that “aha!” moment. I’m a busy working Mom and often am that person that “forgets” to eat and then comes home ravished. It’s definitely a pattern! I’m committing to planning my week out and making sure I have quick, easy meals on standby. Thanks girl!

  21. Hey Rachel! Thank u for your videos that bring us support and motivation. I personnally am a binge eater and I usually eat without feeling hungry when I am bored , stressed , angry …….. this habit of mine dates back to my childhood as my parents used to give me much food to eat and it was mainly healthy food but when I grew up I started to get addicted to sugary stuff and sometimes even spicy and salty . I tried many times to control myself but whenever I get angry with studies I fall off track and start eating whatever is in front of him.I also lack in self-confidence and loose faith in myself really quickly. I am right now in serious help as I begun living alone and my eating disorder got way worse than it was + I became overweight which is a serious threat for my health.I find no problem with training .I thought you'd be the one person that would give me an advice to overcome this obstacle, as you know already the habits we develop while being a child aren't that easy to get rid of .
    P.S.:I wanted to also know if a ketogenic would help with my sugar cravings.

  22. I have a question. So my family stress eats alot due to my parents working full time and me part time plus school, so convenient cheap food is what we go for. What foods are cheap, healthy and filling?

  23. I'm a bored eater. When I'm bored an have nothing to do I end up eating. On the other hand when I'm busy I forget to eat. How can I keep a balance.

  24. I’ve been trying to eat healthily but since my mom buys groceries ( I’m 16) I don’t really know what to do? I eat fruits and other greens instead of snacks like chips etc but after that my mom makes dinner and always tells me to stop trying to be skinny and just eat. Tips?

  25. I'm thirteen, and I have a really strange eating problem. I like to eat and drink as much as I can for breakfast and for the rest of the day, when I'm not at school, I don't eat anything until dinner. And because my mum enjoys really unhealthy food sometimes, I have to eat most of the things she does. On top of everything, we don't have a lot of money. Me and my mum don't have a great bond either so we don't agree on things. I really want to start getting healthier and get the body shape I've been aiming for. If I could just get some help with either exercises or persuading my mother to help me reach my goal, it would be really appreciated!

  26. I was a part of the ERL12 group actually but i didn’t even follow the plan even tho it was incredible! I was going through enhancement/breaking up and i couldnt even keep it up. I lost weight ( i reached 47 kg) with the wrong way.. and i gained it back again. I’m glad i come across this now.. i really need to get back on track :), thanks U ❤️

  27. Going Keto has been amazing for me. I have been at it for a week now and obviously would love pizza, but refrain from it because I have a goal in mind. My head and body feels better. Your channel has really helped me stay in track. 🙂 keeping tack of my weight loss and measurements has really helped as well.

  28. I have the messiest roommate and the fridge and the kitchen in general are such a mess that it makes me not want to cook anything and I really want to go back to eating healthy but she's so stubborn it's incredible 😭 but I'm still gonna try my best

  29. I have a problem of under eating, even though I workout everyday and I’m learning to love myself no matter where I am mentally I always somehow end up under eating. I’ve been through 2 different diets about a year apart ( trying to eat less, and Atkins) and I had to end all of them coz I was always tired, stressed, and scared. I am 16 years old and I’m 60kg I NEED help.

  30. Reasess was spelled wrong. 😀 I think she spelled it "reasses".
    This was an AWESOME video, though. I really loved it. 🙂

  31. Sometimes its important to listen to your cravings cuz its your body talking to you. I am doing keto and drastically increasing my training. This left me so low but i found out if i have a small portion of carbs after training i wake up the next day full of energy and able to clean the house run after the kids and do my training. I had to rethink what my goals really were. Being perfect at keto or feeling good and improving my fitness.

  32. HAHAH I am sooo guilty of just binge-eating every junk in my pantries in order to get rid of it to start fresh. Annoying. Thank you so much for the video!

  33. I know this may sound crazy and so unscientific. I heard that you get a new set of tastebuds every 10 days. I was thinking if I don’t eat chocolate(which is the food I crave the most) for more than 10 days, will I start not to crave it or just get used to something else or?

  34. The thing is, i'm not even really hungry, I just want to eat something sweet. Some chocolate and some sugar and I just still don't know how to get away from that..other than that I eat when I'm bored, but that I can fight with lemon or cucumber-water. The sugar-thing's still an issue.

  35. be healthy to feel healthy… I need to take care of my body to feel better (especially digestive system).

  36. So weird, I just searched how to stay in a healthy mindset and randomly clicked on your video.. But I'm also from brisbane and know your gym 😂

  37. I want to look after myself because I want my body to get smaller, tighter and strong. This will also help with my scoliosis and make sure I do not run the risk of diabetes. Finally when I am older I want to look young, lean and strong!

  38. I'm really happy , I saw your video , now I know I can control it and eat heathly and have my mindset whenever I cross to a fast food , I will walk away paid no mind and just go to the natural juice bar and walk around in the parks with a book cause I was in a overweight stage , i kept repeating the same mistake , the same bad habits I used smoke cigarettes but I stopped cause it wasn't helping me , so I just look for a easy diet and join a kickboxing gym and stop eating outside and i needed help cause I was going throw a rough time now I'm happier trusting the process I will be fit and strong , I stop buying junk food from outside I be like hell no papi you won't control me , and i drink alot of water now . I used hate water lol now like fuck it it healthy for the body and i stop drinking beers and going to bars i lost like 10 pounds

  39. I love "cleaning out the pantry" before I start a new diet. Gotta get rid of these chips pronto. These cookies also must go. Nom nom nom.

  40. One more question would you advise learning about being a dietician / nutritionists through either Uni or Tafe as away to stay on track?

  41. i paused the video to write this comment:
    changing from super unhealthy and junk food diet to super healthy diet is possible, but you have to have cheat meals!! being all healthy all of a sudden cant last long unless you have foods from your previous diet, because your body and mind is used to the unhealthy foods that when you change things up it will crave the old foods more and that will cause being eating or something so my point is you have to have cheat meals every once in a while and its imp to have a balanced diet in the first place that will allow you the chocolate and what not but in a small amounts,, if you want a lifestyle ofc….

  42. I want to stop binge eating and have a healthy mindset and healthy habits around food. Because my parents never were like that and diabetes runs in my family.

  43. I am an emotional bored eater, lol sounds strange but if anything bad happens in my life i always eat sweets or fast food because it makes me happy, but the next day my mood is even worse. Also if I’m bored i always end up eating and that is really getting on my nerves

  44. Also, thank you so much for providing a free health guide and recipes. I've really been trying to lose some extra weight for a trip coming up, but my problem was that everything cost way too much. This being free, and from a nutritionist really helped me. Thank you so much!!! Your a life saver

  45. Food made me fat
    And when I feel fat
    I eat food
    And I get fater so I eat again because I am upset that I got fater
    And it goes on and on

  46. 1) go easy on yourself, you don’t have to feel guilty
    2) figure out why you’re failing to eat clean/ can’t make it (is it stress, convenience??)
    3) find healthier choices (bad eating is not the solution)
    4) find specific goals that you can achieve > break it down so it’s easier
    5) go through your pantry, get rid off that bad food guuuuuurl
    6) talk to people you live with about your goals and why it’s important to you
    7) New routine, but small steps
    8) make sure you eat enough
    9) eat meals that you would like, look for inspiration
    10) make a commitment to yourself > turn motivation into habits

    🧡🧡 thank you so much for this helpful video

  47. I love your tips! They are helping me so much! Thank u for the videos! I'm new in the channel and I'm watching everything

  48. Love this! My recent challenge is emotional eating or eating for comfort when feeling ill due to a current medical issue. But I know the healthier I am with my lifestyle, the better I'll feel overall! So just this week I've already committed to adding 2 days of strength training following your workout videos! Did the legs workout on Monday and will be doing another one today 😄 I've also committed to stop eating foods with added sugar and processed carbs. Instead, I'll choose a healthy snack and do something fun like watch a YouTube video or get active like doing some housework to change up my energy! Haven't built out a 12 month plan so will do that now! Thanks for being such an inspiration!!! 💖👍⭐️🎉😄

  49. i'm tired of losing and gaining weight from one time to another. i hope i could just eat well for the rest of my life. 🙁

  50. I really want to lose weight. I eat healthy for like 2 days then I start thinking about how hungry I am and I stuff myself to the point where it’s unhealthy. I literally want to cry because I want to look like the old happy me. I’m so sad about it. I want to stop , but Idk how.

  51. Back in 2012-2013 I lost around 40kg. I went down to my normal weight for my height. In the last 3 years I gained 35kg back and I dont know how to stop myself from eating. When I have cravings I just dont care, I cannot think anymore. I think I am junk food addict.. My husband also eats a lot of junk food, it makes it harder for me to stop when he needs ice cream or chocolate every day after lunch or dinner. My willpower is gone 😭

  52. I wanna lose weight . I'm not fat . I just wanna be more healthy in general and my goal is to lose 5 kg to look more sexy

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